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City Tour

  ¥10,000 / person

Otsu Historical Walk: Hizakurige

This is a 6-hour walking tour with a local guide in Otsu, a region which is blessed with culture and nature.

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  From ¥28,000

Experience Traditional Japanese Culture - Aizu Walking Tour

This is a 1-day city tour to enjoy the traditional crafts of Aizu.


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  ¥8,000 per adult (13+)

Taisho Walking Tour with local guide

Stroll around the scenic town of Kure in Kochi Prefecture - a small fishing village with a long history.

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  ¥6,000 per adult (13+)

Old Town Tokyo: Shinagawa-Juku Walking Tour

Experience a nostalgic and peaceful side of Tokyo in this 3 hour walking tour in Shinagawa. Convenient for Haneda Airport layovers.

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Half-Day Kokura Walking Tour including TOTO Museum

Enjoy a half-day tour with a local guide in Kokura.


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1-Day Kobe Highlights Tour including Sake Tasting

Enjoy your sightseeing on this private walking tour of Kobe, Japan’s historic port city.

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Matsue Highlights, a Private Tour from Sakaiminato

Feel the history in Matsue, Japan's "Water Capital"!


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Kochi Highlights Private Day Tour with local guide

Enjoy a 7-hour city tour in Kochi led by a local guide.

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  ¥8,000 / person

Taste Local Life : Nagasaki's Historical Street Walking Tour

Walking through Nagasaki's historical and hidden sites.

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  ¥ 7,000 per adult

Meet the Lucky Cats in Suburban Tokyo: Gotokuji Walking Tour

Enjoy taking a stroll along the local streets of Tokyo.

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  ¥9,000 per adult (13+)

Half-day Harajuku Kawaii Walk

Experience all Harajuku has to offer with a local expert!

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  ¥ 9,000

Night walk around Asakusa's deep and hidden spots

Get an in-depth look around Asakusa at night.


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