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Experience Old and Nostalgic Tokyo : Yanaka Walking Tour

Experience Old and Nostalgic Tokyo.


Step back in time to ancient Tokyo during this 3.5-hour exploration of the city’s historic Yanaka district. Discover a different side of the sprawling Japanese capital that dates back to its Edo period of the 17th through 19th centuries, admiring the area’s charming mix of temples, springtime cherry blossoms and timeless ‘reien’ (cemetery). A included guide will accompany you on your visit, providing additional details about Japanese history and local culture.
Yanaka which has been selected as “The top 100 of beautiful and historical natural features in Japan” is now becoming a representative international sightseeing spot of Tokyo. Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi, where all three places are filled with the friendly atmosphere of an old downtown, are called ‘YANESEN’ from the first sound of the each name. Yanaka-Ginza , which warms the visitors’ hearts, is a shopping street from the old days. In Yanaka, there are a lot of spots here and there, such as Yanaka Reien (cemetery), which is the famous cherry blossom viewing place, and the other seasonal places, which are nice to stroll. In the past, many representative great writers of Japan used to love so much. When you go over the slope, and go forward the labyrinth of paths, you must see the retro and nostalgic sight in Tokyo just like you go travel time to the good old days. Why not get away the bustle of a big city and feel the atmosphere of Tokyo from the old days?


・Discover the historic side of Tokyo's Edo Period
・Wander the charming streets of this well-preserved historic district
・Escape the skyscrapers for a taste for daily life in historic Japan
・Visit ancient temples, springtime displays of cherry blossoms and the local 'reien' (cemetery)
・Learn about Japan's Edo era, spanning the 16th through 19th centuries
・Great way for a 'mini-retreat' during a visit to Tokyo
・Eat around Yanaka-Ginza- Shoutengai *a shopping street


We will customized the tour plan to best fit our customer's desires.
・SCAI THE BATHHOUSE is closed on Monday, Sunday, and national holidays. So, on the closed day, you watch only the exterior appearance.
・Please comply with the tour guide when you want to take some photos around Yanaka-Ginza- Shoutengai because some shops prohibit you from doing it.
・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of 3,000 yen per group, per hour, payable in cash.
・Hotel pickup will incur an additional fee of ¥4,000 per group (for hotels in Tokyo area).

  Price ¥ 8,000(tax included)

Price (per person)
¥8,000 for 2 adiults or more
¥10,000 for 1 adult
¥4,000 for Children (Age7-12)
Free of charge for Children(Under 6)
※ tax included

  Duration 3.5 hour (approx.)
  Hours of availability

Start Time 1: 9:00~
Start Time 2: 13:00~


Professional Guide (Available in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, Chinese)


Hotel pick up and drop off
Please add ¥3,000 yen per group to the tour price for hotel pick up.

  Participants 1〜8

Meeting Point

JR Nippori station (North Exit)

Reviews (65)


Great tour!

Takeshi-san did a wonderful job. Great communication and flexibility. I felt like I got to see a little bit of the "insider's view" of Yanaka. He even helped me get to my train platform for the next part of my trip. He has a nice way of making guests feel welcomed and taken care of. I'd definitely recommend his trip planning service.


Awesome tour

These guys were so helpful! The tour was customized for us and they showed us a lot on it. Definitely recommend this one

Jon-Peter Rock(USA)★★★★★

Beautiful day and Tour

I truly enjoy the one on one tour of yanaka and old historical sites here much better then a tour bus to asakusa, this tour had a better way to connect with the culture, i felt that I truly experience japan

Seth Kim(USA)★★★★★

Yanaka Walking Tour

Excellent tour of Yanaka with Wakana today who was fantastic and very personable. She was very good at judging our small group's pace as it was very hot and she even took us to a local coffee shop to cool down and have some drinks. She was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to since she used to live in the U.S. herself. Without the tour we may have never seen the area and without Takei who joined us on our tour (owner), we may have not had the amazing ramen he suggested at the end of the tour. Thanks for everything :).


