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One Day Osaka Highlights Tour

Have a great day exploring the “nation's kitchen” Osaka!


Osaka, which has a 1,500-year history as the "water capital," was the center of Japan between the 16th and 19th centuries, and also the home of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the father of modern Japan. You’ll get to visit his castle, Osaka Castle, and learn why even today Osaka holds great appeal and is still known domestically as the nation’s kitchen. While Tokyo may be the biggest city in Japan now, Osaka has always flourished as a center of the Japanese economy. Today’s visitors to Japan, in addition to exploring Tokyo and Kyoto, should not pass up the opportunity to explore the bustling metropolis of Osaka! With a guide who knows Osaka and caters to our Muslim & Vegetarian visitors, you are sure to have a very pleasant day exploring this great city!

① Pick up at your hotel (9:30)
This tour starts at your hotel accommodation then immediately heads to Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle.jpg② Osaka Castle (10:15-11:25)
Osaka Castle was the base of Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s unification in 1583, and he is the one who started construction of the castle on the site of the Ishiyama Honganji. The castle fell in 1615 during the great Summer Battle of Osaka, but was reused by the Tokugawa Shogunate until the castle tower burned down in a lightning strike. The current castle tower, rebuilt in 1931, is the third generation. The castle interior is now a historical museum, housing valuable materials and diorama. On the outside, you can enjoy Osaka Castle from various angles and appreciate its magnificent stone walls, architectural features, the vast moat, and many other points of interest around the castle.

Kuromon Market.jpg③ Kuromon Market (11:55-12:45)
Next you’ll stroll around Osaka’s “kitchen”, Kuromon Market. The fresh food market has a history of over 100 years, with about 180 stores selling fish, fruit, traditional sweets and more. Amongst the hustle of the market are many stalls selling street food such as yakitori or takoyaki, ready to be consumed on the spot.

Dotonbori.jpg④ Dotonbori (13:00-13:15)
After Kuromon market you’ll move to Dotonbori, famous for its gaudy neon lights, extravagant signage, and an enormous variety of restaurants and bars. After stopping at Osaka’s most famous photo spot, you will be taken further downtown to Osaka’s Shinsaibashi shopping street, which runs from Dotonbori. We’ll have time for a bit of shopping here.

⑤ Lunch (13:15-14:45)
We will stop at a restaurant suitable for your dietary requirements, e.g. halal or vegan.

Osaka Museum of Housing _ Living.jpg⑥ Osaka Museum of Housing and Living (15:05-15:55)
After lunch you’ll move on to Umeda by subway. The last spot to visit is the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. It is the first of its kind in Japan, showcasing the history and culture of housing in Japan. The museum has a variety of exhibits starting from the latter half of the Edo period through to post-war Japan (1800–1950), with dioramas and models reproducing classic street ambiance from long ago. Inside, you can enjoy morning, day and nighttime atmosphere through different forms of illumination, giving the feeling you have travelled back in time. You can also try wearing a kimono for a very affordable price.

⑦ Return to hotel (16:30)


・History and samurai culture at Osaka Castle
・Fresh fish and shellfish for viewing and tasting at Kuromon Market
・Osaka commemorative photo at "Dotonbori"
・Osaka shopping in the vibrant "Shinsaibashi" area
・Leran and feel the local life of Japan at Osaka Museum of Housing and Living


・We customize tour plans to best fit our customer's desires.
・During the tour, we will travel on public transport.
・We also welcome non-Muslim & vegetarian tourists.
・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of ¥6,000 per group, per hour, payable in cash.
・During the peak travel seasons of March, April, and October, please be aware that there will be an additional charge of ¥2,000 per person for the tour.

  Price From ¥18,000〜 / person

¥38,000 for 1 adult
¥19,000 for 2 adults
¥18,000 for 3 adults or more
¥10,000 for children (age 5-12)
Free of charge for children (under 4)

  Duration 7 hours
  Hours of availability



· Professional guide (English)
· Hotel pick up & drop off
· Transportation fee
· Entrance fee
· Tax


· Food & drinks

  Participants 1-8 people

Reviews (59)

Farah Ariff(Singapore)★★★★★

Osaka Tour

The tour guide (Yoko) was very hospitable and knowledgeable in conducting the tour for my parents. They enjoyed the time spent thoroughly and covered many places in the itinerary like Osaka Castle and Shisaibashi Market to name some. Thank you giving us a wonderful experience!

Muhammad Hanif(Brunei Darussalam)★★★★★

A Taste of Osaka

We decided to go on one-day Muslim guided tours in all three cities (Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo) as it is our first time visiting in Japan, and we wanted to get a feel before venturing out for ourselves.

