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Private Drifting Experience with a Professional Driver

The most thrilling ride on a racetrack!


Although riding on public roads in Mario Carts has gained popularity among tourists visiting Japan, traffic accidents and traffic violations often happen due to sharing the streets with larger vehicles and pedestrians. And let’s get real: Putt-putting around city streets in these glorified riding lawn mowers is not even in the same universe as getting behind the wheel of a professional race car. This is life-changing stuff we’re talking about, and those who have long dreamed about screaming down a track in Japan full-on… well, those people shouldn’t let this dream fly by.

In this specially prepared experience, professional race car staff will provide a safe, fun, and thrilling environment on a real racing circuit track. You have the opportunity to drive both a drift car in this one of a kind experience.

There are various packages at different price points that incorporate various options - from a basic plan to a full course plan that involves the drift vehicles. The basic plan allows for a half-day of track enjoyment. If there are too many bookings for the half day option, participants will be separated into a morning and afternoon group respectively. If there is a particularly large number of participants in your group, we can accommodate time on the race track by spreading out people over 2 days. We are also able to arrange accommodation to spend the night near the track, should you be interested. We are flexible and will find an option that works best for you. In order to allow everyone plenty of time to drive the race cars, we limit groups to 6 participants each.

■ Payment method
Advance payment by bank transfer, either by wire or using the TransferWise service. Payment must be paid in full no later than one month in advance. Refunds for cancellations will be processed within the rules set out in our cancellation policy. Please note that it is necessary to reserve the race course 40 days or more before the desired experience date. So, please transfer the full amount of expenses 40 days prior to the event date.

<Drivable Vehicles>
We have Nissan Silvia for the drifting experience. These non-turbo vehicles are made to withstand long periods of drifting. The front and rear tires are also different to make it easier to create a tail slide state for the vehicle.

<Activity Details>
Drift in a domestic Japanese, manual transmission sports car. Start with checking the operation of the MT (manual) car, practice stick shift driving with shift change, steering, and braking. After your instructor is confident you have mastered the manual stick shift basics, he will proceed to teach you how to drift. Since the vehicles are sensitive to heavy loads, please be patient while other participants try it out as well.

<Important Information>
・ Participation will be refused if you do not have a driver's license or MT driving experience.
・ All participants will be brought up to the minimum level needed to experience drifting. However, if there is a problem with the vehicle, the activity may end without drifting for safety reasons.

・The tracks still operate in rainy weather. However if visibility is impared due to fog or heavy rain, or if it the temperature is too hot outside, the experience will be suspended. In the event of a suspension, the circuit usage fee for the time up to the point of suspension and cancellation (round-up calculation for every 30 minutes) will be refunded at a later date. However consumables and staff costs up to the time of suspension will be calculated and be non refundable.

<Application deadline>
40 days before the desired date of participation

<Cancellation policy>
The following percentages will be forfeited according to the amount of advance notice provided.
・30 days before the event date: 40%
・15 days before the event date: 50%
・7 days or less before the event date: 100%

<Instructor Profile>
Hiroki Kokuzawa
DOB: 1990-November-22
Motto: You don’t know until you try

Hiroki did athletics from 3rd grade through 8th grade with dreams of being a professional athlete. However, he suffered an injury during a sports tournament in 8th grade that prevented him from realizing his dream. Soon after, he began his new dream to become a race car driver right as Formula 1 was beginning to be televised in Japan. At the age of 21, he made his debut in Formula Car racing. Taking full advantage of the skills and experience gained in the harsh environment of racing, he is active as a driver and instructor for various levels, such as training classes on racing circuits to beginner driving courses for regular driving licenses.

<Racing Resume>
2011 Participated in SUPER FJ Tsukuba Series Sport (opening to 3 races only)
2012 Participated in SUPER FJ Tsukuba Series II (final third place)
2014 SRS-F (Suzuka Circuit Racing Sync School Formula) Completed
Motake 1.5 Challenge Cuff Final Round (Qualifying 2nd, Final 4th)
Participated in the Mini Joy Endurance 2 Hours Endurance Race in 2015 (2nd in the class)
2018 Hierelli Supper Endurance Series ST-TCR class entry (3rd in Round 2)
2019 All Japan F3 Championship Sport participation

<Instructing History>
Various circuit driving events, new car manufacturer workshops,
Event circuit driving training lessons hosted by automakers, race car circuit license instructor, kids-cart classroom, and much more.


・Get behind the wheel of one of our track-dedicated cars for a special circuit experience
・Lesson and guidance from a professional racing driver
・Experienced support from staff


・Please wear long sleeves, long pants, and athletic shoes; T-shirts, half pants, sandals, and heels are not permitted.

  Price ¥300,000〜

Each package accommodates up to six participants. The price shown is per group, so is the same regardless of number of participants.

① Normal Season(Except Winter & Summer Season)
1. Weekday(Tuesday to Friday)
9:00-16:00(All day rent):¥420,000〜
2. Saturday & Holiday
9:00-16:00(All day rent only):¥500,000〜
3. Sunday
9:00-16:00(All day rent only):¥560,000〜

② Winter Season(January, February)
1. Weekday(Tuesday to Friday)
9:00-16:00(All day):¥360,000〜
2. Saturday & Holiday
9:00-16:00(All day only):¥440,000〜
3. Sunday
9:00-16:00(All day only):¥480,000〜

③ Summer Season(June 17 to Sepetmber 2)
1. Weekday(Tuesday to Friday)
9:00-16:00(All day):¥380,000〜
2. Saturday & Holiday
9:00-16:00(All day only):¥440,000〜
3. Sunday
9:00-16:00(All day only):¥500,000〜

Venue: Tsukuba Circuit
Schedule: Half day on weekdays only
Number of vehicles used: 2
Number of Instructors: 1-2 people
Meals Included: None

<Expenses that may be incurred at your expense>
Repair costs due to course (facility) damage

<Hotel pick up & Drop off> ※ Option
If you would like hotel pick-up and drop off, we can arrange round-trip transportation in a private car. The fee depends on the location of the hotel, the time of year, and the number of people, but is usually between ¥50,000 and ¥80,000.

  Duration 3〜7 hours
  Hours of availability

Morning: 9:00〜12:00
Afternoon: 13:00〜16:00
All day:9:00〜16:00


・Vehicle usage fee (including tires and gasoline)
・Vehicle maintenance fee
・Course fee
・English Interpreter
・Insurance for any vehicle damage.


・Hotel pick up & drop off

  Participants 1〜6 people

Meeting Point

Minami Chiba Circuit

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