A beautiful day for a great tour

I met Naho at the train station and we began our 3.5 hour walking tour. That might sound like a lot of walking but it was all worth it. Naho introduced me to the history of the area, and I learned a lot about Yanaka. We saw some beautiful (and old) Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples (and I learned the difference!).As a cat lover, I was thrilled to see of the very healthy feral cats the city is known for. It was also nice to walk through an area that is historic, but also not exceedingly touristy. We were fortunate enough to be there on the day that began the festival of their version of thanksgiving, so listened to music and experienced the fair-like atmosphere. Naho was a very gracious and knowledgeable host, and I would recommend her tour to travelers who want to learn more about old Japan in a relatively short period of time.

jamie(Unites Sates of America)★★★★★

Experience Old Nostalgic Tokyo

I am so happy my brother and I signed up for this tour. Our guide Naho was AWESOME. It was as as if we were walking around with an old friend who was showing us around. It was easy to ask her questions and she was gracious enough to answer them. We LOVED this tour. One would think a 3 and a half hour tour would be too much but we honestly did not want it to end. Naho even gave us suggestions for other things we could do in Tokyo. If you have the chance please take this tour. The pace of the tour was nice. It was mixed with wonderful shops, historic sites, also temples and shrines. If you are fortunate enough to get Naho as a guide you have lucked out! I really can't explain how much my brother and I truly enjoyed this tour.

Susan Syme(Australia)★★★★★

We had a wonderful afternoon walking around Yanaka with Naho.She talked us through the Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines very interesting We also experienced a tea ceremony and were taken to some of the small specialty shops in Yanaka.We felt priveleged to have known Naho for that short time she has a great sense of humour and nothing was too much trouble

Huw Jones (Wales )★★★★★

Yanaka Walking Tour

I would highly recommend the Yanaka walking tour. No visitor to Tokyo would be able to find all the places the tour goes to without the assistance of a guide. We were fortunate to have Naho as our guide. Her knowledge of the area and her ease of communication added much to the tour's success. The area of Yanaka in contrast to central Tokyo is a quiet and reflective place with many historic Shinto and Buddhist shrines. We particularly enjoyed our visit to the Gallery Okuba Yaka-An for the green tea ceremony and Allan West's studio and gallery was a bonus before the interesting walk back to the station down Snake Road. Thank you Naho.


Yanaka walking tour

I highly recommend this tour to see the different side of tokyo, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We enjoyed seeing different temples, old japanese houses, and the beauty and quiet place that Yanaka is known for. It's a way to learn the real japanese culture as told by Takeshi (owner/tour guide). Thank you!

Claudia Lewin(Australia)★★★★★

Definitely recommend!

This tour is a fantastic way to see parts of Tokyo you would never be able to see on your own. Takeshi took me to so many beautiful shrines and temples, through the winding streets of Yanaka, and to cute bakeries and coffee shops! I did it after a few days of inner-Tokyo hustle and bustle and it was both relaxing and informative :)

Anne Hoddinott(Australia)★★★★★

Marvellous experience visiting charming Yanaka

What a fantastic experience this tour is .And if you are lucky enough to have the charming and clever Naho as your guide, you will enjoy a fascinating glimpse into a culturally rich and lovely part of Tokyo. Far from the tyranny of the skyscraper, this area of Tokyo is full of small galleries, specialty stores, bars, bakeries, tea houses. The winding alley ways are not frequented by busloads of tourists. Naho's knowledge is extensive. We chanced too on a green tea ceremony which was wonderful. I can not recommend this tour highly enough.


Yakanak Walking Tour

This was a excellent tour and even though I have traveled to Japan over a 100 times I had never been to this part of the city. I took my 22 year old son along and we took the tour with another father and son that turned out to be from the same state! We enjoyed the experience so much that we went back the next day to do some additional shopping.

Mary E(USA)★★★★★

Great tour

Lovely tour of an old Tokyo neighborhood. Was a nice escape from the busy city. Highly recommended

Jen Brown(US)★★★★★

Jen B.

