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Kochi 1-day Barrier-free Tour

This is a one-day accessible tour of Kochi City using a care taxi from a hotel in Kochi City.


Kochi City is the capital city of Kochi Prefecture, which is located on the sunny island of Shikoku. Funnily, the symbol of the city is a food - the katsuo tataki, or seared bonito fish. The waters surrounding Kochi are perfect for fishing and visitors can even try searing their own fish over a fire.


5ac5759f6287f9db2f5c44d7c4b2eda38999a222.jpgKochi City Hotel (9:00)
Pick up in your hotel lobby.
About the care taxi:
The nursing care cab used in this tour is equipped with a lift at the rear of the vehicle, and up to two wheelchairs can ride in the taxi. Our drivers are experienced in handling wheelchairs safely.

86d70c8ad252306ff1bd3a8a665be77a2066192a.jpgChikurinji Temple (9:15-10:15)
This is Temple #31 on the Shikoku Ohenro Pilgrimage. It features a large seasonal garden and a towering pagoda. The temple also houses a treasure hall that is full of rare Buddhist statues from as far back as the Heian Period (794-1185)

784dcee3bac6fd3da8596678362eb6bbf468074e.jpgMakino Botanical Garden (10:20-12:00)
Opened to the public in April 1958, the Makino Botanical Garden honors the remarkable achievements of local botanist Tomitaro Makino. They have over 3000 species of plants on display over six hectares of garden. Make sure you visit the conservatory to see giant lily pads and beautiful orchids. The conservatory is also a highlight, even housing an indoor waterfall.

Lunch (12:00-12:50)
Lunch at your choice of restaurant - the guide can make recommendations according to preference.

Kochi Castle Museum-thumb-680x510-2324.jpgKochi Castle History Museum (13:10-14:10)
The museum contains 67,000 materials and artworks handed down from the Yamauchi lords of Tosa. The displays focus on the Tosa Domain and Kochi Prefecture. There is a panoramic view of the castle from the museum.

Kochi Dai-jingu Shrine (14:15-14:25)
Enter this small shrine through golden torii gates. Inside you will find wild chickens strutting around freely, making this a most unusual shrine. Instead of the usual shrine guardians, there is a stone chicken erected to watch over the shrine.

ac6f8d974dd82602b9c64603fa9864bee56a33e9.jpgHirome Market (14:30-15:20)
Hirome Market sits right next to Kochi Castle and has about 65 stalls selling food, drinks and local products. There are many tables set up where people like to gather to eat and drink. It is very bustling because it is popular both with locals and tourists.

Kochi City Hotel (15:30)
Drop off at your hotel.


• Learn about the history of Shikoku’s 88-temple pilgrimage from the priest of Chikurinji Temple.
• Learn about the history of Tosa and take in a great view of Kochi Castle at Kochi Castle History Museum
• Enjoy local food and buy unique Kochi souvenirs at Hirome Market.


If you have more than one participant using a wheelchair, please inform us when booking.
If you need help finding an accessible hotel in Kochi, please contact us.
If you have any special dietary or religious requests, please inform us in advance.
Transport or weather conditions may require us to modify the tour on the your tour.
Japanese people are also welcome to take this tour.

  Price ¥110,000 / group
  Duration 6.5 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability

9:00am - 15:30pm


• Care taxi and driver
• Entrance fees


• Carer
• Other snacks or souvenirs

  Participants 2-3 (including wheelchair user)

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