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Traditional Japanese Calligraphy Experience with a Master of the Art

Discover the soul of Japanese culture through expertly guided calligraphy lessons.

  Price ¥:6,500(tax included)

Price (per person)
¥6,500 for 2 persons or more
¥10,000 for 1 person

  Duration 2 hour
  Hours of availability

10:00am 〜 10:00pm


・Japanese calligraphy lessons and guided practice
・Use of all materials required for Japanese calligraphy
・Pictures to remember the occasion by, including of you practicing calligraphy


・Food and drink
・Transportation costs
・Hotel pick up and drop off
Please add 2000 yen to the tour price for hotel pick up.

  Participants 2〜10

Meeting Point

Keikyu Umeyashiki Station ticket gates (about 15 minutes from Shinagawa Station)


Japanese calligraphy is at the essence of traditional Japanese culture. Why not try your hand at the art?

“Shodo,” or Japanese calligraphy, is artistically written words, written in a style that is both artistic and emotionally driven. The art of calligraphy was handed down from China during the 6th and 7th centuries, at which time the Japanese learned how to make brushes, ink, and paper. Soon after its introduction, it became an indispensable skill for educated nobles and samurai, the leaders of Japan. Over time, the appreciation spread to the general public, and now can be found not only as works of art per se, but also in things such as New Year's cards and other special occasion writings. The art has been fully intertwined with Japanese life.

The calligraphy experience we offer here, under the guidance of the master calligrapher Eikaku Matsumura, will allow you to learn about and then experience calligraphy first hand. Mr. Eikaku Matsumura, known for his elaborate and ingenious style, is extremely well regarded and in high demand in advertising, television, and other fields. He was also a part of the 2011 film "1,778 Stories of Me and My wife,” where he provided professional guidance to the singer and actor Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP fame. Best of all, Mr. Eikaku Matsumura is a charming and approachable master, sincerely eager to facilitate a unique and memorable Japanese experience for you!


・Calligraphy lecture by Eikaku Matsumura, a master in the art.
・Professional guidance by a calligraphy master
・The chance to write your own Japanese calligraphy
・Traditional, atmospheric surroundings suited to the contemplation and quiet reflection conducive to the art of Japanese calligraphy


・In cases where five or more people attend, the meeting location is subject to change.

Reviews (2)

Kiriru Furai(United States)★★★★★

Expert calligraphy lesson

Had a great time with the fam. Two guides that spoke great English picked us up all the way in Shibuya, guided us to the artist's studio and translated the lesson. The expert was patient and taught us the basics and artistic versions of our names in kanji. Highly recommend to anyone for a fun excursion to a place a little outside the busy hussle of the city!


A Great Class for the Whole Family

Our translator Yoko was very prepared and helpful. The calligraphy instructor was knowledgable, talented, and very funny. We worked hard and ended up creating some great wok. Our 9 year old daughter got to work on her name and other phrases and had a wonderful time. If you are interested in learning something about Japanese culture, this class is informative and educational.

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