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Explore the Local "Non-touristy" Side of Tokyo: Jujo and Akabane Walking Tour

Feel the buzz and discover the old and new Tokyo!


Spend 3.5 hours exploring the historical shopping area of Jujo, including the Zujo Fujimi Ginza shopping district and the Jujo Nakadori street.

After gathering at JR Jujo Station, you will stroll around Jujo Ginza shopping street. In addition to Togoshi Ginza and Sunamachi Ginza, the Jujo Ginza shopping district is known as one of Tokyo’s best three old shopping streets, and has 500 shops with prepared foods, fresh foods, clothing items and so on, and you will not only be surprised by the scale of the area, but also the cheapness. Special price tags are seen everywhere, and good deals are arranged. Each store cooperates to actively promote district-wide events leading to a real community feel. They have thousands of surprisingly cheap items such as croquettes (1 piece for 30 yen), yakitori (1 piece for 50 yen), socks for 50 yen and so on. There are many locally-based shops, and it is also characteristic that the distance between shopkeepers and shoppers is short. You can enjoy takeaways and eat light snacks on the spot in this shopping area with a calm atmosphere, where old town people provide lots of character and emote old style life.

We go through Jujo Ginza shopping street, pass through the Jujo Fujimi Ginza shopping street, and walk about five more minutes to Shimizuzaka Park. Shimizuzaka Park is a quiet oasis surrounded by trees. For the kids it has a roller type slide with a total length of 52 m, a square, pond, and more. It is widely used by neighborhood residents as a center of regional activity. You can take a break while eating snacks purchased at the shopping district while immersing yourself in a space just aside from the vibrant atmosphere of the shopping street.

After the break, we will head to JR Akabane Station, about 15 minutes on foot. Inatsuki Castle Ruins is the ruined castle ruins created by Ota Dokan, a 15th century warlord at the altitude of 21 m above sea level. Ota Dokan is known for building Edo castle. His statue is also here and it is open to enter by the public on the 26th of every month after July 26th, the date of his death. From the back of the precincts you will find a graveyard where you can enjoy the scenery that makes you feel the contrast between old graves and modern buildings.
After that we will arrive at Akabane station in about 10 minutes on foot and explore "Akabane Ichibangai" spreading out from the north exit of the station. Akabane Station prospers as a gateway to the northern part of the metropolitan area, and it is only 15 minutes from Ikebukuro without requiring a transfer, 20 minutes to Shinjuku and 25 minutes to Shimbashi -- very good access for this busy city of Tokyo! There are recently renovated buildings on the east entrance shopping street, but on the other hand, traditional drinking streets remain firmly entrenched in Akabane and it is famous as the city of "Senbero" because of how inexpensive this drinking-era is. It has been said since long ago that for 1,000 yen("Sen"yen) you can get thoroughly drunk.
This area is characterized by an intimate and deep atmosphere, such as "Akabane Ichibangai", a lively drinking heaven, "OK Yokocho" with its nostalgic atmosphere, or "Silk Road".
As we arrive in Akabane when dusk is turning to evening, we can enjoy drinking lightly with the guide at the end, and as the tour ends, we are happy to set you in the right direction. Streets like this, with such distinctive shops, eateries, and drinking spots, are rare in Tokyo, so it can only be done in Akabane. Please enjoy the "Senbero" experience.


· Walking and eating at Jujo Ginza shopping district with a local atmosphere
· Break at Shimizuzaka Park surrounded by nature and open
· Experience a Tokyo of over 500 years ago, learned from the Inatsuki Ruins perfection
· A beautiful view and a beautiful cemetery tour
· "Senbero" experiences in a distinctive and deep drinking street

  Price ¥8,000 / person

¥8,000(Adult: 2 persons or more)
¥13,000(Adult: Solo traveler)
¥4,000(childen 6-12)

  Duration 3.5 hours (approx)
  Hours of availability

Start Time: 15:00 pm


English guide / Tax


Food and drink(100-500 yen depending on what you want to try) / Hotel pick up & drop off

  Participants 1〜6 people

Meeting Point

JR Jujo station, ticket gate

Reviews (2)

Janice Hutton(Australia)★★★★★

What a beautiful old area Jujo is!

The Akabane tour I would highly recommend. What a beautiful old area Jujo is and our guide was super. On time….and speaks excellent English and also has a great sense of humour. The 3 of us got along so well. We did the amazing Jujo Ginza shopping arcade – had the best yakatori I have tasted – people line up and the queue goes nearly 1 block just waiting to get served but oh my gosh it is worth the wait.


Lots of experiential learning and fun.

Loved my tour, especially the foodie information and tastes. Plus the tea tasting, beautiful temple, learning how to make an offerings and prayers, the important history and general information about life in Japan. Thank you Fumiko for the insightful tour!

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