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Make your own kitchen knife with a master blacksmith in Shimanto

Get in touch with the essence of Japanese manufacturing in Shimanto's wilderness!


How about experiencing traditional Japanese craft culture through "Kaji"?
In a contemporary society that emphasizes digital networks, analog techniques such as smithing technology's "Handicraft" and "Intuition" have become far from everyday life.
You can experience blacksmith cutlery production as inherited from ancient times in Japan at "Tatara Iron & Steel Forging Workshop Kurogane," surrounded by the Shimanto River area of Kochi Prefecture, with mountains and river wilderness in abundance.
In the experience, original cutlery, including kitchen knives, cutting knives and possibly scissors too are all made by you from steel using fire and special technique. You can also engrave wedding memorials and memories of the trip.
The workshop is in Kuchiyanai Village, in the middle of the Shimanto River middle basin, and you can relax leisurely in the river after losing yourself in the making of cutlery. If you are lucky, you may also be able to encounter deer, wild boar, monkeys and other wild animals. Please enjoy the unique experience of Japan from the heart of great nature.

【How to go】
① By car
· About 3 hours by car from Kochi City and Kochi Ryoma Airport (about 150 km).
· About 30 minutes by car from Shimanto City center (approximately 25 km).

② By Train and Bus
< Rounte 1 >
· Take a Limited Express Train 'Shimanto' from Kochi station or Takamatsu station and get off at Nakamura station. Take a bus from Nakamura Station (bound for Ekawasaki station). Get off at 'Kuchiyanai' stop, then walk about 15 minutes on foot.
< Rounte 2 >
· Take JR Yodo Line (bound for Uwajima) from Kubokawa station and get off at Ekawasaki Station. Take a bus (bound for Nakamura station) and get off at 'Kuchiyanai' stop, from where it is about 15 minutes on foot.
< Local Bus Timetable >
From Nakamura station: 6:41 am / 12:45 pm /16:18 pm
From Ekawasaki station: 7:00 am / 13:05 pm / 16:45 pm


· Kitchen knife creation via ancient forging techniques, the experience of making a small knife.
· Observation of the gradual change of steel material as the process progresses.
· Lecture by knowledgeable and courteous English staff, tailored to you by the highly experienced by Prof. Hayashi.
· Peace and solitude in Shimanto's wilderness


· Please come in clothes that you do not mind getting soiled.
· Since the temperature in the workshop will also rise from June to September in the summer, please bring some drinks.
· Depending on the number of people in the experience and the degree of refinement of the cutlery, we may send it after finishing at the workshop at a later date.

  Price ¥ 12,000

· 1 person: ¥ 18,000
· 2 people: each ¥ 14,000
· 3 to 4 people: each ¥ 12,000

  Duration 8 hours (approx)
  Hours of availability

Start Time: 9: 00 am


· Training experience
· Teaching in English
· A set of equipment necessary for the experience (work clothes, protective glasses, raw materials, a set of tools)


· Lunch and drinks
· Transportation expenses to the experience location

  Participants 1 to 4 people

Meeting Point

Address: 944 Tennousann, Kuchiyanai, Nishitosa, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan

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