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Privacy policy

1. Privacy policy (personal information)

Our site deals with the personal information of the visitor who asked it. We comply with laws concerning the protection of personal information, and strive to appropriately handle and protect it in accordance with the following Privacy Policy.

2. Purposes of Personal Information

We will use personal information for the following purposes.
1) To communicate with the visitor.
2) To communicate with a charge interpreter guide for a visitor and the experience-based service provider.
3) To receive of appropriate service.
4) To collect opinions and impressions from a visitor for improvement of the services.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party

We provide it as far as it is necessary for a procedure for the receipt of the service that had you apply for our site by sending the full name of the visitor, sex, nationality, age, the accommodations of visitors staying in Japan, a phone number or an e-mail address, a passport number to an interpreter guide and an experience service provider by electronic methods.

4. Collection and Use of the personal information

Please understand that we handle the following in advance on our site collecting the personal information of the visitor, and using it.
1) Without the agreement of the visitor, we do not use it other than a collection purpose.
2) When we contribute it to deposition, the third party, we inform in advance and obtain its consent.

5. Management of Personal Information Protection Policy

Our site takes necessary measures to follow a privacy policy as far as it is rational. In addition, there cannot be the thing that we do not obtain the visitor's consent and change the personal contents which had you provide our site. In addition, it is similar when we offer handling of information that asked a visitor about these to the third party.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information to a third party

When we judge that it is necessary in offering service to the visitor, our site discloses the personal information of the full name of the visitor whom we visited from, a visitor age, nationality, a phone number, an e-mail address (only as for the online), the accommodations of the visitor for an interpreter guide entering into a non-disclosure agreement in advance between our site and experience service.
In addition, except any of the following case, our site does not disclose the personal information that we asked about from a visitor to a third party as a general rule.

[When we disclose it to a third party]
・When the visitor agrees to disclosure of the personal information.
・When disclosure is demanded by laws and ordinances.
・When it discloses it in an impossible state to identify an individual like statistics.

7.Safety Management of our site

On our site, we use encrypted communication which is called 'SSL' (*)
*'SSL (Secure Socket Layer)' is a technic to encrypt information on the net and to transmit and receive.

8.Use of Cookies

One of our site use cookies (*) in order to have a visitor use it more usefully. And if a user invalidates the function of Cookies, part of our services may become unavailable.
*'Cookie' is a technic which web server identifies a visitor's computer.


We do not take responsibility at all and do not guarantee anything for the accident that occurred during the tour that offered through our site and an experience and the damage. Our site does not take responsibility at all by any chance when there is an error in the offer content of our site. In addition, the matter listed in our site is subject to change without a notice. We are subject to link to other companies, other engines from our site. In this case, our site does not guarantee a linked engine and a product either.