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  ¥7,500 / person

Niyodo River Clear Kayak Experience in Kochi

Become one with the Niyodo River, the clearest river in Japan, on this see-through kayak experience.


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  ¥110,000 (per group)

Shimanto River Barrier-Free Tour

This is a one-day tour for active wheelchair users to enjoy unique spots and nature in the Shimanto River basin by a care taxi from a hotel in Kochi City.


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  ¥99,000 (per group)

Niyodo River Barrier-free Nature Tour

This is a one-day tour for wheelchair users to enjoy nature in the Niyodo River basin using a care taxi from a hotel in Kochi City.


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  ¥88,000 / group

Kochi 1-day Barrier-free Tour

This is a one-day accessible tour of Kochi City using a care taxi from a hotel in Kochi City.


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  ¥93,500 (per group)

One-day Barrier-free Tour of Muroto

Tour around the Muroto area using a private care taxi in this accessible tour from Kochi City.


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  ¥15,000 per group of four

Shimanto River Outdoor Sauna Experience

Relax your body and soul while soaking in the serenity of the Shimanto River and the scent of cypress!


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Niyodo River Tour by car from Kochi city

Take this full day private car tour of the Niyoda River area in Kochi - enjoy the clearest water in Japan!

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  ¥8,000 per adult (13+)

Taisho Walking Tour with local guide

Stroll around the scenic town of Kure in Kochi Prefecture - a small fishing village with a long history.

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Experience the energy of Kochi: Sunday Market Tour includes Kochi Castle

Best way to explore Kochi city for the first time and cruise customer.


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Kochi Highlights Private Day Tour with local guide

Enjoy a 6-hour city tour in Kochi led by a local guide.

10 reviews


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  ¥22,000 / person 〜

Make your own kitchen knife with a master blacksmith in Shimanto

Enjoy making your own knife with the superb view of the Shimanto River!

5 reviews


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