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Aomori Highlights Tour from Aomori Port by chartered car with a guide

Come to Aomori for a treasure trove of remains, tradition, nature and food.


This is a 5-hour private tour of sightseeing spots in Aomori city. A guide will greet you with your private car at Aomori Port and take you to Aomori city with the same car to see the highlights of Aomori city, Sannai Maruyama Ruins, the Aomori Museum of Art. Aomori City is surrounded by beautiful nature such as Hakkoda Mountain Federation and Mutsu Bay. It is blessed with abundant edible resources such as seafood and fruits, and it is a town that has many historical and cultural attractions such as Japan's famous Nebuta and Neputa festivals and traditional arts. In this tour, you will visit the ruins where ancient people lived, and museums and tourist facilities where you can experience Aomori's art and culture. Recommended for guests coming to Aomori Port on a cruise ship such as Celebrity Millennium and Diamond Princess.

We can arrange this tour for one family or for a group of friends from the cruise.

Sannai Maruyama Ruins

The Sannai-Maruyama ruins were found in a large-scale settlement in the Jomon period more than 5,000 years ago, found in an excavation survey in 1992, and many residences, tombs, earthenware, stoneware, and ornaments were excavated. The grounds are covered in nature, and you can enter a pit-type dwelling or visit various exhibits within the exhibition space. Experience the lives of those people who lived together with nature.

② The Aomori Museum of Art
The Aomori Museum of Art is an art museum characterized by its modern and unique architectural design adjacent to the Sannai Maruyama ruins. It’s also one of the prefecture’s newest landmarks dubbed “Aomori Dog”, and contains works by local Aomori artists as well as many collections of artists from around the world. Here you will enjoy various pieces created within the rich nature and climate of Aomori.

③ Fish Restaurant Den(Nebuta no Ie Wa Rasse)※ Lunch
At Wa Rasse, you can enjoy a menu and buffet using fresh seafood from the sea surrounding Aomori Prefecture. You can choose from various lineups such as rice bowls with abundant seafood, pasta and curry. Bon Apetit.

Nebuta no Ie Wa Rasse
This is a tourist facility that showcases the history and charm of the Nebuta Festival held in Aomori Prefecture every summer. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the actual festival while watching the powerful Nebuta lantern floats used in the festival while listening to the performance of the lion. You will also experience Aomori's various traditional cultures, performing arts and crafts.

⑤ A-Factory
It is a duty-free, market-style shopping center that sells local products such as sweets, processed goods, fresh vegetables and fruits. The most featured facility at A-FACTORY is the apple cidre (cider) factory, which produces cidre and juices onsite using Aomori grown apples.
Aomori Cider is a must buy as it is made up of Aomori Apples. Given that Aomori is Japan’s top apple producer. Visitors can observe the process of cidre production through glass windows with a factory tour and purchase tasting cards to enjoy the fresh flavors.


· A tour with a private car so that you can enjoy with comfort.
· Experience the life of people who lived 5,000 years ago.
· Abundant nature surrounding the Sannai Maruyama ruins.
· Large-scale architecture and artwork at the Aomori Museum of Art.
· Lunch to enjoy delicious seafood from Aomori
· Get familiar with Aomori’s traditional performing arts and culture at Wa Rasse


・We accept hotel pick up in Aomori city.

  Price ¥80,000~¥130,000

2 People : ¥80,000 / Group
3-4 People : ¥100,000 / Group
5-8 People : ¥130,000 / Group

  Duration 6 hours (approx)
  Hours of availability

Start Time 9:00
End Time 15:00
※Timings are flexible depending on your cruise


・English Guide
・Pick up and drop off at Aomori Port
・Private Car
・Entrance Fee


・Food and drinks

  Participants 2-8

Meeting Point

Aomori Port

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