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One day Tokyo Highlights Tour

Muslim &Vegetarian tourists, or those with dietary requirements, can enjoy a worry-free time in Tokyo!


This is a one-day-tour around Tokyo, taking in all of the most famous sights.

① Hotel pick-up (9:30)


② Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center (10:10-10:20)
Here you can exchange currency and get some information about the Asakusa area.

9d801f14e67d5ae840b7c35e4473d1d182e87935.png③ Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street (10:30-11:15)
Start at Kaminari-mon (thunder gate) and meander down the Nakamise shopping street, exploring the stores selling Japanese snacks and souvenirs along the way. You could also check out the more secluded Denboin Street which is filled with many traditional shops dating back over 100 years. Then walk around the Sensoji Temple complex and learn about the history of the area from your guide.

4a96637c580623892021aa8610923e1a12b906f5.jpg④ Sumida Park (11:25-11:50)
Sumida Park is located along the Sumida River, which flows through Tokyo. Many people gather here to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring, and to view fireworks in summer.

⑤ Lunch (12:05-12:55)
Tell the guide what kind of food you want to eat and they will find a suitable restaurant for you. We can recommend some good halal or vegetarian places.

2e6f32a4ef2f1179ad0e71ece75b582a0e35afc8.jpg⑥ Shibuya (13:45-14:05)
In the afternoon, move to Shibuya by subway, visit Hachiko and the scramble intersection, and take a memorial photo there. If you want to pay the entrance fee, you can also see amazing views of Tokyo at the brand new Shibuya Sky.


⑦ Takeshita Street and Omotesando (14:15 – 15:15)
Explore the quirky Takeshita Street with something interesting hidden down every side alley. Try some Instagram-worthy food here, before moving to the more refined Omotesando street. Some popular shops are Daiso, Kiddyland and Oriental Bazaar.

349039395_802680274659704_7509667651449511566_n.png⑧ Meiji Jingu Shrine (15:15 – 15:50)
Explore Meiji Jingu Shrine. If you’re lucky you might see a traditional wedding ceremony taking place!

Tokyo Camii.jpgFor Muslim guests, you can visit the Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center which is the biggest Mosque in Japan for Salat.

⑨ Hotel drop off (16:30)


・Take a memorial photo in front of Kaminari-mon
・Stroll and shop around Nakamise-shoutengai
・Visit Senso-ji Temple and Asakusa Shrine
・Have lunch at a Muslim & Vegetarian friendly restaurant
・Visit the scramble intersection in Shibuya
・Visit Meiji Shrine
・Stroll and shop around Takeshita Street and Omotesando in Harajuku
・Visit ‘Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center’ & Salat(Muslim only)


・We can customize tour plans to best fit our customer's desires.
・During the tour, we will travel on public transport.
・We also welcome non-Muslim tourists as well.
・During the tour, you will go to ‘Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center’ for Salat at the same time (noon and afternoon).
・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of 6,000 yen per group, per half hour, payable in cash or online.
・During the peak travel seasons of March, April, and October, please be aware that there will be an additional charge of 2,000 yen per person for the tour.

  Price From ¥17,000 / person

¥17,000 for 2 adults
¥16,000 for 3 adults or more
¥34,000 for 1 adult
¥8,000 for children (age 5-12)
Free of charge for children (under 4)

  Duration 7 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability

Start time: 9:30


・Professional guide (English, French, Italian, Chinese)
・Hotel pick up & drop off
・Train ticket


・Food & drinks

  Participants 1-8 people

Reviews (50)

Faisal Mahmood(Singapore)★★★★★

Awesome day tour

This is the first time I had a day tour that has no chartered bus! That said, this is where it gets interesting. We each had to get our own travel card (Suica card) to travel around the city using subways/metro train! How awesome is that?

I've seen on tv how Japanese rush hours are, but to be heading into one is a memorable experience. Even so, it wasn't the "real deal" as we commuted slightly later in the morning (around 10am), so what I saw was probably 65% of the actual rush hour.

We started going to the Asakusa area first, visiting the information tower level 8, to have a good view of the surrounding place. At this level, You are able to see the Japan Sky Tree clearly, along with the Asahi Beer Building.

After that scenic view, we headed to Kaminarimon Gate, aka the Thunder gate. Behind this very gate is a souvenir-laden street (known as Nakamise-Shoutengai) with so many colourful gift shops that I couldn't decide which shop to buy from.

At the end of the street lies the Sensoji Temple, another historic site that has plenty of history, such as the 2 brothers and the King who became a priest.

