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One day Private Sapporo Highlights Tour

A local guide means local hospitality! Thoroughly enjoy this private tour of Sapporo!


Sapporo, under the auspices of the Meiji government’s “Hokkaido Kaitakushi” development plan in 1869, was designated to be a large-scale metropolis. The Meiji government was interested in advancing the modernization of Japan, and Hokkaido, with its rich natural resources, was to be a key part of the plan. Sapporo, as the center of all things Hokkaido, has rapidly progressed in its role as a central city, growing up to a true metropolis of 1.9 million people. Sapporo is focused on being even more representative as an international city that showcases Japan’s best.

708dd615991736c099bd47f1b5781a5da48f9413.jpg① Nijo Market(10:25~10:50)
After leaving your accommodation, you will first visit the famous Nijo Market. This market is popularly known as the kitchen of Sapporo, with the best of seasonal seafood, fruits, and other specialties on display as you walk around.

0f88e89e5fde9566f4d5263a137d7b320b928ff6.jpg② White Lovers Park(11:35~12:25)
After Nijo market, you’ll ride the subway to the “White Lovers” (known in Japanese as “Shiroi Koibito”) Park. In this theme park, you will find an overflowing of candy charm, plus factory tours and of course the "white lover" confection itself, an institution in Hokkaido. You’ll not only enjoy a candy making experience, but also a learning one, specifically about the history of the brand and company, including a display of valuable antique cups. It goes without saying that there will be lots of chances to enjoy the chocolate, be it white, brown, or black. White Lovers has a new prayer room to accommodate their Muslims visitors. Should you wish to do so, you are welcome to take your time of worship here.

23974208eec57dc88e2c49601859f41c2c21d73c.jpg③ Lunch(13:05~13:50)
After finishing up at “White Lovers” Park, we’ll return to the city center and visit the long-popular ramen shop (founded in 1958) "Horyu", which is always bustling at lunch. The ramen here has a rich broth with a delicious infusion of miso, a perfect match for the perfect noodles and toppings. Particularly recommended is the "Genghis Khan Ramen," which allows you to taste the two major Sapporo specialties of Genghis Khan and ramen at the same time!

76dc51e2cf135c3cebc4aec26e64707763505c94.jpg④ Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium(14:40~15:45)
After lunch, by subway and bus we will visit Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium. Okurayama is well known as the ski jump venue during the 1972 Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo, but even now many international ski jumping competitions are held. Ride the lift to the 307m summit and admire the city of Sapporo and the Ishikari Plain spreading out before you. During winter, you can enjoy a particularly superb view, with the pure white snow dazzling the scene around you. Beneath the 307m summit’s observatory is the starting line for the ski jump. Here you can realistically experience the jumper’s feeling before they make their run. After enjoying the ski jump stadium, the tour will end with a return to your accommodations. With our local guide leading the way, enjoy Sapporo to your heart's content during this splendid one day tour.


・Explore Nijo Market, where fresh seafood and fruit are bountiful
・Learn and taste the candy manufacturing process at White Lovers Park
・Dive in to delicious Sapporo miso ramen at the popular ramen shop "Horyu"
・Be amazed as you look out at Sapporo from the Okurayama observatory lounge
・Get a thrill as you view the plunge from a ski jumper’s perspective at the Okurayama ski jump launch area


・During severe winter weather, your tour agenda may be subject to change.
・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of ¥6,000 per group, per hour, payable in cash.