We were greeted by Michiko-san at the apartment we were staying for the visit. She briefed us on the whole day itinerary and also gave us options on where we want to spend more time on.

First stop was Osaka Castle. The castle has a rich history and beautiful decorated constructions (Guard post at entry gates, stone walls along river, the golden tinted castle itself) to back it up. We passed the chance to look inside the castle after seeing the long que, but the view from the surrounding was already astonishing.

Kuromon Market (quite similar to Nishiki Market in Kyoto), had variety of commodities both for locals and toursits. No shortage of sweets to bring home as souvenir or snacks!

Next was Dotonbori. The number of crowd was unbelievable. The area was colourfully lit with tourists, advertisement boards, commercial on big screens, live cooking and delicious looking food! (My wife and I fully explored Dotonbori again the same night!)

After all the walking, we ate late lunch at Ali's Kitchen, a halal certified Pakistani & Arabic restaurant.

The final destination was Umeda Sky Building. The view was absolutely amazing! Definitely get ready to take out your camera for some awesome Panorama pictures. But hold on tight to your belongings, because the wind is pretty strong up there.

The tour guide, Michiko-san was very informative and flexible in adjusting the tour. She was also very friendly and fluent in her english. A delightful experience overall!

Thank you Michiko-san and Omakase!

Faris Anaqi(Malaysia)★★★★★

Half Day Walking Tour of Osaka

We went for a customised half day tour of Osaka for our conference participants and secretariat. It was quite a last minute request but Mr Takeshi was very helpful and patient in helping us to plan this tour. He was very professional and made sure everything went well.

Our tour guide Mr Mamoru was excellent. He guided us through the various sights in Namba such has Dotonbori, Kuromon Market, Nippombashi Den Den Town and Shinseikai.

It was a delightful experience and we will contact Omakase again for tours in Japan.

Thank you Omakase!

Shane Little(USA)★★★★★

Great Day in Osaka

We had a wonderful day with Mr. Mamoru. When we met Mr. Mamoru in the lobby of the Gran Via at Osaka Station we found out that he had lived in Atlanta where my husband and I are from. My Mom, high school friend Sam and his wife Louise were also with us for a full day of walking ( 20,000 steps ). We started out at the castle and then walked and subwayed to the main market. We then went for lunch just outside of the main food market and had Yoshoku (Japanese omelette ) pre-pared with bacon, shrimp and squid paired with beer and sake. We then walked though the main shopping street that crosses the river towards the centre. The housing museum is closed on Tuesday so we finished the day in Osaka Station at a sake bar. We would definitely recommend Mr. Mamoru for a full day of walking, touring and eating.

Samantha C(Australia)★★★★★

One day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Osaka

From the minute our guide, Akiyuki arrived to greet us, to the end of our tour, could not fault the information, expertise and help given to us during the tour. Very informative and happy to answer any of our questions even if not related to the sites we were visiting i.e. asked about some good shopping areas near our hotel which Akiyuki happily obliged with shops and showed us where they were that we could visit after the tour. Also Akiyuki asked what we wanted for lunch and we decided to leave up to Akiyuki for their suggestion and they didn’t disappoint. The Okonomiyaki was fantastic.

Abla Hijazi(JORDAN)★★★★★

Muslim friendly tour in Osaka

Thank you Mr. Mamoru Hosoe.
It was very enjoyable tour, going to those wonderful places in osaka, like Osaka castle, with all inside hystoric details , and the breathtaking view from above, then kumoron market,where I enjoyed the sweets and fruit & cup of delicious juice.
Then dotonbori, a very lively street I had the best photoes at every step of the road.
The nice lunch at Ali's kitchen was perfect, last but not least the Osaka museum of housing and living where I enjoyed the amazing Kimono wearing it was a dream come true, I enjoyed the show areas that represents old japan homes, like kitchen,tea places gardens,little children games.
It was amazing with the company of Mamoru san ,very knowledgable in history, explaining about every place we 've been through in English, it will be unforgettable tour.


Osaka - Mamoru

We went to Osaka castle, Kuromon mkt & Dotonburi. We experienced taking the train T Shinsaibashi..Enjoyed seafood lunch at Kuromon mkt & shopping at Dotonburi..


Lovely day in Osaka

Besides shopping areas, visits to Osaka Castle and Housing & Living Museum were excellent. And our guide Yoko had all the relevant information about the places.

Fazillah (Group of 9 pax)(Singapore )★★★★★

Osaka - Hiroshima - Kyoto

During our (9 of us) holiday in Osaka – Hiroshima – Kyoto, all our tour guides, Azusan-san, Yayoi Niwa, Michiko Komatsubara and Mamoru Hosoe were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and patience.

