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Shirakawa-go and Hida-Takayama Private Day Trip from Nagoya

Explore the well preserved and historical towns of Shirakawa-go and Hida-Takayama on this private one day trip from Nagoya.


For those wanting a taste of traditional, mountainous Japan, this tour to Hida-Takayama and Shirakawa-go is perfect. It's a one day, private tour from Nagoya and includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. You will see the nostalgic old town of Hida-Takayama, with the original architecture still intact and dating back over 300 years. You will have the chance to explore the nearby Folk Village or try your hand at some traditional crafts of the area. You will then be transported even deeper into the mountains to the isolated villages of Shirakawa-go, famous for their centuries-old farmhouses built with slanting thatched roofs to prevent snow build up. Explore Japan's countryside, it has so much to offer!

① Depart Nagoya (8:00-10:25)
Get picked up at your hotel in Nagoya by a driver. You will stop at a roadside station for a quick break on the way to Takayama.

takayamajinya.jpg② Hida-Takayama – Furui Machinami and Takayama Jinya (10:30-12:00)
Located at a high altitude far from other areas of Japan kept Hida Takayama fairly isolated, allowing the city to develop its own distinct culture. These days it is often known as “Little Kyoto.” Takayama is home to an old Edo era town known as Furui Machinami. Established by former samurai Nagachika Kanamori, it is almost unchanged since it was developed over 400 years old and is the perfect place to feel the atmosphere of an old Japanese castle town. Taste local sake as it was made back then, or try their specialty Takayama ramen or Hida beef. You will explore narrow streets where water flows past traditional houses, with the original sake breweries and merchants’ houses still standing. The town was designated as an Important Preservation District Of Historic Buildings.

81a199c04abd146bd6c3a5734150ab6ff107b1a3.jpg③ Lunch in the old town (12:00-12:45)
It’s your choice of where to go for lunch in the old town.

IMG_2416.jpeg④ Hida Folk Village (13:00-13:50)
After a stroll through the charming old town, you will head for the Hida Folk Village. Spread out among the hills, the folk village has recreated the traditional mountain village scenery of the Hida district. The park has many thatched-roof houses where you can experience the lifestyle of olden-day Hida. All kept in their original condition, you can see various kinds of daily tools and objects from the past inside, making it easy to imagine how they used to live. Several of the houses contain workshops where you will find artisans carrying out their trade that has been cultivated over the centuries. These include Hida quilting, straw crafts, wood carving, weaving, making ceramics and making shingles for roofs.

d650462786a0b550a550355604c89a8c1194ecf6.jpgOr Hida Takayama Crafts Experience Center
If you prefer to do something more hands-on, you can opt for the Hida Takayama Crafts Experience Center. There you're able to try your hand at making your own traditional craft, with some of the options being senbei (rice cracker) making, ceramic painting and sarubobo (monkey baby) doll making. The mascot of the Hida region, sarubobo dolls were traditionally made by mothers for their daughters as charms blessing happy marriage and smooth birth delivery.

IMG_2331.jpeg⑤ Shirakawa-go (14:50-17:00)
Located in the remote mountains that span from Gifu to Toyama Prefectures, Shirakawa-go is a traditional village famous for its almost 300-year-old thatched roof farmhouses. The slanting roofs are designed to withstand the large amounts of heavy snow that falls in the area during winter. Ogimachi Village is where you will head – you may have seen pictures of the many farmhouses covered in snow. You will have free choice of what you wish to see. Some possibilities are:
Gassho-zukuri Minkaen - an open air museum
Shiroyama Viewpoint
Go inside the many gassho-zukuri farmhouses
Myozenji Temple - see a temple with a thatched roof rather than the usual tiles
Shirakawa-go no Yu - bathe in a traditional hot spring

⑥ Return to Nagoya (17:00-19:30)
Depart Shirakawa-go for the journey back to Nagoya. You will stop at a roadside station for a quick break on the way home.

<Cancellation Policy>
If you need to cancel your reservation due to your circumstances, the following cancellation fees will be charged.
・From the payment date up to 8 days before the tour: 5% of the total tour amount will be charged
・7 to 3 days before: 20% of the total tour amount will be charged
・1 to 2 days before: 50% of the total tour amount will be charged
・On the day of the tour: No refund


Explore the old town of Furui Machinami
• Go to Takayama Jinya, an Edo-era government office
• Try local Takayama specialties such as Hida beef
• See what life was like 300 years ago in the Hida Folk Village
• Try a craft making experience
• Visit the thatched-roof village of Shirakawa-go


This tour does not include a guide. The driver will meet you in the hotel lobby with your name on a signboard. The driver may or may not speak English, however you will be able to communicate using a tablet to translate.

  Price ¥130,000〜

May to November: ¥130,000
December to April: ¥140,000
From December to April, snowfall requires the use of snow tires, which results in an additional fee.
This price is per group, not per person, so the more people you have, the cheaper it is for you.

  Duration 10.5 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability



• Private transport there and back (from Nagoya) including gas and toll fees
• Hotel pick-up and drop-off


• Hida Folk Village (700 yen per adult, 200 yen per child)
• Entry to facilities
• Cost of craft experiences (About 1000 yen, depending on craft)
• Food and drink
• Guide

  Participants 2-7

Reviews (3)

Joe Tham(Singapore)★★★★★

Highly recommended day trip from Nagoya.

Great hospitality and itinerary. Awesome Hida beef lunch at Takayama. Shirakawa-go is charming. Awesome sights!

Grace Enriqueta Victoria(Philippines)★★★★★

My trip to Shirakawago Japan

The scenery was so good and our driver was very accommodating and friendly. Inspite of the rain we enjoyed our tour immensely. Our van was clean and well maintained and I love your service, it was efficient. Will recommend your tour to others!

CK Lau (Singapore)★★★★★

Knowledgeable and helpful guide made for a pleasurable trip

Kazuo was our guide for the one day trip and we had a great time visiting the very scenic spots with his commentary in English. Even though our group consisted of just me and my wife, he actually managed to bring a long a flag of our country on a telescopic rod so we could spot him wherever we went!!

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