  Price From ¥15,000 person

¥15,000 for 2 adults or more
¥30,000 for 1 adult
¥8,000 for children (age 5 -12)
Free of charge for children (age under 4)

  Duration 6 hours(approx.)
  Hours of availability

Start time: 9:00am


· Professional guide (English)
· Hotel pick up & drop off
· Entrance fee for White Lovers (“Shiroi Koibito”) Park & ​​Okurayama Jump Stadium
· Subway & bus ticket
· Tax


· Food & drinks

  Participants 1-8 people

Reviews (32)


Gread Day in Sapporo

We had good time with our tour and our guide, Chieko. She was very friendly and helpful. She answered all of our questions and even gladly taking our pictures, too...!
All of my family member enjoyed this tour very much.

k m yuen(Hong Kong)★★★★★

Great day out in -10C degrees

I travelled alone this time, it's better idea to join a day tour to explore attraction in town. Thanks to Ms Chieko Mizukoshi being my tour guide, brought me to a few interesting attractions in town in such cold weather. She is very a caring, and friendly person. With her good care, I finally made it to Okurayama! Enjoyed the beautiful snowflakes dancing on my face, we hiked a bit of Okurayama on the thick clean snow, and then took Chairlift to go up to The Jump Sky Stadium. It's so worthy to see the beautiful city up there. It was a very unforgettable experience.


Winter Day Tour

We enjoyed our tour with Ms Chieko Mizukoshi! She is very friendly and had thought us a lot about Sapporo city and even help us to take photo throughout the tour. We are so happy that the tour is muslim friendly where they provide us halal food and showed us the place for our prayers. We enjoyed the thick snow on our way hiking the okurayama and the view was breathtaking. Would definitely recommend this tour to others.


Distinct tours from our tropical climate... :)

It was a great time to touch real snow for the first in life...
As we come from tropical rain forest haha...
With Maki San as tour guide, she was honest, very friendly and helpful.

Jenghis khan ramen was also very delicious in such cold weather (and hungry haha...).

Henry Completo(USA)★★★★★

Muslim Friendly Tour

Chieko, our guide, is very knowlegeable about the history of Sapporo. My wife and I are not Muslims, but we enjoyed the tour and the delicious Halal Ramen at the restaurant she brought us to. Had a wonderful time at JumpSki station. The White Lover chocolate plant tour was interesting. Hope to see Chieko again. Can you have a ski tour package next year?


Excellent tour

Recently I was able to take the opportunity to go to Sapporo, Japan.
It is a wonderful city with wonderful and pleasant people. There is a lot of hustle and bustle for those that seek that but also areas and attractions for relaxation and rest. The food is spectacular with many little niche sushi restaurants and ramen houses.
Toshimi-san was a wonderful tour guide with lots of experience and lots of knowledge about the city and of Japan. Together we went to the famous fish market, tasted salmon roe and observed the variety of foods available. I was surprised at how large the crabs were. Also that the fish market had been around for quite a long time.
We later went to the "white lover park" which is a famous chocolate biscuit factory reminiscent of Willy Wonka with a lovely garden in the centre and animatronics that sing and move at the strike of each hour.
We travelled along the subway to experience the common method of travel and travelled to a Halal Ramen house that has been established for more than 60years; a ramen house that was on the Michelin list.
Following lunch we went to the Winter olypmic ski jump site which overlooks Sapporo and can the entire city can be seen from the peak. It was a wonderful way to experience Japan


Autumn Tour in Sapporo

Had a great day in Sapporo with help from Ms. Chieko. Very thoughtful and friendly person. We learned a lot of tips in, and also history of Hokkaido. Had a great date with my mom at Ishiya Factory. It was great since they really care whether the ingredients of the biscuits are fine with us Muslim or not. Then, had a delicious lunch at Horyu Ramen. It was to our taste, since we love sour & spicy things in Malaysia. Lastly, I had a good time at Okurayama Ski Jump as the view was breathtaking even in autumn, and since it was the first time I experienced the chair lift. I recommend this tour course.


1 day Muslim-Friendly Tour Sapporo

We had Toshimi-san as our guide. He was very approachable, warm and friendly. He was very forth-coming and we had a very good time at the chocolate factory. We missed our bus at the ski jump and he called a cab so that we did not have to wait for too long in the cold. He even showed us the way to the grocery shop thay sells halal products. After we had gotten home, he actually called to check on us if we had gotten back safely to our apartment. We would recommend this tour and Toshimi-san to others.