Sumiko-San met me at the Nippori station and spent the next 3.5 hours showing me all the sites around Yanaka. What a fantastic tour! The neighborhood has all the beautiful sites as other areas in Tokyo, but a relaxed local vibe. Sumiko had a ton of knowledge of the area and was so friendly and personable. She was able to adjust a few things so I could see some of the sites I was very interested in and I would definitely recommend this tour off the beaten path to any tourist or maybe even locals!


Yanaka Tour

Awesome Tour with Sumiko, Lots of culture , great dialogue, If you have the time do not miss this great experience

Varneyosu(United States of America)★★★★★

Great way to start our trip!

This was the first tour we did after arriving in Japan and Hisako was a great guide!! She knew all about the area and was able to answer every question we asked her. We were so into the tour and taking pictures of the scenery that we would have forgotten to take any photos with ourselves in them, but Hisako thought of it and took pictures of us! We are a family of 4 (16 yr old boy & 17 yr old girl) and we all enjoyed ourselves!


Yanaka and Nippori Walking Tour

What a fantastic tour!!! Sumiko was outstanding in her knowledge and being able to explain all the history of all the attractions we saw. She was kind and considerate in taking the time to thoroughly answer all our questions. I'd recommend her to anyone interested in taking a tour! She's wonderful!!


Yanaka Wandering Tour

Sumiko was fantastic: knowledgeable, well prepared, very personable and fully engaged in our experience. The tour was a delight!
Kevin and Paula.


Fantastic experience

I would really recommend this tour to young and all, couples and families. Very informative and enjoyable, Sumiko is a real jewel as a host and she not only made the Yanaka area come to life but also explained a lot about the city, its history, religion and food. Also showed us an amazing restaurant to have lunch and little shops to get lovely souvenirs. Worth every penny.


Interesting and unique experience.

My two daughters and I did this afternoon tour with our guide, Rie, who was very kind and knowledgeable. We saw sights and local treasures that we would not have seen on our own. Rie went out of her way to accommodate us and even walked us back after the tour to a sushi restaurant she recommended. We had a lovely dinner there thanks to our guide. Thank you for the interesting tour and conversation Rie.



This walking tour was a great respite from the hustle and bustle of modern Tokyo. Rie S. was an excellent tour guide and she clearly shared her appreciation and love for this district. Her English was excellent and she was flexible in allowing more or less time to be spent at spots that suited me. I asked so many questions and she was patient and knowledgeable. All the sites were fascinating and the history and background of each one immersed me more into Japanese culture compared to the popular Tokyo tourist spots I’ve visited. Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring some money as you’ll also get to do a bit of market shopping. I highly recommend this tour and you will be very lucky if you have Rie as your guide.


Old Gold

On an extreme hot day, Hizuru, our guide, provided a colourful, entertaining and knowledgeable walking tour of old Tokyo. The historical walk covered a famous cemetery with detailed explanations of the 5 elements and renowned Japanese identities buried there, visits to exquisite shrines and step by step instruction to pray plus flowing and informative commentary as we walked down all the old streets. It was an excellent tour although we nearly all evaporated in the heat. Thank you Hizuru.


Very fun tour with a great guide

This is a great way to start a trip to Tokyo. I did this tour on my second day, and was brought to many somewhat hidden spots that I would never have stumble across otherwise. Rie was an awesome guide; very informative, kind, and willing to help me interact with the locals which made shopping very easy. I very highly recommend this tour!


Enjoyed Yanaka very much

Our guide made this tour what it was. Rie was punctual, informed and friendly. The 4 other members of our group were also interesting and fun. As promised, we were on our feet for 3 and a half hours, with brief breaks for water and to cool off, so you need to enjoy walking and looking at a historical Tokyo neighborhood that many Japanese never visit.

Michelle (Thailand)★★★★★

An enjoyable walk in old Tokyo

Despite the heat, our knowledgeable and sweet and friendly guide Rie made sure we were interested enough not to notice the much of blazing heat in the 3.5 hour walk we did together. She brought us deep into the heart of Yanaka and showed us quite a lot of insights into the time of the Shoguns. I highly commend Rie to all interested history buffs.


