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Get the real thrill of Sumo during a morning practice in Tokyo!

Experience the battlefields of the mighty wrestlers in front of you!


Interested in experiencing the real pleasure of Japan’s national sport of "Sumo" in front of your very own eyes?
There has been a growing popularity of Sumo wrestling in Japan in recent years and it is becoming difficult to obtain tickets for events, but morning practice, where the grit of Sumo wrestlers with their dripping sweat, all viewable at a proper arena, is still available and is a great opportunity to get to know the charms of the sport.
Many Sumo wrestler stables are dotted across Sumida Ward, Tokyo, where there are many true Sumo wrestlers striving to excel.
During morning practice, you can see how the body of a well-trained, big wrestler strikes in front of you. You can experience the pure pleasures of real and severe Sumo wrestling not being hampered by television live broadcasts. Scattered sweat, heavy breathing, master and senior wrestlers' scolding encouragement – all these things are waiting for you to observe.
As to avoid disturbing practicing wrestlers, we will explain various aspects of the sport before entering. Commemorative photographs with wrestlers are also possible after training. While practicing is the tough expression of the sport, a relaxed photography time is also a valuable tour highlight, so please tell us which Sumo wrestler you wish to visit with together.

<Available dates for the tour in 2024>
・1/4~1/26 (*1/12 is not available)

・4/2~5/24 (*4/30 and 5/10 are not available)
・8/6~9/20 (*8/26 and 9/6 are not available)
・12/3~12/28 (*12/23 is not available)
※ There is no morning practice on Sundays. You can watch the practice only in Tokyo.

<Cancellation Policy>
・10 days to 3 days prior to the date of the training visit: 20% of the fee for the training visit
・2 days prior to the day of the training visit: 50% of the fee for the training visit
・100% of the fee on the day before or on the day of the tour


· Strong confrontation between Sumo wrestlers spread out in front of you
· Commemorative photo with wrestlers after training
· Feeling the history of the sport in the historical space
· Entry into the deeper Sumo wrestler domain, where ordinary tourists cannot normally go


· Please be quiet during the practice sessions. Mobile phones should be set to silent mode.
· Please refrain from drinking / smoking in the Sumo wrestling area.
· In the Sumo wrestling area, please remove items that may obscure your face, such as hats and sunglasses.
· Please refrain from video shooting and posting of video on the internet.
· You must not enter unauthorized areas.
· Leaving the space during practice is considered poor manners, and it may interrupt the sessions, so please avoid having to leave the room during practice as much as possible.
· You do not have to sit Japanese style during the whole experience, however you should please refrain from sticking out your legs or putting your back to the arena.
· There is no morning practice on Sundays.
· We accept reservations up to 72 hours before your desired experience start time. Please understand that we cannot accommodate reservations made after this period. Additionally, please be aware that reservations about experiences taking place on the following Monday, which falls after the weekend, may also be challenging to arrange.

  Price From ¥11,000〜 / person

¥11,000 for 1 adult / Except April
¥13,000 for 1 adult / In April, peak season surcharge

  Duration 1.5 〜 2 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability

Meeting time: 8:00 am
* Dates of availability are subject to change based on Sumo wrestler or facility circumstances. Please contact us to confirm.
* There is no morning practice on Sundays.


· Morning practice tour


· Hotel pick up & drop off
· Guide

  Participants 2-6 people

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Unique opportunity to see something different

It was a unique opportunity to see something different.
We were able to hear the sound of big sumo wrestlers bumping into each other. It was amazing.
We instantly knew the guy wearing a different-color belt was a full-fledged (幕内)wrestler. He was apparently more skillful and strong, and even we were able to tell the difference.

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