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Where to Stay in Tokyo with Kids
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Where to Stay in Tokyo with Kids

Jul 11, 2024

Are you planning your family trip to Japan but overwhelmed with all of the options for hotels? Tokyo is a big place, and trying to decide where to stay when you have kids can be a difficult task.

This article will introduce you to the best places in Tokyo to stay with kids, along with some child friendly hotels that we recommend.

Where should you book your Tokyo hotel?

Many people hear about places like Shinjuku or Shibuya and assume that they are the centre of Tokyo and that they should book their hotel there. If you have young kids with you, then it is better to avoid such congested stations as they are difficult to navigate with strollers and luggage.

Here are some places we recommend staying with kids in Tokyo:



Asakusa has had a great revitalisation in recent years. It used to be slightly grungy, but over the past decade it has become a lively area where more and more families are choosing to live.

It is a lively area with many shops and restaurants serving both Japanese and foreign cuisine, so you will not be stuck for dining options. If you just want something easy with kids, there are family restaurants like Denny's and Saizeriya in the area.

The street near Sensoji Temple called Nakamise-dori is overcrowded and not so nice for young children, but there are many bustling streets around it that you can explore that are not quite so crowded. Of course you can do the main street Nakamise-dori as well, and that is one good thing about having a hotel in Asakusa - you can visit in the early morning or late evening when the crowds are not so bad.

Nearby in the Asakusa ROX building is a shop called Nishi Matsuya which has baby diapers, foods and so on, all the baby and kid supplies you could need.

Asakusa is located near the Sumida River, and there is a large park on either side of the river called Sumida Park. The side of the park which is 5 minutes walk from Asakusa Station has a good playground for big and small kids, while the side of the park which is closer to Tokyo Skytree has a large grassy area to play on with nearby cafes and restaurants. You can cross from one side of the river to the other on the Sumida River Walk bridge, from which the view at nighttime of the illuminated Tokyo Skytree and yakatabune boats below is extremely pleasant. Besides the large Sumida Park, there are many little "pocket parks" around, which are small and quiet playgrounds that kids can take a break in.

The Asakusa area runs from Tawaramachi Station on the Ginza Line to Asakusa Station on the Ginza Line. All of these surrounding areas are conveniently located and safe for kids. From either airport, you can quickly take a train to Ueno and then catch the Ginza Line 2-3 stops to Tawaramachi or Asakusa. If you have trouble finding the elevators, it's also easy to walk from Ueno Station (20-30 minutes) if your child is in a stroller so that you can go at an adult pace.



Either Shirokane-Dai or Meguro Stations are a good choice for families with kids.

Meguro Station is on the Yamanote Line which is the central train line running around the main parts of Tokyo, while Shirokane-Dai is on the Nanboku subway line. You can walk from one to the other in about 15 minutes.

This is a central area that is popular with expats living in Tokyo. This means that you will be able to find foreign foods if you have picky eaters that might not like Japanese food.

Another reason I chose Meguro and Shirokane is that it is near to the Institute for Nature Study. This is a city forest park which is a far cry from the concrete covering much of Tokyo. There are forests and lakes and a couple of walking trails. It's a good place to bring your kids if they are overwhelmed and need some quiet time in the nature while being in the city. The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum nearby also has nice gardens and if you walk 10 minutes to Daigo Shrine it is a small but pretty Japanese garden.



Kinshicho is not so popular with tourists, but I find it to be a better place to stay than some other areas people recommend like Ginza or Shinjuku.

Kinshicho is on the JR Chuo and Sobu lines, only 10 minutes from the major station of Akihabara. It is also on the Hanzomon subway Line via which it's easy to reach Shibuya or Tokyo Skytree.

The station area has everything you need. Several supermarkets, a huge 100 yen Daiso shop, and two children's stores called Nishi Matsuya and Akachan Honpo, both which sell diapers, wipes, baby food and those cute little Japanese "kimonos" for kids called jinbeis.

Just 5 minutes from the station is Kinshi Park which has a big playground and grassy area. If you walk about 10 minutes from the station, you reach the Oyokogawa Water Park. This is a little waterway which runs through this part of Tokyo, and they have built several playgrounds and water play areas along it. Follow this in the direction of Tokyo Skytree and you will eventually reach the tower - a much nicer route than taking the train or bus!

As Kinshicho is a little out of the usual tourist spots, you might find better prices here while still being located in a convenient area.