After the temple, we visited one of the most popular halal Ramen stall in the area: Naritaya! They served very affordable prices Ramen and drinks which I must say, tastes absolutely perfect. Good job Chef!

After the ramen lunch, we headed to another popular spot, the Shibuya scramble, a multi directional road crossing. This is a sight to see, especially when the traffic lights turned, everyone started crossing the road from every direction possible. It's a mess, but an Organised mess, so to say. Definitely worth to remember, especially after lying down on the road to pose for a pic during the mess. :)

The next point is a popular meeting spot, the Hachiko statue. The story of a dog that waited 8 years for its master to return. To commemorate the loyalty of the dog, a statue in its image is erected just at one end of the Shibuya Scramble crossing.

Thereafter, we headed to the Takeshita Street, another commercial shopping street that we got spoilt for choices.

Being a cheapskate singaporean (haha sorry to my fellow countrymen), we got stuck in Daiso. Here, the range of items are pretty awesome, spanning over 2 floors, and is housed in a standalone DAISO building, painted hot pink. How can one, NOT enter such an attractive place.

Later, we headed to the final site: the Meiji shrine. As the name suggests, it has to do with the Meiji emperor, a popular figure who implemented many changes which contributed to what Japan is today.

I must say that I've enjoyed the tour very much, especially at the flexibility of the guides to be able to change itinerary on the fly.

The two guides who accompanied us, Mr Takeshi-San and Miss Shizuko were very patient and very experienced. They know the places and history at the back of their mind and speaks English fluently.

I personally recommend this tour to ppl who hasn't visited Japan before and also those who loves walking and not so much into shopping.

Sumaiyah Ismail(Singapore)★★★★★

Love the awesome tour

Thank you Takeshi-San, Naho-San and Yoko-San for the wonderful Muslim tour today. My family and I learned a lot about the Japanese culture, religion and language. We are happy for today and are looking forward to engage your company for our future Japan trips. Lastly, I really really LOVE the authentic Halal Japanese food!! That was a memorable one. And thank you for going all the way to show us the directions to other places although it was not in our itinerary. Best recommendation from us!

Sabrina Lakdhar(France )★★★★★

Une journée japonaise très Muslim Friendly !

Un tour de Tokyo en une journée et très Muslim friendly.
J'ai pu visiter les principaux spots tokyoïte en une journée et par la même occasion suivre les préceptes islamique en mangeant halal et la prière.

Mon guide était capable de répondre à toutes mes questions culturelles et nous avons pu discuter des différences et/ou similarités entre les religions (Bouddhisme, Shintoïsme et Islam).

Seul bémol peut être pour les personnes n'aimant pas trop marcher. Le circuit proposé pourrait être difficile à tenir en une journée mais l'équipe Omakase me semble ouverte à toutes demandes.


Great experience

Great tour even better than expected. Perfect organisation of the tour adapted tout our special needs.
We highly recommend to book your tour with Omakase. Dont hesitate you wil save precious time visiting Tokyo with them and get much added value thanks to their experience and perfectly organised time schedule.
Very friendly and competent guides!
Thanks again
Arigato gozaimasu!

Dyanie Amieta(Indonesia)★★★★★

Wisata Islami di Tokyo

Tokyo, ibu kota yang cukup luas dan dipenuhi jutaan manusia serta ruwetnya jalur kereta dan transportasi yang dimilikinya. Untuk orang yang pertama kali ingin pergi ke Jepang, pasti banyak yang dikhawatirkan dan dicemaskan, apalagi sebagai seorang muslim. Kadang kita tidak tahu dimana kita bisa melakukan ibadah solat juga mengetahui makanan apakah yang halal di Jepang. Belum lagi ada kemungkinan tersesat dan kehilangan banyak waktu di jalan...

Tapi dengan bantuan dari orang yang ahli di bidang nya, semua kekhawatiran akan terpecahkan. Yup, dengan menyerahkan (omakase-suru) semuanya pada tim Omakase, jalan-jalan di Jepang pun jadi nyaman dan aman. Mereka akan mengatur jadwal, rute dan membawa kita ke masjid dan menunjukkan tempat makan yang halal. Tidak perlu meragukan lagi keahlian tim ini deh ^^


Great Experience

The tour guide (Yoko-san) was really helpful friendly and loving person. My kids love her! That day was really wet (raining the whole day) and walking with small children doesn't seems to be a smooth journey. Thanks to Yoko-san for her patience and guidance to make our day trip a wonderful journey. That is the best day in Tokyo I ever experience in this trip!