We enjoyed visiting those main tourist attractions, shopping districts and market places in Kyoto and Osaka.

We loved the seafood at Kuromon Market and enjoyed Halal lunch.

Thank you giving us a wonderful experience!

Ahmed Mostafa(Oman)★★★★★

Msulim Friendly Osaka Tour

The tour in Osaka was rather interesting because we visited various types of destinations such as historical (Osaka castle) leisure (river cruise), cultural (temple) and shopping (market). To be honest it was more interesting than Kyoto which I went the following day with a group tour. It was mere culture though Kyoto has fascinating temples such as the Golden Temple. As a whole the Osaka tour was nice. The only point was that more time should be dedicated for the river cruise . The English speaking guide Mamoru-san was cooperative and provided useful information about Osaka castle, the Shogus and the Samurai. We also enjoyed a Halal meal in the market area. Arigatu gosimas

Breanna Denniss(Australia)★★★★★


Mamoru was amazing! So full of knowledge and extremely friendly. We did this tour with an 8 year old and 2 year old and it was perfect! Highly recommend this for families!


One of the best parts of Japan

One of the best parts of our Osaka Tour. Your tour guide Ms. Yoko is one-of-a-kind, definitely an asset to your company, always ready to extend help, very patient and super helpful. Her personality is perfect for her job and our experience with her is something that we will always treasure. I’ll definitely book again next time we go to Japan or any place in the future. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.


Great Experience in Osaka

It was a great experience. We really enjoyed walking around and we enjoyed the local food and market. It was an all day walking but it was all worth it, we enjoy walking around and get to experience and appreciate the places rather than riding a bus and just see them. I hope that more tours would be like this.

Fernandez Theodore(Philippines)★★★★★

This was a great tour for our group! Yoko was very kind and understanding. She was also very knowledgeable, we learned a lot about Osaka and we got to see some of the famous spots in the city. Also, the day of our tour was our last day in Japan, Yoko helped us find our train to Kansai airport when the tour finished. She didn't have to but it's this extra customer service that we really appreciated so much. We highly recommend this tour and we promise you will not regret it. We also hope you get Yoko as your tour guide.


Very good walking tour of Osaka City and our guide Akie made the tour more enjoyable and a learning experience. Thank you!

Pua Jia Yi(Malaysia)★★★★★

Our guide was Ms Sachiyo. It was a very enjoyable experience to walk around osaka with a tour guide to explain the history and other things as well for us. Highly recommended tour.

Chan Clemente(Philippines)★★★★★

We enjoyed the activity as our guide (Sachiyo) was very pleasant, helpful and considerate.

Hugo Justina(Philippines)★★★★★

One of the best parts of our Osaka Tour. Your tour guide Ms. Yoko is one-of-a-kind, definitely an asset to your company, always ready to extend help, very patient and super helpful. Her personality is perfect for her job and our experience with her is something that we will always treasure. I’ll definitely book again next time we go to Japan or any place in the future. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.


Very nice place ....... and friendly tour guide .......

Aquino Ma Veronica(Phillipines)★★★★★

Had a great time. pick up was on time. will definitely book this company again!

Tabarejo Kazzandra(Phillipines)★★★★★

I would like to express our appreciation to Ms. Sachiyo, our tour guide. We went as a group of 8, one is infant and one with disability. She has provided all our needs including the wheelchair. She has lead us to paths where we can use elevators so our Mom will not get tired easily. She also took care of our baby so we can take nice photos in the Museum. She went beyond the mile, and did not just serve us as our tour guide. We have greater respect to Japanese because of her, not only are they advance in technology but are very humble and kind too. We would like to thank also their whole team, they respond quickly to our email, especially when we modified our accommodation. And lastly, they gave us chocolates for each on that day because its Valentine's day, how thoughtful. Thank you and surely we will come back again to Japan because of this nice experience. Arigato gusaimas! Nihon ga daisukidesu!


Awesome time!

Awesome time! Kommy is Very knowledgeable. Very likely to book this at other locations! Sorry my photos are too large to upload :( but they are great!


Interesting walking tour of Osaka

Akari was very welcoming & knowledgeable about Osaka. She showed as parts of the city that we otherwise would have missed.

Graydon Cooke(Australia)★★★★★

Ayako was fantastic

Our tour guide Ayako was fantastic we walked, train, metro and sub around Osaka seeing hidden gems!

Laarni Jayne Lim(Philippines)★★★★★

Ayako is very kind and patient

Ayako is very kind and patient to us especially with our 5 year old kid. We highly recommend her to our friends and family who will go to Japan. We enjoyed our trip so much because we have a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide. She gave us more than enough time to appreciate each place. We look forward to coming back and seeing Japan again. It was an amazing experience. Thank you Ayako!