Our guide was delightful....

We enjoyed all the sites, plus a traditional Japanese lunch !!! Our guide Rie was extremely informative and her English was great.


Terrific tour of a beautiful place in Tokyo with Mikko

This was a welcome change from the busy streets of Tokyo! Mikko's command of the English language was exceptional and she was attentive to our group needs. It was an extremely warm day and we visited many beautiful sites in Yanaka including temples, a gorgeous park cemetery, various landmarks and a quaint streetside shopping market area. Mikko gave us the history of places we stopped along with some background on the culture of Japan. She scheduled enough breaks where we could cool off and gave us a good recommendation for a traditional Japanese lunch. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour with Mikko.

Chi Wing Ng (Hong Kong)★★★★★

A stunning insight, a real treat

This recently being our second time in Tokyo as a family, we were keen to learn more about the city and really dig into the city by exploring areas at a time. Our guide Yoshimi-san made our trip to Yanaka immensely worthwhile, explaining not only what we were seeing but really contextualizing the different landmarks to make a really enriching experience. Through not just the tour but also in conversations with Yoshimi-san, we didn't just go on a tour; we got to meet a friend and learn about the personality of Tokyo.

Carolyn (Scotland)★★★★★

Enjoyable afternoon tour

We really enjoyed our afternoon tour of Yanaka with Hizuru. It was very informative, interesting and went to places we would not have found ourselves. A nice mix of history and culture. Hizuru took photos of us and each location then sent them that evening by email to us which was a really nice touch. Highly recommended.


Yanaka Walking Tour

Who would have thought such quaintness lies within such a large city! The sreeets are small and are roads less traveled. If you want to get away from the hustle, a walk down snake road will do the trick.


Yanaka tour with guide Hisako

It was an excellent off beat tour of Yanaka at Tokyo with Guide Hisako. This started at Nippori Station. She was perfectly on time having name plate with her. She was very kind; knowledgeable and polite. She took me at all the places which was mentioned in itenary. She gave me extra time where I was interested more. After the tour was over she dropped me at Station. She also explained me about various local special sweets and specialty of Japan. We tasted a Delicious sweet with green tea on way.
Thanks Hisako for showing me such a beautiful Tokyo which I had not expected and taking good photos of me at various places.


Tour of historic sections of Tokyo

Great tour, very relaxed, good discussion of history of temples and shrines around Nippori station. Most interesting stop at art gallery for prints in classic style. Highly recommended 3 hours of my Tokyo visit!


A must do

So pure and humble and great for photos theres also koi and turtles at arms length so great for kids.


Yanesen guided walking tour

I booked this 3.5 hour tour in the older part of Tokyo to see isomething different than the main touristic areas. Mikko, our guide was very passionate about this area in which she also lived. She did a great job in explaining the culture and history of the area and I can advise you to consider this tour. You will walk in back streets, visit the grave of the last Shogun, very nice and quiet temples and at the end the local shopping street. No high rise buildings but small local houses wit tiny gardens. Thank you Mikko for guiding us through the area and making sure we had a nice time. Learned something, had fun and a healthy walk.


A fantastic morning in historic Yanaka

The Yanaka walking tour was a wonderful experience. My guide, Rie, was prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and an absolute joy to be with. This isn't just a tour, it's a pleasant morning strolling through one of the most scenic and peaceful areas of Tokyo with a good friend. Learn about local history and customs while walking through residential neighborhoods made up of original wooden rowhouses, listening to bird song, and enjoying the lack of crowds! Pay respect to the deities of the local shrines, get your fortune told at a temple, try delectable local sweets all while learning about Japanese culture.
I couldn't have hoped for a better tour, it was a perfect morning that I would recommend to anyone traveling to Tokyo. Make sure to escape the chaos of downtown and get yourself up to Yanaka! Also request Rie, she made the tour what it was. Instead of a dry recitation of facts, she brings the information to life with her wit and kindness. A five star guide for a five star tour!