One day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Tokyo

This was a great way to experience Tokyo like a local. Its a one day walking tour so while exploring Tokyo you get to share stories and get to now Tokyo and the history behind each place you visit. I had a limited time in Tokyo so this was the best way to get around.

My guide for the day was Ms Yoko. I have nothing but praise for Ms Yoko. She was very attentive, considerate and polite through the day. She has good knowledge of the places we visited, the culture and she also has a good understanding of the need of a muslim tourist, which made the trip all the more great. Even after the tour ended , Ms Yoko was very helpful, which i appreciate so much.

Overall, from their response to you through email and up till the end of trip, everything was excellent.

Muhammad Muzaffar Ali Lukman(New Zealand)★★★★★


Having just arrived in Tokyo the day before the Muslim Tour was an excellent start to my trip! I had a wonderful day with my awesome guide Takeshi who showed me great places around Tokyo in Asakusa, Shibuya and Shinjuku to name a few! He introduced me to Halal Japanese cuisine and how to go about finding Halal food in Japan! This was really helpful and I also learnt how to get around on the metro which was a perfect start to my trip as it set me up well. Thanks so much for all your kind help and a great day out! I strongly recommend the Muslim tour to all!


Nice informative tour

Nice and pleasant guide Ms Masayo. Share many experiences and knowledge on Japanese culture. Nice food too.


Excellent tour

I have nothing but great words and emotions for this tour . Our tour guide was Yoko and she was extremely polite , helpful and knowledgeable . We cannot thank her enough as she went out of her way to help us and make us feel comfortable. She gave us information on culture and heritage which was amazing . The tour was very comprehensive and we loved every bit of it . I would recommend anyone coming for the first time to take this tour .



We took a one day Muslim friendly tour of Tokyo last week. Our guide was Shizuko who was very sincere, caring and helpful in navigating us through this great city. She took us to some famous sites in Tokyo, halal restaurant and finally to the famous Mosque in Tokyo where we offered our prayers. She also helped us understand the Tokyo subway system and followed us up through emails for our safety and security.
It was a wonderful time we had with the guided tour.


Great first time Tokyo experience with Sumiko-san

It was my first visit to Tokyo and the Muslim-friendly tour guided by Sumiko-san was just perfect in giving me the overview of the key attractions in Tokyo. The tour included a nice balance of history, cultural and shopping spots in Tokyo. Sumiko-san was very warm, informative and patient throughout the tour. She explained clearly the history of Japan as well as the lifestyle and culture of the Japanese which was really interesting and insightful. Sumiko-san also brought me to a halal place in Asakusa which served amazing sushi and sashimi. I truly appreciate Sumiko-san's kind patience and for being highly accommodating during the tour. She waited for me to say a prayer at Tokyo Camii, brought me to a specific store that I wanted to check out and also led the way to the shopping mall that I wanted to end my trip at, which was not even in the itinerary. Thank you for the great experience, Sumiko-san!


Very Lovely Tour

First time to Tokyo and guided by very lovely and warm person, Shizuko-san. She explained everything including destination that we decided to go by ourselves and even checked if we arrived safely at our hotel after our own trip. Thank you very much Shizuko-san.


A great fun day

Our guide Satoru was very nice & knowledgable about everything we ask. He really took good care of us for the whole tour. We started off to lake hakone what a wonderful view. Then to yeti resort with a nice background of mt fuji. Last but not least, we went to gotemba outlet! Satoru even give us extra hour because we arrived quite late due to traffic. Satoru even gave us advise for our next few days stay in tokyo. We really had a great and memorable day. Hope can meet you again satoru and the lovely people of Japan! Arigato!


Enjoying Tokyo Spotlights

I booked a Muslim Friendly Tour for my father. It was his first time to come to Japan. This what he said about the one-day tour: "Glad to have a short but great one day tour around the downtown Tokyo. It was a pleasure to be able to share some thoughts with Shizuko-san. I got new insights, new experiences (it was my first time to eat Sushi!), and had a great time in downtown Tokyo. Shizuko-san was being very nice to take lots of pictures of me roaming around tourist spots. I had many pictures that I can share with my family! Arigatou Gozaimasu"

Muhammad Hanif(Brunei Darussalam)★★★★★

A Taste of Tokyo

We decided to go on one-day Muslim guided tours in all three cities (Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo) as it is our first time visiting in Japan, and we wanted to get a feel before venturing out for ourselves.

