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OMAKASE offers nationwide local tours.
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  ¥12,000 / person

Taste Local Life : Nagasaki's Historical Street Walking Tour

Walking through Nagasaki's historical and hidden sites.

18 reviews



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  ¥ 10,000 per adult

Meet the Lucky Cats in Suburban Tokyo: Gotokuji Walking Tour

Enjoy taking a stroll along the local streets of Tokyo.

7 reviews



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  ¥30,000 / person

Make your own kitchen knife with a master blacksmith in Shimanto

Enjoy making your own knife with the superb view of the Shimanto River!

12 reviews

Traditional culture


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  From ¥11,000 / person

Nature Walk at Minoo Park, the Best Nature and Waterfall in Osaka

Explore Osaka's Hidden Oasis, Minoo!

16 reviews



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  ¥14,000 per adult (13+)

Half-day Harajuku Kawaii Tour

Experience all Harajuku has to offer with a local expert!

30 reviews



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  ¥ 11,000〜(tax included)

Nakatsugawa Post Town Backstreet Walk near Magome and Tsumago

Get a sense of local everyday life as you breathe in the sights, sounds and scents of historic Nakatsugawa.

Traditional culture


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  From ¥22,000 / person

Enjoy a Samurai Town with an Insider on a Full Day Private Tour of Kanazawa

Explore Kanazawa with an local insider!

39 reviews



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Historical Journey into Akasaka district

Take a walk and discover the hidden gems in Akasaka.

6 reviews



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  ¥14,000 per adult

Full Day Hiking Tour at Mt.Takao including Hot Spring

Mt. Takao is perfect for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

17 reviews



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  From ¥11,000〜 / person

Get the real thrill of Sumo during a morning practice in Tokyo!

Experience the excitement in the east Tokyo.

1 review

Traditional culture


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  From ¥24,000 / person in wheelchair

One day Barrier-free Osaka Tour for Wheelchair Users

In this tour, your guide will take you to famous sightseeing areas in Osaka, while utilizing barrier free facilities! Osaka is accessible!

Accessible Tour


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  From ¥17,000 / person

Trekking Tour of the World Heritage Miyajima

Enjoy amazing views of Itsukushima Shrine and the Seto Inland Sea.

5 reviews



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