Janine Waters(New Zealand)★★★★★

An authentic experience!

I met my lovely guide Yoshimi at the station, she was easy to find, the communication received prior ensured that. I was lucky enough to have her all to myself so we set off to explore the rich history of Yanaka. Yoshimi was friendly, knowledgeable and lovely to spend hours with strolling around Tokyo. When we saw a beer house, in a traditional house setting, I was very keen to stop and sample some of the options available. As it was just us, this was no problem, so we stopped and enjoyed a chat whilst I enjoyed a pint or 2. We carried on and I got to enjoy lovely local things, like a little bakery down a tiny side ally that a tourist would never otherwise know about, and to learn about many of the customs at the temples we visited.
I loved this tour and I loved Yoshimi. I was recommended to do this tour by a friend and she was right, it was wonderful. I can't wait to visit again in spring!

Heinrich Vogt(Germany)★★★★★

Yanaka walking tour - well worth it

I never thought a tea ceremony could be that enjoyable. Thanks to our guide Rie, we were shown a very interesting and peaceful part of Tokyo, that I never would have come across on my own.

June Nowlan(Australia)★★★★★

Yanaka Walking Tour

Rie our tour guide was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, happy & kind.
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour & appreciated Rie's expert guidance around & knowledge of the area.
Thank you very much & please pass our heartfelt thanks to Rie.
She is an asset to your company & therefore we have no hesitation in recommending this tour & Rie to everyone.
Thank you & cheers

Heather McKenzie(Australia)★★★★★

Yanaka Tour

Rie was an excellent guide . She was knowledgeable friendly and her English was excellent. The tour was very interesting and we would thoroughly recommend it.

Julie Casby(USA)★★★★★

Yanaka Tour- Historic Tokyo

We had a wonderful afternoon exploring the historical area of Tokyo with our tour guide, Yuki! This 3.5 hour walking tour is perfect for stepping back in time to explore Japanese history as it relates to religion and beliefs that evolved thru time. Cemetery, temples, shrines are viewed, as well as quaint shopping areas. You will enjoy this peaceful tour in the otherwise bustling city of Tokyo.

John & Barbara Bloniarz(USA)★★★★★

Yanaka walking tour

Rie was a wonderful guide and the tour was interesting. Her warm personality really made a difference.

Joshua Ehrlich(Australia)★★★★★

Fascinating, enjoyable Yanaka Tour

In the pouring rain, we met the lovely Hisako for our tour of the old area of Yanaka.
In spite of the rain, we had a full and enjoyable tour visiting the cemetery which was moving and beautiful as many graves had fresh flowers after visits from family for the Autumn Equinox. Hisako explained the religions of Shinto and Buddhism.
The tiny winding streets showed Japanese living outside of the neon lights and hustle & bustle of the city centre.
We enjoyed coffee and a green tea cake in a tiny coffee shop which had been saved many years ago from demolition.
A highlight was Snake St and the many street food stalls leading back to Nippori Station.
Hisako was a lovely lady and we very much enjoyed her company. A wet day very well spent!!

Rosita C(Netherlands)★★★★★


Very informatif tour given by a very nice and intelligent tourleader Yoshimi. We've booked the tour on the second day of our stay in Japan and that was a good choise! Because of the extensive information Yoshimi provided we understood all the other important sightseeings in the following places in Japan we have visited.
I can recommend this tour with Yoshimi.

Mary D(USA)★★★★★

Lovely Walking Tour

Very informative walking tour of an old part of Tokyo with an English speaking guide, Rie. We stopped at many beautiful old temples, shrines, cemetaries and the tomb of the last shogun of Japan. The tour was a great way to learn more about Japanese culture, customs and history. An enjoyable way to spend the morning!

Eleanor H(Australia)★★★★★

Yanaka Walking Tour

We spent 3.5 hours walking around the Yanaka area with Yuki. She was very knowledgeable and was able to shed some light on the history of the area and Japanese history in general. We were able to see a less touristy side of Tokyo and enjoy time as the locals. Sampling foods from the sidewalk stalls was another highlight. We would highly recommend this tour to get to know the area. Yuki is a fantastic guide who made everything come alive.

