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Taste Local Life : Nagasaki's Historical Street Walking Tour

Enjoy Nagasaki’s history and the daily lives of the locals!


This is a 3.5 hour walking tour with a local guide around historic Nagasaki.
Nagasaki is a port city located in the northwest coast of Kyushu and has a unique natural landscape with many harbors and hills surrounding it. The city has flourished through economic trades with China and Europe since ancient times and the Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese legacy can be felt all over the city. Nagasaki is also known as the place where the Allied Army dropped an atomic bomb in August 1945. The city continues to share the importance of abolishing nuclear weapons and permanent peace to the world after the Second World War.

eki.jpg① Meet at Seattle's Best Coffee Shop at JR Nagasaki Station (9:00)

sofukuji.jpg② Sofukuji Temple (9:20-9:50)
Sofukuji is a Rinzai temple built in 1629 in the Nanchuan architectural style of China - it feels much more Chinese than other Japanese temples. Built for the Chinese residents of the city, it has an atmospheric feel worth soaking in. The inner gate and the Buddha hall were both made in China and shipped to Nagasaki. They have both become national treasures as they are one of the best illustrations of temple architecture of the Ming Dynasty that have remained anywhere. The Buddha Hall is said to be the oldest building in Nagasaki.

temple st.jpg③ Temple Street (9:50-10:10)
Temple Street is famous in Nagasaki for containing numerous old temples which date back over 400 years. Back then Nagasaki was a hub of international trade, and the ruling shoganate supported the building of many Buddhist temples in order to counteract the influence of Christianity. Stroll around this street and explore the temples and their remaining relics.

Kofukuji Temple.jpg④ Kofukuji Temple (10:10-10:45)
Kofukuji Temple is the birthplace of the Obaku school of Zen Buddhism in Japan and thus an important historical site. It was established in 1620 by a Chinese monk at a time when large numbers of Chinese merchants were coming to Nagasaki to trade, in order to pray for a safe sea voyage for the merchants.

Nakadori Shopping Sgtreet.jpg⑤ Naka-dori Shopping Street (10:50-11:30)
Traverse the oldest shopping street in Nagasaki which houses many attractive shops. You can do some window shopping while enjoying the local atmosphere. There are many snack and sweet take-out places available as well. If you looking for some particular local souvenir, please ask your guide for advice.

38514637576_915e945980_k.jpg⑥ Spectacles Bridge (11:30-12:10)
After enjoying the stroll in the shopping street, we will visit the “Spectacles Bridge”, named as such due to the resemblance it bears to a pair of spectacles. The Spectacles Bridge is the oldest arched stone bridge in existence, having been built in 1634. Explore the area surrounding the bridge and allow your guide to show you some hidden spots that only locals know.

⑦ Finish at JR Nagasaki Station or hotel (12:30).


・Chinese style temples that allow you to feel the historic depth and connection between Nagasaki and China.
・Explore this city which is a fusion of Japanese, Chinese and European culture
・Walking through an eating and souvenir shopping street while enjoying the local atmosphere.
・Photograph the Spectacles Bridge and the heart shaped stone wall.


・Please wear shoes that are easy to walk in.

  Price ¥7,500 per adult

¥4,000 for Children(Aged 6 -12)
Free of charge for children(Aged Under 6)
¥9,000 for 1 person (private tour)

  Duration 3.5 hours
  Hours of availability

Start Time 9:00 am
End Time 12:30 pm


・English guide
・Entrance Fees
・Tram tickets


・Food & Drinks

  Participants 1〜8

Meeting Point

Seattle's Best Coffee JR Nagasaki station

Reviews (5)


Fun time in Nagasaki

Thank you for scheduling us a wonderful and unforgettable tour!

Chap Moi Yap(Australia)★★★★★

Pleasant walk around the town

It had been a very relaxing pleasant walk seeing the town with the guide. Seeing temple, walking along the temple street and shopping areas.

Chap Moi Yap(Australia)★★★★★

Pleasant walk around the town.

It had been a very relaxing pleasant walk seeing the town with the guide. Seeing temple, walking along the temple street and shopping areas.


Great Tour!

Masaaki showed my friend and I around Nagasaki, leading us to some of the most important historical sights within the city. We visited the Sofukuji and the Kofukuji Temple and learnt about the history of Nagasaki’s interaction with China. We also explored the shopping mall and gazed upon the spectacle bridge. Masaaki was a brilliant tour guide, with excellent English and deep knowledge about the city of Nagasaki from its origins to modern day. He went above and beyond to ensure that we were able to see all of the sites we wanted to. Thank you Masaaki!

Nicole R()★★★★★

Nagasaki Walking Tour

Thank you Masa. Such a great tour and such a great company. We had a fantastic holiday in Japan and will recommend to everyone!

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