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  ¥15,000 / person

Small Group Kyoto Food & Culture Dive

Come join us for three hours of well-paced eating and strolling on Kyoto night foodie tour!


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  ¥3,000 per person

Japanese Traditional Weaving Experience in Kyoto

Tour this traditional textile weaving studio and take part in a hands-on weaving session.


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  ¥18,000 / person

1 Day Hiking Tour in the Mountains of Kyoto

Uncover Kyoto's hidden gems in this 7 hour day trip from central Kyoto. Head to these “spiritual power spots” nestled into the natural beauty of the mountains, far away from crowds.

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  From ¥17,000 / person

One day Kyoto Highlights Tour

Experience the magic of Kyoto with a local guide, as we explore the city's top attractions, hidden gems, and rich culture.

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  From ¥4,500 / person

Ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement)experience in Kyoto

Let's learn the most popular & authentic way of Japanese flower arrangement.


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  From ¥4,000 / person

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience with a Urasenke Master

Feel the spirit of Japanese culture by seeing the way of tea making and having powdered green tea in a calm Japanese tea room.


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  From ¥3,500

Kimono Wearing Experience in Kyoto, Asakusa

Enjoy high-quality Kimono and Yutaka in Kyoto, Asakusa with low price.


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