Michelle Levitt(Australia)★★★★★

Yanaka walk & culture insights

Nobuko is a fantastic guide , very knowledgeable and she gave us some interesting snippets of history & religion whilst walking around the area. We visited many historic temples and were also lucky enough to see the Harvest Celebrations - street parades and a market festival in the local park .We had a very enjoyable half day !

Paul S(Australia)★★★★★

Yanaka Walking Tour

We booked this tour through the Veltra website as they gave the best description of the tour and their follow up communications were excellent. We received an email containing a detailed description of where and when to meet at Nippori station, a photo of the guide and her contact details. The tour was quite an easy 5 km walk at a reasonable pace over 3.5 hours, however did involve walking up and down steps and hills. The tour itself was interesting as walked through the local streets and got to see how the locals live. Our guide Junko was very knowledgeable and explained a lot of the history of the area as we visited cemeteries and temples. Junko allowed plenty of time for stops for coffee and shopping. Overall this was an enjoyable tour.


Best tour on our holiday

This tour - guided by Mikiko - was our best during our 16 days holiday in Japan. Even though we were a larger group and the weather was very hot, she still managed to make this a very funny and informative tour.
We learned some interesting things about Buddhism and Shintoism but also the daily life of Japanese people. In these 3,5 hours we were introduced to quite some shrines, where we learned the differences and commonalites between the two religions. Although packed with informations, there was always enough time to make pictures as memorable value.
Mikiko is a very recommendable guide for this tour. Thank you for the great time in Yanaka :-)

LeAnne Koliha(USA)★★★★★

“A lovely look at residential Tokyo ”

This walking tour gives you a chance to get away from the crowded commercial areas and see Tokyo the way the locals do

Lorianne Gay(South Africa)★★★★★

“Excellent Yanaka Walking Tour hosted by Hisako”

Hisako was a great guide for this tour. She is smart, knowledgeable, and witty. She explained everything around us. We visited several temples and shrines, such as Tennoji and Nedu Jinja, and walked through many Yanaka streets. We even saw an owl cafe! We ended by walking through Yanaka Ginza and I bought a souvenir and we drank some complimentary tea. I recommend this tour.

Mary Heaney(USA)★★★★★

“Experience the Old and Nastagic Tokyo Yanaka Walking Tour”

Wonderful tour
Excellent guide
Ms . Suzuki was very engaging and fun
Knowledge was great
Small group of 10 made the walk manageable

Amanda Robinson(USA)★★★★★


Was a wonderful tour! Our Tour guide was super friendly and very knowledgeable about the area and was always happy to answer questions.

Tabitha Steiner(USA)★★★★★

“Nostalgic Tokyo: Yanaka Walking Tour”

What an incredible day we had on our walking tour today. Our guide, Rie, was extremely knowledgeable and delightful. It was so nice to get away from the busy streets of the shopping districts and see another side of Tokyo. We learned so much about Japanese History and culture. Absolutely would take this tour again!

Margaret Key(Australia)★★★★★

“Great way to experience historical Tokyo ”

This was a fantastic and informative walking tour. We wanted to see a more historic Tokyo and the reviews for this tour were very positive. Rie was our guide and provided great information, current and historical. The group was small with ten people and we visited temples, shrines, cemeteries, small shops and art galleries. If you are visiting Japan I strongly recommend you book this walking tour. It is very easy to travel to Nippori Station and find the meeting place.

Joseph D(Australia)★★★★

Good different view of Tokyo!

This is a good walking tour of Tokyo that gives a different perspective to Japanese culture and life. Tour focused on walking the streets, visiting shrine and temple, local shops and places to eat, cemetery and back streets.