Nisa Ahmad (Singapore)★★★★★

Awesome walking tour in Sapporo

I booked this tour early january 2018. It was my sister’s first time in Japan and in Hokkaido. Booking was a breeze and communication was very prompt and clear - special mention to Takashi on this!!! Winter definitely shown a different sight of Sapporo and i m glad that Chieko is our guide. She was early picking us up from the hotel and we started to walk towards odori park and Nijo market. The fish market seller even let us try the famed king crabs!!! Chieko shown us the halal eatery there which was a bonus. As my sister’s shoes were not snow prepared..we stop by a nearby shopping area to buy her boots which was on sale!!! We then took the subway and made our way to white lovers park of the tour. It was truly a magical journey seeing the antiques of old hot chocolate covers and cups from all over the world to seeing how the famed white chocolate biscuit is made. The aroma was tantalising and since it is cold of course we just have to get the hot chocolate. It really felt willy wonka’s chocolate factory. Walking around the park and just soaking in the atmosphere was just awesome and the snow adds more character to this particular trip. Of course we bought the biscuits as souvenirs. Next we went to the susukino area and had a late lunch at Horyu, the ramen soup was definitely something to savour especially when its freezing outside, definitely a must try. Then we proceeded to go to Okurayama Ski Jump...the amount of snow was incredible and so close nature...the short hike up was pleasurable and taking the ski elevator was a plus point...with the background playing the theme song from the 1972 winter olympic, it feels like we r bought back in time! Magnificent sight on the observation deck. This tour had been so incredible for my sister and me. Chieko had been great giving us insights on hokkaido history and the people who help to build the city. We had so much fun and will look forward for more tours with omakase! Keep up the wonderful work guys!

Amilia Khoo(Singapore)★★★★★

Sapporo walking Tour

Chieko deserve all our praises, she went out of her way or beyond her duties to help us enjoy this tour, we would definitely recommend any tourist this tour!

Ashikin Salim(Singapore)★★★★★

Muslim 1 Day Tour

Highly recommended for those who visit Sapporo for the very first time. My guide Nori-san is friendly and patient person showing us around especially with my 4 kids on tow. He even helped to take photos throughout the tour. My kids really love the trip to the ski jump. A great experience for my family. Thank you Takeshi-san and Nori-san

Suria Syazana Azizan(Malaysia)★★★★★

Two wonderful tours

We had a wonderful tour guide, Nori. He was very accommodating and patient with us, which we really appreciate. The tours were wonderful, where we get to see a lot of things as well as indulged in good food. For our next visit to Japan, we would certainly book tours through this site again. Totally recommended!

Andy Eko Cahyono(Indonesia)★★★★

Really nice experience in Sapporo

Really nice experienced in Sapporo with friendly staff, finally we tasted the sapporo crab and roasted shellfish!

Tengku Baderul(Malaysia)★★★★★

Very good service

Very good service in Sapporo.

Patricia Prince-taggart(USA)★★★★

Best way to see Sapporo

What a great day. The description of the tour really does not capture how much we saw in the day. It’s a perfect way to get acclimated to the city. The fish market, Odori Park, Olympic Sky Jump (where we also ate Gheghis Khan-style cooking), White Lovers Park which had lovely gardens. Toured the chocolate factory. And even went to a government building (now museum). I would recommend to anyone wanting to visit Sapporo.

Harper Jennifer (Australia)★★★★★

One day Sapporo Tour

Thank you so much for joining the tour and your wonderful review! I’m glad that you enjoyed exploring Harajuku and had a great time with Yumi. I hope you will come back to Tokyo and explore hidden gems again. I’m looking forward to seeing you next time!

Donald Luigi Vista(Philippines)★★★★★

The Best City tour in Japan! And the Best Tour Guide!

