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OMAKASE offers nationwide local tours.
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  ¥10,000(tax included)

Explore Kamakura's Natural and Historic Beauty by Foot

Enjoy the rich nature and the profound history and culture.

21 review

Traditional Culture


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  ¥11,000(tax included)

One day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Tokyo

This is one-day-tour for Muslim to trip around the representative sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

17 review

Halal Tour


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  ¥9,500(tax included)

Kawagoe Walking Tour

Kawagoe, which had flourished as a castle town of Edo era has become to be called 'Coedo' as "A town which had been flourished like Edo."

1 review

Transit Tour


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  ¥ 8,000(tax included)

Experience Old and Nostalgic Tokyo : Yanaka Walking Tour

Touch a good old-fashioned life of the old part of Tokyo.

47 review

Traditional Culture


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  ¥9,000(tax included)

Explore Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park with a Local Insider

Taste a profound nature at the World’s only spot.

3 review



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  ¥3,000(tax included)

Touching Owls in Akihabara

An interesting experience and definitely something a bit different to do in Tokyo.

Pop Culture


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  ¥8,000(tax included)

Narita Walking Tour including Local Sake Tasting

Narita-san Shinsho Temple is the best sightseeing spot, where over 10 million people visit in a year.

2 review

Transit Tour


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