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OMAKASE is a Japanese word that means "Entrust". It's used mainly in Japanese restaurants, where customers might say "Omakase onegaishimasu", which you could also translate as "Chef, I'm in your hands". When they say this, they are asking the chef to select and prepare food for them in a manner of his choice. Of course, you can let him know your requests if you have a preference. This usually results in a very good meal at a reasonable price as the chef will feel obliged to cook a worthy meal out of the freshest foods he has, to reward and retain a valued customer's trust in him.

Our travel site "OMAKASE TOUR" was made by following this culture. We offer the Japanese charm through nature, history, traditional culture, food, etc. that our professional travel planners and guides chose for you in the form of tours and experiences. Enjoy the "Japan" that our professionals hand-picked to your heart's content!

Our Mission

Entertain tourists on their trip throughout Japan, including those with dietary or physical restrictions,

Discover the local unique charm of Japan and transmit it to the world.

Return the profit from the visit of the travelers to the people living in the local region.

Our Team

CEO Takeshi Sakamoto

In 2015, when we started this foreign travel business, the Japanese inbound travel market was in a tailwind situation, and since then we have been riding the wave of market growth and promoting the business.

However, 2020 has been a tough year not only for us in the tourism industry but for everyone in the world. In many countries around the world, many people are still forced to live in a situation where there are more restrictions than before in various aspects of their daily lives. Due to the suspension of international tourism, our main customers, tourists visiting Japan, have stopped visiting, and many Japanese tourism companies that have made tourism in Japan a pillar of their profits are in a difficult situation. The significance of the tourism industry and the way tourism should be conducted is also being questioned more deeply than before.
However, we believe that no matter what changes occur in the world, people's desire to "go on a journey" and wishes to "leave their daily lives and go to a land they do not know" will never disappear. And in order for such travelers to enjoy sightseeing in Japan, we, as hosts, first value the local culture and shops, communicate with family and friends, and find fun in our daily lives. I think it is important to live life to the fullest and find fun and meaning in everyday life.

We will continue to strive to maximize the enjoyment of Japan for all those who wish to "enjoy tourism in Japan" while grasping the changes in the environment surrounding tourism and the preferences of travelers.

Tour Planner Chiharu Hokari I'm from Niigata. I became interested in tourism after working as a Port Queen of Niigata (goodwill ambassador for tourism in Niigata) in 2009. Through this experience, I realized that my hometown has various kinds of charms, and I feel happy when people from other areas notice it.

Currently, I am in charge of accounting and general affairs, as well as creating customized tours and making various arrangements. It is our responsibility and joy to provide a more satisfying trip by carefully listening to the requests of our guests. I've visited 44 prefectures in Japan and found that there are so many wonderful places that even Japanese people don't know about. I would like you to enjoy your own special trip that can only be experienced in Japan. If I could help you do that, I would be more than happy.

Tour Consultant Dara Robinson I am from New Zealand and have lived in Japan since 2014. I have travelled to all 47 prefectures of Japan as well as many other countries. I love nature and outdoors-based travel, especially adventure activities such as ziplining and canyoning! I am in charge of designing custom-made tours while providing my personal recommendations and advice. I have a two year old daughter so I am familiar with travelling with young children in Japan. I can plan accordingly for others who are unsure about the logistics of travelling with kids in Japan. I also handle website content and creation, social media and provide English language customer support. Please reach out if you want some advice on travel in Japan!