Our tour guide for the day, Keiko-san met up with us at our apartment and walked us along the nearest park before heading to the first destination down the list of itinerary she prepared.

We first dropped by at the Tourist Information centre in Asakusa where Keiko-san introduced us to the features as well as the views can be seen from its 'tower'. Right after, we walked to Kaminarimon Gate where it was already crowded with tourists and locals alike. We took many photos together and very much enjoyed our walk through the street lined with many souvenir and food stalls before reaching Sensoji Temple. Keiko-san also showed us directions to the stalls where we can buy Halal souvenirs as well as to buy Melon Bread (me-ron-pan).

Keiko-san was also very flexible with the itinerary as we decided to walk through Asakusa (Hanayashiki Amusement park was closed at that time but she showed us the directions in case we wanted to drop by another time). We walked to a nearby Historical Crafts Exhibition Centre around the area and Keiko-san was very informative and thorough with her explanations.

For lunch, we went to Panga as myself and my wife insisted on wanting to eat yakiniku. The food is really delicious and filling. We enjoyed a good time and good hearty meal there together.

We made our way to the Shibuya crossing and took photos as people scrambled around to cross the roads. It certainly gave a hectic atmosphere but also an interesting experience to be in. Keiko-san also showed us famous statue of Hachiko and we took many photos with it too.

On our next stop, we went to the bustling Takeshita street and Omotesando of Harajuku area. It is certainly a very vibrant and lively place filled with fashion, music and food! There are also many animal cafes in the area. We walked in to several shops to look around. We certainly will drop by again to check out those again.

Keiko-san then guided us through and walked us to the gate of the Meiji-jinggu Shrine. She was very accommodating with our questions about the religion, culture and history of the shrine. It was a certainly calming and refreshing walk as we strolled through the peaceful walkway leading towards Meiji-jinggu Shrine. It certainly is a must-go experience!

Last but not least, Keiko-san brought us to the Tokyo Camii & Turkish Cultural Centre in Yoyogi-Uehara. It is such a magnificent structure built within the urban walls of the area. We took our break and salat there before parting ways.

Myself and my wife enjoyed Keiko-san's warm company and conversation. She is certainly part of the highlight of the tour as well. She was very enthusiastic on sharing her experience and knowledge about Tokyo and its history. Certainly, the tour was an unforgettable memory for myself and my wife.

Thank you Keiko-san and Omakase!


Tokyo Tour

Excellent trip with our guide Hideki. Our guide knews everything you need to know about Tokyo. So it was be perfect !!! Thanks to Hideki our holidays in Japan, it was be wonderful.


1 day tour

Great experience to visit interesting places in Tokyo and also to have halal ramen. Moreover to have the opportunity to pray in the mosque in Tokyo

Thank you very much

Harith Abdullah(Malaysia)★★★★★

Our First Day in Tokyo.

Having just arrived the prior day, this was an activity to break us into traveling around a daunting city such as Tokyo. Our professional guide, Yoko, was knowledgeable, patient and kind. Took us thru a step by step guide on the Do's and Dont's commuting around Tokyo Rail System. Not to miss out on all the wonderful places she took us while patiently taking our photos. Which she later compiled and sent out.
Wonderful! Leaves us so much time to just sit back and relax the entire way.
Lunch was great and the crown jewel was able to pray at the Tokyo Camii Mosque.
This is something i highly recommend as your first day in Tokyo. It really gets you around the best places and breaks you in. You can then go on your own and spend more time on the things you really like.


Had such a wonderful time

Thank you so much to Takeshi, Yoko and Risa. I’ve always wished of visiting Tokyo and all of you made my experience such an amazing and lovely one. I’ve got to visit all the beautiful places I wanted and till today it still feels like a dream. Thank you especially to Yoko and Risa who took my family and I around Mt Fuji and Disneyland. It had been a long couple of days but you were both still very kind and patient in ensuring that we got to our destinations and back home safely. I hope to go back to Tokyo one day and if I do, I’ll definitely find all of you ☺️❤️

Habsa Sulaiman(Singapore)★★★★★

Tokyo Experience

First time travelling to Tokyo in November'18 with my two children has been a memorable, fun & exciting experience.
It was very easy to communicate with Mr Takeshi on the itinerary we wanted. Everything went smoothly from the first contact to us finally arriving in Tokyo.
Had a short meet-up with Mr Takeshi on arrival.
Also has the pleasure of getting to know both our guides - Yoko & Risa.
Both very friendly and accommodating.
Yoko even taught my daughter how to write her name in Japanese character.
Yoko also gave us a parting gift. Thanks Yoko!
Personally, I enjoyed my Mt Fuji trip. We took a private car up and down and it was hassle free.
I would definitely contact Omakase again for my future Japan trip!

