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Historic and Natural Guided Hike in Yoshino

Discover the Origin of the Japanese Spirit, Found Deep within the Mountains of Nara.


Located in the southern part of Nara Prefecture, "Yoshinoyama" is known as one of the most famous cherry blossom areas in Japan. Yoshino mountain is covered with 30,000 cherry trees blooming in the spring. Its elegant landscape continues to attract many people, from ancient times to the present age. From ancient times, Yoshino cherries held a special place, even as a sacred ground for an examination of the path connecting God and nature. In the old days, it was written numerous Japanese texts how beautiful a sight it was that the Emperor of that time and all cultural people loved.
This tour is about 5 hours of walking along the mountain path of Yoshino while thinking about the history of eternity. There are no steep slopes, but the entire journey will be about 8 km, so it's a tour for those who are ok with walking. Follow along with the local guide that lives in Nara, learning the way the people of the Asuka and Nara period went about Yoshino exploration.
You will join the guide at Yamato Kamiichi Station and head for Miyataki Falls by bus. You will then leave Miyataki, where the remains of Yoshino Palace called Yoshino Rikyu was discovered, and continue walking while listening to the stream of the elephant (kisa) stream that was also written about in the ancient Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves). You can also see the elegant appearance of the Sakuragi Shrine and the Yae Bridge on your left.
In front of you, you can feel the comfort of negative ions in Takataki 's clear stream where a well - cultivated beautiful forest spreads and falls from among the trees.
The field of vision spreads from the vicinity of a lovely pond and we arrive at Yoshino Mountain with a beautiful landscape expanding beneath the eyes.
From the end of March to the middle of April, beautiful cherry blossoms will spread out to form a wonderful scenery unique to this world heritage site that covers historic buildings and mountains. It is at the main mountain where "Kimpsen-ji Temple / Zao-do Hall" of Shugendo simply stops at the hill of a ridge road. The national treasure Zao-do Hall is a 14th-century reconstruction, about 34 m in height, about 36 m in depth, with gloriously extended eaves, a large-scale architectural style for the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple. After worshiping, we take time for a lunch break. Please try the special regional delicacy of persimmon leaf sushi by all means. After lunch we will walk for about 30 minutes, go down the mountain, and the tour ends at Yoshino Station. Listen carefully to the great nature and enjoy the day together with all things natural while feeling the past cultural peoples and warlords who have followed the same path.


· Scenic view of the beautiful Yoshino River from the Miyataki Falls Bridge.
· Old fashioned Japanese rural landscape along the Elephant (kisa) Stream.
· Seasonal nature surrounding Yoshino mountain.
· Magnificent Zao Hall and Statues.
· Explanation of Yoshino's nature and history by local guides.


・Please come wearing comfortable shoes and clothing.
・In the case of poor weather, this tour is subject to cancellation.

  Price ¥10,000

¥10,000(Adult: 2 Persons or more)
¥18,000(Adult: Solo traveler)
¥6000(Children 6-12)

  Duration 5 hours (approx)
  Hours of availability

Start Time: 10:20 am.


・English guide / Bus ticket
※ German guide is also available


・Food & Drinks / Hotel pick up & drop off

  Participants 1〜8 people

Meeting Point

Yamato-Kamiichi station, ticket gate

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Historic and Natural Guided Hike in Yoshino

Our guide, Barbara, was warm, friendly and personable. She knew the area well and was able to tell us about the history of the region and Yoshinoyama, in particular. She was able to adjust the tour to suit our physical constraints and went out of her way to help when some souvenirs were misplaced.

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