On all of the country i have been to this is by far the best city tour i ever joined on, and our Norihide-san is the best tour guide i ever met! He is so nice and kind to me and my 79 year old mother and niece, the one thing i like about nori-san is he always checks up on my mother if she need to rest or go to the bathroom and what not, he is very considerate and apatient tour guide.

Erniwati Ibrahim(Singapore)★★★★★

Muslim Tour Sapporo

It had been a wonderful experience. Our guide Ms Chieko was very friendly and helpful. I was with my teenager son. He really enjoyed the Okuriyama Ski Jump Stadium visit. I also enjoyed the tomato soup based shrimp Ramen @ Fukukino , the alternative place for our lunch. Ms Chieko was very helpful to assist us in the finding the nearest way to Sapporo Mosque as we had decided to go there after our tour. Overall, we really had enjoyed the tour. Definitely, will recommend to other muslim tourists from my country.

Erniwati Ibrahim(Singapore)★★★★★

Information packed!

Chieko showed my son and I many sights in Sapporo. She was a wonderful tour guide, very helpful, patient, and understanding. She gave us history, not just tourist attractions. We had a great time with her despite doing this tour in such cold weather. There is enough in and out of the subway and attractions to keep you from being too cold. We went to Tanuki Koji shopping street, 2jou fish market, Sapporo TV tower, Odori Park, the Clock tower, Shiroi Koibito Park and chocolate factory and Mt. Okura Ski Jump stadium. The Winter Olympics were in Sapporo in 1972 (if I remember Chieko correctly!).

EVANGELINE VISTAN (Philippines)★★★★★

Sapporo, Hokkaido Tour 2020

We had a great time thank you Mr. Toshimi Kodowaki for the nice and memorable tour and for your kindness. I highly recommend this tour agency.

Veronica Estrella (Philippines)★★★★★

A Day of Warmth in Cold Sapporo

We had a wonderful time in Sapporo, with Chieko’s guidance. She was very knowledgeable about the place and could communicate well. She is very warm too- such a comfort in such a cold but truly wonderful place. Great food, great places to visit and great company- can’t ask for more!

KUO, ENHO(Canada)★★★★★

A Pleasant day in a tough time!

We had a wonderful time touring the city of Sapporo with our lovely guide Chieko! We went on this trip at the peak of Coronavirus in Japan at the end of Feb 2020, and even though it was a tough time for Japan, but our guide was so warm and accomodating. Sapporo is so different than any other city in Japan, and we highly recommend this trip! We love Hokkaido and will be back soon! All the best for Japan!


Wonderful tour!

Chieko was fantastic! I can tell that she loves Sapporo and Hokkaido. She was very knowledgeable and we saw some great sights. It was an honor to spend the day with her!


Enjoyed our day tour with Chieko!

We enjoyed our day tour with Chieko. We got to explore the city and visit major sites. Chieko was very accommodating and knowledgeable. She went above and beyond to make sure we got to see everything on the itinerary. Definitely recommend this tour!

David Thompson(USA)★★★★★

A solid tour with unique locations

I had a great time on the highlights tour with Chieko. We ended up seeing Nijo fish market, Odori park, Ramen Alley, and the Shiroi Koibito Park. Each location was unique, interesting, and something I had not stumbled onto during my 2 days in Sapporo before the tour. My favorite locations were Shiroi Koibito Park for the fun theme and Ramen Alley where I tasted a new type of Ramen.

Chieko was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable about Sapporo (not just the locations we saw on the tour). Her English was great and thanks to her management of the tour I never felt rushed even though we had time limits (The bus leaving the ski jump as an example of a time limit).

I would definitely recommend this tour as a great way to have a local show you around the area and learn about some of the places around Sapporo.

Shariffah Noor Hidayah(Singapore)★★★★★

Day tour with Akiko!