Julianah (Singapore)★★★★


Mana, our tour guide, was excellent! She was warm, friendly and cognisant of our needs as a family of 6 people.
She was knowledgeable in the history and significance of the places we visited. Her passion for these places made the whole tour a memorable and a meaningful one.
Thanks Mana!!!

Ahsan Farooqi(USA)★★★★★

Amazing first day in Tokyo!

Could not recommend a better tour guide and itinerary for our first day in Tokyo. Yoshimi was prompt, incredibly well prepared, and helped us navigate the busy streets of Tokyo with ease. She was incredibly informative and gave great historical background to each and every attraction/area that we saw. She even pointed out lots of famous local shops and restaurants and gave us numerous tips/ideas on where to go during our stay in Japan. 6 stars of 5!!


Genuine Experience

The tour was nothing short of spectacular. It gave us a genuine encounter of the daily life of those living in Tokyo. Having used the amazing train system in Japan, I become more and more amazed since my country doesn't possess it. The guide was well versed in English and had explained every pertinent detail about the visited sites and had comprehensively answered every question we had. Thank you, Ms. Fumiko! Wonderful job!

Srivastava Deepak(India)★★★★★

Tokyo trip

Very nice trip. Our guide mikiko was very lively and likeable. Her enthusiasm and ability to connect is appreciable.


Great first-time introduction to the city

This tour is perfect if you're looking to cover the major sights of the city. Guide was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, so we had a wonderful time learning about the city and the culture as well. Highly recommended.

Ahmed Mostafa(Oman)★★★★★

Muslim friendly tour in Tokyo

The tour was interesting and useful especially it was my first ever visit to Japan and that day was my first in Tokyo. I got acquainted with the amazing transportation system in Japan. The Asakusa market was amazing. The English guide Fumink-san was well informative and professional. She was very helpful in choosing the souvenirs especially the Kimono. Arigato gosimusu

Ethan Park(USA)★★★★★

Tokyo tour

We spent a great day today, Learned about the history of Japan, Visited many different Visited many different historical sites. At one of the best lunches in town and even got to the Pokémon store that just opened up for our son who is five years old and really wanted to go there after the tour. Yoshimi changed around the schedule to fit everything into our tour including personal needs. It was a fun day and we recommend it to everyone that visit Tokyo

Bognot (Philippines)★★★★★

Arika is the best guide!

Tokyo Highlights Private Day Tour with the best tour guide Ms.Arika Yamaura was truly amazing! History, culture and relevant information she shared with me and my cousin on the places we visited were very interesting! She speaks English fluently. No communication barrier at all. The recommended food we have for lunch and snacks were all delicious. She even went out of her way just to help us with the souvenirs/gifts that we need to buy for our kids! This generous act of Ms. Arika is very much appreciated. My cousin and I will look for her again in our next Tokyo visit (with our family). Her expertise for the tour, friendliness and generosity is very commendable. She took part in making our Tokyo journey as one of the best tour ever. Thank you very much Ms.Arika Yamaura!

Nielsen (Australia)★★★★★

Awesome day

Awesome day. This tour gave us the chance to see different parts of Tokyo. We didn't have to rush and we could spend time learning about history and culture as we went. Our private guide was fantastic. she was very knowledgeable and was able to help us with everything including how to navigate the complexities of the subway/train/ bus network. Great way to spend a day!

Tanghal (Philippines)★★★★★

nice tour

nice tour. convenient and on time. they also email you on advance of reminders. thank you!



The tour guide is very authentic and the people are very friendly. Fluent in English, communication is completely no problem! The transportation is mainly based on subway and walking. It feels like shopping with friends, not too much to see flowers. Recommended!

Christine (Philippines)★★★★★

Very enjoyable tour!

We found the service to be excellent. Easily 5-stars for the tour guide, it was a very enjoyable tour. Our tour guide is friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. Thank you Klook, highly recommended! To Ms. Yumi Takahashi, our tour guide, two thumbs up! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had!

Turner Peter(Australia)★★★★★

Great way to see Tokyo and special sights without getting lost. Would certainly recommend to travellers who can’t speak Japanese. Arika our guide explained everything well.

Ravinesh Raj(New Zealand)★★★★★

Very well done by the Tour guide. Travel using metro was awesome. She took us to some really good places. Shopping areas where we saved the buck.

