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Enjoy Immersive Natural & Historical Beauty by Bicycle on a Kamakura Scenic Bike Tour


Come join a six-hour bicycle tour that beautifully opens up the history and nature of Kamakura and adds in some good food too! Visit a temple with a history of more than 1000 years, a shrine that gathers the faith of the local people, a beautiful garden where unique landscape scenery is combined with the ambient loveliness of Kamakura, a huge Buddha statue that stands as a symbol of Kamakura, the beautiful coastline of Yuigahama, and a local market where you can vigorously enjoy Kamakura’s charms, including colorful Kamakura vegetables. Despite the long list of highlights, this tour proceeds at a relaxed pace, with the 10km journey being along a nearly flat path, so even those who aren't usually big on exercise can sign up without fear. Guides, bicycle rental, and admission fees are included in the tour fee.
At 9:00 am, you’ll meet your guide at the east exit ticket gate of JR Kamakura Station, get the rental bike, and start your trip. The first place we visit is the tomb of Minamoto no Yoritomo, a 12th century general who founded the Kamakura Shogunate. It takes about 10 minutes from the start point to get here, and along the way, you can also enjoy beautiful cherry blossom trees in spring. After listening to a brief chat from your guide about the origin of Yoritomo, which made the city of Kamakura, we will head to the next site, Egawaraten Jinja Shrine. This is a shrine with a beautiful precinct that enshrines Michizane Sugawarano, who is said to be the god of learning. There is also a picture brush painted mound with a Kappas drawn by 154 manga artists around the grounds, which is a must-see for manga lovers. After Egawaraten Jinja, we will ride about five minutes to the oldest temple in Kamakura, Sugimoto-dera. The beautiful stairs covered with green moss leading to the precinct are fantastic photo spots.
Next to Sugimoto-dera, we will visit the Hokoku-ji Temple, which is famous for its beautiful bamboo forest. The country known as “The Temple of the Bamboo Garden” has long been famous for its bamboo groves in the precincts, and it is one of the most popular temples in Kamakura. Let's take a moment and enjoy the feeling of a mind’s clutter washed away, in an environment of calm and coolness.
Next to Hokokuji Temple, we head back towards Kamakura Station and the starting point. Here we take in the famous sword "Masamune" of Kamakura, and the twenty-fourth generation swordsman Yamamura Tsunahiro makes the visit even more meaningful. Breathe in the swordmaking process unique to Japan in this rarefied space.
Next we will visit Kotokuin, where Kamakura’s famous "Daibutsu" is located. Make sure to take a great shot of this towering Buddha with your smartphone!
After Kotokuin, it’s lunchtime. Please get local and enjoy foods unique to Kamakura.
After lunch, we visit Hasedera Temple and enjoy the majestic Eleven statues of Kannon and Yuigahama scenery from their observation deck. You can also enjoy the hydrangeas in June.
After Hasedera Temple, we visit Goryo Jinja, where the Enoshima Electric Railway tracks pass in front of the torii gate. The train passes once every five minutes, so please stop to capture this unique sight with your own camera, a sight which can only be seen at this place, where the train crosses behind a torii.
Next to Goryo Jinja, we pick up Japanese-style confectionery at the Chikara Mochi House right in front of the shrine and head for Yuigahama. Enjoy the local food while gazing out at the magnificent Pacific Ocean and the beautiful sandy beaches in the foreground.
After getting our peaceful fill, we go along the Yuigahama coastline and enjoy those colorful Kamakura vegetables at the Kamakura City Agricultural Cooperative Association shop. You can also buy some tasty prepared foods and homemade bread to enjoy later at your hotel, so don’t hesitate to pick up some goodies.


・ Be astounded by the deep and great history of Kamakura
・ The beautiful mossy stairs and the Zen of Sugimoto Temple
・ Awe inspiring bamboo forest scenery at the beautiful Hokokuji temple grounds
・ Dip your toes into an education on Japanese swordmaking
・ Get that commemorative photo with Kamakura’s Daibutsu in Kotokuin
・ The beautiful landscape of Yuigahama seen from the observation deck of Hasedera Temple
・ Gaze at and photograph the torii at Goryo Jinja with the uniqueness of the Enoshima Electric Railway passing behind
・ Take a break and enjoy local foods while watching the absorbing the calming scenery at Yuigahama
・ Visit Kamakura’s Agricultural Co-op, where colorful Kamakura vegetables tempt the senses


・Please join us wearing shoes that are easy to walk in.
・Not recommended for pregnant travelers.
・No heart problems or other serious medical conditions.
・Not wheelchair accessible.
・If the weather is bad condition, we'll operate walking tour.
・During the peak travel seasons of March, April, and October, please be aware that there will be an additional charge of 2,000 yen per person for the tour.

  Price ¥15,000

¥15,000 for 2 adults or more
¥30,000 for 1 adult

  Duration 6 hours
  Hours of availability

Meeting Time: 9:00 am
Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


English guide / Bicycle / Entrance fee / Tax


Food & Drink / Hotel pick up & drop off

  Participants 1〜4 people

Meeting Point

Kamakura station, east exit

Reviews (5)


A lot of fun

Kamakura is a beautiful city, and the bike tour was the perfect way to see it. Gorgeous temples and shrines. My guide, Kazu was friendly and accommodating. Recommend.

Jordan Lim(Singapore)★★★★★

Awesome experience

Was able to get a good taste of Kamakura while cycling through it with our experienced and helpful guide Kazunori. The tour was educational and informative and our guide was approachable and charismatic, making it an awesome experience for the entire family! Would definitely recommend it!

Natasha Wilson(UK)★★★★★

Great Tour!

It was absolutely fantastic! I loved it.

Natasha Wilson(UK)★★★★★

Perfect day trip from Tokyo

I booked this tour for just myself and it was absolutely brilliant. It’s the perfect place to explore on a bike. Yoshi was a fantastic guide; he took me to all the beautiful temples and shrines, the big Buddha, the seaside, a local market etc. I felt like I saw everything in this packed day tour. Yoshi also offered to take photos of me at each of the stops which was nice as I was travelling solo. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, it’s been one of my top highlights in Japan. It’s a really easy train ride from Tokyo and the guide will meet you at Kamakura station with a name card. Also worth noting, there were no points on this tour where you were taken somewhere to be sold something like so many tours do these days and I also got to choose where I had lunch which was nice. Thank you for a fantastic day out!

Angel Aw(Singapore)★★★★★

Kamakura Cycling Tour

We love the tour! Kamakura is quite different from Tokyo, and we enjoyed the old-world charm it offers. Kazu was really helpful in explaining the cultural and historical aspects of the buildings we saw and the places we went to, that it makes quite a difference the lens with which we saw the sights.
The roads are a bit narrow for cycling, though I also feel that the bicycles helped us get around a little faster.
Would definitely recommend the tour, and I would also consider checking out their tours when I visit Japan again!

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