Ueno is very close to Asakusa and has just as many hotels to choose from. It is an extremely convenient location, which is always a good thing when you have young kids. The Skyliner train runs directly from Narita to Ueno, while access from Haneda Airport is almost as easy, requiring a monorail to Hamamatsucho then the JR Yamanote Line or JR Keihin-Tohoku Line to Ueno.

Ueno is also convenient as it has the Joban Line, Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Ueno-Tokyo Line, Ginza Line and Hibiya Line along with shinkansen trains also stopping there. This means that you can get anywhere easily.

Ueno Station is next to Ueno Park. This is a large park where kids can burn off some energy, and it is always bustling, meaning it is safe to walk around even at night. There are many museums there and kids will probably appreciate the National Museum of Nature and Science the most as it is quite hands-on and doesn't require Japanese to enjoy.

The park has a large pond where kids can try renting a swan boat, along with some cafes for the parents to grab a coffee. One bad point in my opinion is that while the park has two playgrounds, they are both very small and the main one is always overcrowded. The park also lacks any nice grassy area. Nonetheless the park is big with lots of room to run around.

Ueno has many restaurants so you should be able to find lots of places to eat, and the area around Ameyokocho is a kind of market area which is very bustling even at night and has many izakaya bars and small restaurants. This area is not really nice for kids as it's too crowded, but interesting for the parents and close to the hotel so it's doable even if the kids get tired.


Places to avoid staying with kids in Tokyo


Shinjuku is one of the busiest train stations in the entire world. If you catch a train even 1-2 stops away from Shinjuku, you can be in some very quiet and pleasant areas, but hotels in Shinjuku are usually on the west side and located a fair walk away from the station through large crowds. When you have tired kids, you do not want to deal with that. So although the station itself is obviously very convenient, it's also a lot of hassle with kids, especially when trying to navigate everywhere with a stroller.

Tokyo Bay

On the one hand, the Tokyo Bay area is a nice place. Besides Disneyland and Disneysea, there is the Kasai Rinkai Park which has a big park area, small themepark and a pretty good aquarium.

I also loved the waterways running through Nagisa Park, Fuji Park down to Shinsakongawa Water Park and Wakakusa Park. It's certainly a nice place.

However... I don't recommend staying here because it's a hassle. It's just annoying to get anywhere. It might take you 1 hour just to reach somewhere like Shinjuku due to bad transport options. And one of the main trains is the Keiyo Line, which is deep, deep down inside Tokyo Station and kids get tired just walking to and from that train line.


Shibuya is popular with tourists - everyone knows the famous crossing where thousands of people a day cross the road and tourists like to take selfies. The problem is that Shibuya is just very, very busy. It's stressful to bring little kids here and I don't recommend it. There is a lack of the little pocket parks that make other neighbourhoods good for kids, and restaurants are always crowded so that you have to wait. There's also not really much to do with kids here besides shopping.


Akihabara is another popular yet very busy station. I do not recommend staying here with kids as it is geared more towards adults and there isn't much to do here with kids, and it also feels a bit sleazy. While convenient, places like Ueno are very close and more child-friendly. If you do stay here, the Chiyoda Kuritsu Izumi Park is 5 minutes away and an ok place to play but otherwise there is nothing much to do for kids in Akihabara.


What Tokyo hotels are good for families with kids?

When choosing your hotel, consider area and proximity to parks and supermarkets, along with how convenient the train station is.

Mimaru Hotel Apartments

Mimaru Hotels are more like apartments than a regular hotel, each with a kitchen and laundry within the building. They have rooms that connect so families can stay in one unit and have up to 8 people sleeping together (or up to 10 at Asakusa Mimaru Suites). Try the two Mimaru hotels in Ueno or the two in Asakusa.

Koko Residence Hotel in Tawaramachi

This hotel sleeps 5 people in one room, and if you sleep in the same bed as your small children it can fit even more.

Tobu Levant Hotel Tokyo in Kinshicho

The regular rooms fit 4 people while the suite can fit a family of 6.

Asakusa Bell Condo with Tokyo Family Stays

It can sleep 4 people, has a kitchen and baby cots are available.

KiraKira House with Tokyo Family Stays

This is at Komagome Station (also a good place) and suits big families as it can sleep up to 8 people, and has a kitchen.

These are my recommendations of where to stay with kids in Tokyo (and where not to stay!). If you have any questions about your Japan trip with kids, feel free to contact us with any questions. We can even offer you Japan tours that are good for kids as well as adults.

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