Resplandor Lean Anthony(Philippines)★★★★★

Ms. Arika is very informative. She taught me a lot of things, how the train works special subways, history of temples, and also she is well spoken in english. Making our tours much easier to enjoy. she also guide us in food stall were less crowded. So if your planning to go to Tokyo, better to book this private tour, it's way more better than other tour if you hate crowded tours.

Rillera Danelyn Nenita Balanag(Philippines)★★★★★

Yumi was an amazing tour guide during our stay in Tokyo. We felt very comfortable the whole time. It felt like we were just hanging out with a friend. She was vibrant, thoughtful, well-prepared, and flexible when we wanted to make adjustments on our schedule. She communicated well before, during, and after our tour. 
You are in good hands with Yumi. We definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a tour guide in Tokyo.

De los Reyes Kathleen May(Philippines)★★★★★

This is a must try when you are not familiar with the massive rail stations of Japan. Our tour guide Arika helped us a lot to understand how to go around and reach certain spots to visit, And specialty foods to try. Recommended if you want to control your time and not be harrased by getting on/off bus tours or meet up points.

Lappay Glenlord(Pjilippines)★★★★★

This is highly recommended for those who wanted taking time on each tourist spot. Our guide Yumi is very fluent in english and really helped us a lot to understand how we can go from one place to the other using subway/train. This tour requires a lot of walking and public transport was provided to reach each destination.

SALOMON BERNARDINA(Phillipines)★★★★★

appreciate tokyo in this day's tour and a very cheerful, friendly guide is a PLUS (akira)

KATHERINE JANE (Australia)★★★★★

Having a lovely time in Tokyo

Thank you again for taking us on a tour of Tokyo. It was the best tour and we both really enjoyed your company.

EMMA BURKE(Australia)★★★★★

Tokyo - Culture & Modern

Great day spent seeing the culture and modern side of Tokyo with Hide-San, suited both me and my 16 year old daughter and 18 year old son.

Samuel Hawke(Australia)★★★★★

Tokyo day tour

Hide was amazing, very knowledgeable and patient with my young boys.
Lunch suggestion by him was amazing

Peter Williamson(New Zealand)★★★★★

A great way to see Tokyo

A great way to see Tokyo. Highly recommend. Our guide, Kyoko is outstanding. Super-friendly with high level English & a strong desire to make it special day for US.


We had an amazing day

Yesterday my family went on our tour of Tokyo with the lovely Yumi. She was a delight and we had an amazing day. Yumi was knowledgeable, friendly and very accommodating. She made sure we all got to do what interested each of us while making sure we saw all the amazing sights of Tokyo. It was like a day out with a friend. Thank you Yumi!


Mori was amazing!

Mori was amazing we had the greatest day touring Tokyo. She was so genuinely interested in our family and making sure our 3 children had the best tour possible. We highly recommend her to anyone with a family looking for a guided tour.

Kristiann Kline(USA)★★★★★

5 stars isn’t enough for Rie!!!

Excellent day tour!! Rie met us promptly at our hotel, showed us a detailed itinerary and we agreed and off we went! Rie was wonderful she was very prepared with train tickets, portable phone charger, and had excellent historical knowledge of each place we visited. Rie went out of her way to ensure we found a cash exchange and visit to the Pokémon store for gifts. Rie arranged a day that flowed for us, we are older so she adapted to our pace. I would request Rie when you book this tour! We did a lot but were never rushed.

Dianne Davies(Australia)★★★★★

We definitely could not have got around, or seen as much without a personalized guide

My husband and I were met in the foyer of our Hotel by our English speaking guide Emiko. We were given train cards for the day which we used to move around the city between the sights we were taken to. Emiko not only answered the questions we asked, but also shared with us about the culture and traditions of her people, and had a booklet that she explained certain aspects of what we would be seeing next. It was a full day and being in our 70’s Emiko was mindful for breaks during the day. We also had booked tickets to the Shibuya Sky tower, which was already sold out for that day, and this is definitely the highlight to see the 360d view giving you a better understanding of just how large Tokyo is with its 12 million residents. Emiko also took photos of us at the different sights which she has forwarded on to us, giving us special memories of our day with her.

Arhian Palma(USA)★★★★★

Learned a lot about the history and culture of Japan!

Our tour guide was Machiko. She was very informative and we learned a lot about the history and culture of Japan. My husband and I truly had a great time. She also gave us tips and advices on how to travel Japan conveniently. Thank you so much Machiko!

ミリ タカダ(Japan)★★★★★



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