We had such a lovely time with Akiko during our day tour. She was extremely kind and accommodating (plus her English was fantastic). Her knowledge of the Sapporo area and efficiency to get around really made it easy for us to simple enjoy the tour and take in the sights!
I would highly recommed this tour and Akiko!!! :)
Also Halal ramen was a great highlight to the trip.

Ross Aziz(Singapore)★★★★★

Perfect winter holiday!

My family is very lucky to have Chieko as our local guide. We covered the popular places in Sapporo and helped us took many memorable family pics! Her time management is excellent. She ensured we get to eat halal lunch on time and catch the buses/trains promptly without wasting time. Her friendliness and warmth made us very comfortable and she shared many interesting facts abt the local culture and history. She speaks well and is willing to go all out to help us maximize our time. We made the right choice to engage a local guide as first-timers because it makes sightseeing totally stress free! Places visited includes: clock tower, tv tower, odori park, chocolate factory, ski jump olympic stadium, shopping street mall and nijo market. Thank you Chieko for everything you've done for us!

Carl Blanco(USA)★★★★★

Day Tour In Snowy Sapporo

Chieko was an excellent guide showing the highlights of Sapporo under snowfall. Transportation around was taken care of and she was able to answer any questions that came to mind. If you are visiting Sapporo any time of the year, I highly recommend taking this tour.

Anthony De Luna(Philippines)★★★★★

Best Sapporo walk and commute tour from a real local!

We couldn't have gotten a better Sapporo guide, and trip designer - Ms.Chieko!!!

Our family immediately felt comfortable upon meeting Chieko, as if she was a long-time Sapporo family friend giving us her city's winter tour. She has a good command of the English language to conduct the tour with all her local and historical knowledge of Sapporo and Hokkaido, but still has the Japanese accent when she talks so that makes it all the more authentic.

From our hotel, we went on a walking tour to see Former Hokkaido Government Office (it's remodeling), the Sapporo Clock Tower and Odori Park. From there, we took the subway and bus, and went to Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium used during the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics. After all that snow we were ready for something hot for our tummies, so Chieko took us to Ganso Ramen alley in Susukino, where we had sumptuous bowls at a place visited by Anthony Bourdain.

Warm and refreshed, we walked along the TanukiKoji Shopping Street and oogled fresh seafood at Nijo Fish Market. Finally, we ended the day at Shiroi Koibito Park or Chocolate Factory.

We're a well-travelled family and have taken tours in many parts of the world, and can say the Chieko is one of the best. She knows Sapporo like the back of her hand to give you local feel and vibe while doing the walking and commuting by bus and subway.

We highly recommend this tour and Chieko!

Tammy Kelly(Australia)★★★★★

Splendid Sapporo with Expert Guide

We have the absolute highest praise and gratitude for our Sapporo guide, Chieko, who proudly showed us many splendid highlights of Sapporo and patiently answered all of our many questions (as new arrivals to Japan). Our favourite parts were Olympic Ski Jump (amazing), chocolate factory (yummy), fish markets (wow, to see the seafood!), and learning how to catch public transport successfully. Thanks. Our major delight was our delicious lunch curries and ramen at Fukunoki restaurant- we all highly recommend!
We are Hugely Thankful to Chieko for her friendly, accommodating hospitality.

LEANNE UNSWORTH(Australia)★★★★★

Great One Day Highlights Tour with Akiko

Thank you so much to Akiko for the wonderful tour! Akiko is a very friendly and helpful guide.
Akiko met me at my hotel and we first went to the Sapporo Clock Tower. After that we went to Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium and went to the top of the mountain which has a great view of Sapporo. Next we had lunch at a Ramen restaurant in Susukino district. Lastly, we went to Shiroikoibito Park (White Lovers Park) chocolate factory.
I had a great time seeing Sapporo and I highly recommend this tour!


Ensure Sapporo not Shin Sapporo to avoid extra travel time.

Our tour guide had good English and was very helpful. Unfortunately our accommodation was in Shin Sappora not Sapporo. This meant extra travel time, therefore less time at places of interest.

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