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OMAKASE(おまかせ) is a Japanese word that means "entrust". It's used mainly in Japanese restaurants, where customers might say "おまかせお願いします" (omakase onegaishimasu), which you could also translate as "Chef, I'm in your hands". When they say this, they are asking the chef to select and prepare food for them in a manner of his choice. The chef also decides how much to charge. This usually results in a very good meal at a reasonable price as the chef will feel obliged to cook a worthy meal out of the freshest foods he has, to reward and retain a valued customer's trust in him.

Our travel site "OMAKASE" was made by following this culture. This site offers the Japanese charm like history, traditional culture, food, manga, animation, etc. that the professional of travel in Japan chose for the travelers visiting Japan by the shape as a tour and an experience. Enjoy "Japan" that professional of Japanese travel chose to your heart's content !

Our Mission

Entertain the tourist from all over the world.

Discover the local unique charm of Japan and transmit it to the world.

Return the profit from visit of the travelers to the people living in the local region.

How it works

1. Discover Select category you interested in and discover your desired tour or activity.

2. Apply Once you find a tour or an activity you love, click "Apply" button. You can also contact us beforehand if you have any questions through "Contact us" button.

3. Chose a date & complete booking After your application, we will send the schedule of the tour that you can participate in by email. Please chose a date and let your booking complete . At the same time, enter your payment information.

4. Experience Before you leave for your trip, confirm the location of meeting point and get ready to experience something amazing. After having fun, don't forget to leave a review to help future participants.