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Explore Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park with a Local Insider

Taste a profound nature at the World’s only spot.


Jigokudani Yaen-koen is a place to observe the interesting ecology of Japanese Monkey nearby, and many people in the world have loved this place since 1964 when it was opened. Many researchers and photographers has also visited here and produced good results. The monkeys here is known as“SNOW MONKEY”because they soak in the hot spring and such monkeys are unequaled anywhere in the world. In 1970, they were appeared in the cover of‘LIFE’in the U.S. and also were reported by the press overseas. Furthermore, in 1998, when the winter Olympic Games was held in Nagano, lots of athletes, game staffs, news media, and tourists from foreign countries visited here during the period, so it became a big topic.
Monkeys don’t soak in the hot spring positively in the warm season because they do in order to prevent from the severe coldness in winter. Soaking in the hot spring is only one part of the monkeys’ life. The best charm of Jigokudani Yaen-koen is not taking pictures of monkeys which are soaking in the hot spring during winter, but enjoying the ecology of wild monkeys to be able to observe nearby through a year and the rich nature itself of the animals, insects, plants, and so on. Please listen carefully on the walking trail to Jigokudani and couple with nature through your five senses!


・Stroll Yumichi walking trail.
・Visit Shibu no Jigokudani funsen.
・Visit Jigokudani Yaen-koen & rest.
・Description of the nature by the guide.


・Please join us wearing shoes that are easy to walk in and do not bring heavy baggage because you will walk the mountain paths.
・Please have a bottled water and snacks in case.
・The ticket machines in Yuganaka station do not accept credit cards.

・The passenger from Nagano station can purchase SNOW MONKEY PASS which is sold at Nagano station. It includes a round-trip ticket fare of the train and the bus, which is from Nagano station to on-the-spot, in addition, an entrance fee of Jigokudani Yaen-koen. You can pay less expenses by it.

・Time schedule of Nagano-Dentesu *Limited Express only (no transfer required) As of January 23, 2018
<Nagano sta.→Yudanaka sta.>
12:10→12:54 Limited Express ‘SNOW MONKEY’

  Price ¥8,500

¥8,500 for 2 adiults or more
¥15,000 for 1 adult
¥6,000 for children for Children (Age7-12)

  Duration 3.5 hour (approx.)
  Hours of availability



・English Guide
・Entrance Fee
・Round Trip Bus Tickets from Yudanaka station
・Local Tax


・Food & Drinks
・Hotel pick up and drop off

  Participants 1-6

Meeting Point

A ticket gate of Nagano-Dentesu Yudanaka station

Reviews (3)

Henry Completo(USA)★★★★★

Very knowledgeable about the history of the area

Our guide is very knowledgeable about the history of the area. She kept us informed about local attractions and the history of the area during the uphil long walk from the bus station to the snow monkeys' hot springs. She kept with our walking pace although our strides were much longer than hers (my wife and I are almost 6' footers). :-) We were able to arrive at our tour destinations ahead of time.


Excellent tour

Our guide was delightful, she was very informative and her English is excellent. We really enjoyed the stroll through the trees where the clear water gushed alongside, very refreshing but the monkeys stole the show, there were so many of them just going about their business as if they hadn't even seen us. We saw several youngsters and really cute babies. We'll certainly remember our visit and would highly recommend it.

Ken Willis(Canada)★★★★★

Great Day in Nagano

Thanks to the guide for our guided tour of the "monkey park" near Nagano. Myself and my sons thoroughly enjoyed the trip, which included a visit to a local sake brewery. Further the guide knew much about the local area and it was truly a great learning experience listening to her during the trip. We were amazed at the number of monkey and that we were able to walk among them freely. There was amply time for pictures and we didn't feel rushed at all. The tour is great value for the money (especially for a private tour), and I highly recommend it.

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