Nice tour in a neighborhood of Tokio

Overall it has been a very nice way of exploring Tokio and to learn more about history and as well a small neighborhood place. Our guide Rie provided quite a lot of details and was obviously very familiar with the history of Japan and was able to answer all our questions. Would just suggest that you do it at the beginning of your visit to Japan and not at the end as we just did it. Due the fact that we did at the end we have been already familiar with quite many details. The only thing that sometimes confused us was the stops at shops where we had the impression that they would love to see it to go in and to buy something - could also be that this is just a misunderstanding and wasn’t intended.

John Williams(USA)★★★★★

“Great introduction to Japan”

This tour with Yuki was just what we were looking for. She was able to show us several sites in Yanaka. But the most valuable part was she was able to set the sites in historical and societal context. It made the rest of our trip in Japan more enjoyable.

Ruth T(Australia)★★★★★

Absolutely recommend this tour!!

Yuki is a wonderful tour guide, with a love of history and a great knowledge of the sites we visited in Yanaka. She really helped to paint the big picture of historical and present-day events and traditions, which helped me gaina fuller appreciation of the places we visited. She was also really happy to answer heaps of questions about Japanese culture. Walking is a great way to slow down and connect with people and places. And it really helps to have someone like Yuki to make it all come alive. I can't recommend this tour highly enough!!


Absolutely brilliant half-day exploration!

The Omakase tour with our guide, Rie, was spectacular. Rie is very knowledgeable of the historical sites she took us to in the Nippori area. I loved that she took her time with us, and explained the significance of each landmark - in addition to making the wealth of information entertaining. Her enthusiasm for teaching shines brighter at each site as she engages her audience, and she goes above and beyond to address our questions.
We would have never been able to experience Japan, let alone the Nippori, as in depth as we had without Rie. By the end of the tour, my wife and I agreed it was as if we had known Rie for a very long time. If you enjoy walking tours, and learning about the nuances of Japanese culture, we highly recommend this tour with Rie. She takes you off the beaten path away from the hoards of crowds, and makes you feel right at home.

Ian Bowden(UK)★★★★★

Yanaka Walking Tour Old and Nostalgic Tokyo

While in Tokyo we wanted to visit the real old Tokyo so selected this tour. We had a n excellent tour and visited the lively part of Tokyo. Our tour guide Junko was excellent her local knowledge was really detailed. I would highly recommend the Tour and Junko when you next visit Tokyo.

Ombretta B(USA)★★★★★

Yoshimi is the best!

Yoshimi my guide was fantastic.I learned so much from her about Japan history.She is very knoledgable and friendly.She also knows all the best shops and unique stores.U will not be disappointed.

Aydine Sutherland(Holland)★★★★★

Yanaka walking tour

This was an excellent tour that took us away from the hustle and bustle to a beautiful, serene and spiritual area. Rie, our tour leader, was very knowledgeable and personable. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Rie and would highly recommend this tour particularly if you are in need of a change of pace.

Ken Murphy(Australia)★★★★★

Yanaka walking tour

This simple casual walking tour turned out to be a highlight of our holiday. The weather was perfect which always helps. The pace was easy, allowing plenty of opportunity for conversation, and the locations visited were just perfect for what we were after. This was complimented by our guide, Rie, who was knowledgeable and friendly and made the day. We felt that we were being shown Tokyo by a friend. Highly recommended

Alex Voineagu(Australia)★★★★★

Yanaka walking tour

I took the tour with Hisako through the streets of Yanaka in a very beautiful day of fall. The guide was very knowledgeable and help me understand various aspects of the Japanese cultures which were not very clear to me. I learnt a lot about the history of the place, about the customs of the place and everything was in a very relaxing manner. I would highly recommend the tour.

Mike G(USA)★★★★★

Experience Old and Nostalgic Tokyo: Yanaka Walking Tour

Highly recommended! Rie is a wonderful guide, knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming many questions. First, she sent detailed and illustrated information on the meeting point, which was very helpful for new visitors. She explained about the beautiful shrines, temples and cemeteries we toured, and about practices involving fortunes and wishes. After a full afternoon, we ended the tour in a fascinating shopping street leading back to the meeting point, and she helped us purchase take-away items for supper. The walk is active and calls for comfortable shoes, but it is not overly strenuous.

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