Wan Aznida (Malaysia)★★★★★

Akari was wonderful!

Our tour guides name is akari and she was wonderful! she was very helpful and great with kids. speaks fluent English. my son had a lot of questions during our trip to the castle and museum and she patiently explained to my son. we had a great time together and I strongly recommend this private tour for families with young children.

Adrienne Chin(Malaysia)★★★★★

Wonderful time in Osaka with Ayako-san!

We had a wonderful time during this tour with Ayako-san! She was extremely knowledgeable about the places we went to and gave us a lot of facts and trivia abt each place. She took a lot of effort to make me comfortable during the tour (I had injured my knee the day before - Ayako-san made sure I found places to sit awhile and avoided stairs; she even helped me find a knee brace and a good pain reliever gel at a pharmacy).

JOHN ORR HARRISON(Australia)★★★★★

Best day ever

Naoko was amazing!!! she was a very beautiful and bright person who showed us around the wonderful Osaka!
Today was one of our favourite days in Japan, and that is all thanks to Naoko!
Thank you

Malou Ortega(Philippines)★★★★★

Guide was very professional

Family member I booked this tour for said they had fun. Guide was also very professional and arrived earlier than the scheduled time. He also communicated with us a few days before hand, Overall experience was great from booking to the actual tour.


Exploring Osaka with Sachi

This was our second tour with Sachi, she is such a wonderful tour guide. Sachi adjusted the schedule so we could see more of Osaka! Sachi also takes fantastic photos along the way and shares these with us after the tour so we have some lovely memories to look.

Kenneth Yeo(Singapore)★★★★

Sachi is such a good guide

Sachi is such a good guide, bringing us to the significant places: Osaka Castle, Kuromon Ichiba Market (where we had lunch together), Dotonbori, Shinsaibashisuji and Museum of Housing & Living. She even accommodated our request to visit a shopping mall. I learnt much about Osaka from her! And thanks for the many, many photos to capture the memories. A totally satisfying experience. (Also to mention, the itinerary is not suitable for those having difficulty with long walks)

Henry Melton(USA)★★★★★

Fantastic tour guide

Fantastic tour guide. We were able to see everything planned, plus more. Our guide picked out a wonderful authentic meal for lunch. This tour is a must do especially, if you want to see a lot in a short window. Thanks again for everything!

Angela Zurbito(Philippines)★★★★★

Our tour very personalized without compromising on anything

We had an awesome day with Yoshi-san as our guide. as soon as I've finalized my booking for this tour, he already reached out to me. on the day of the tour, he arrived early and we started off early as well. He gave a lot of info about Osaka and other cities in Kansai region. I loved how he made our tour very personalized without compromising on anything.

Sharlene Mae Ongoco(Philippines)★★★★★

Highly recommended for first time visitors

This day tour is highly recommended for first time visitors. It highlights the most famous tourist spots in Osaka and it will also give you a first hand exposure of their railway system. We also got to try their delicious Okonomiyaki during lunch. The whole tour took about 7 hours. Our tour guide Ayako was punctual, kind, considerate, and very helpful. She also took wonderful photos of us all throughout the tour.

Gloriana Cumming(Costa Rica)★★★★★

Thank you Sachiko!

A tour that is very worthwhile, especially to get to know the impressive Osaka Castle and its history. Our guide Sachiko Mori took care of every detail to offer us the best experience. Thank you Sachiko.

AMANDA TEO(Australia)★★★★★

Wonderful experience

Our tour guide Akari was lovely and friendly. She was very knowledgeable as we walked around Osaka castle and to Kuromon markets. I would highly recommend her tours.

VARUN GARG(India)★★★★★

It was a wonderful tour!

It was a wonderful tour. Well planned and managed. Sachi is a wonderful person and we loved her company. We had an amazing lunch and so much fun during our day with Sachi.

Khor Shuh Ning(Brunei)★★★★★

Thanks to our friendly tour guide!

This was our first time in Osaka and even though it was only a day trip, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We had the opportunity to try horse meat sashimi at an izakaya. Before dismiss our tour guide show us around where & how to take the ride to other destinations. Thanks to our friendly tour guide Arimirei.

Karna Shinde(India)★★★★★

Very good experience

Very good experience. be ready to walk a lot. guide Sachiko Mori was extremely warm and friendly and went out of her way to help my vegetarian mother. had the best ramen I have ever eaten today.

Carl Doi(USA)★★★★★

We had a fantastic time!

We had a fantastic time on our tour and got to see so many things we wouldn't have without Ayako and Miyo (our guides). I would highly recommend doing this tour as we were able to experience the historical side of Osaka as well as the delicious street food.

Rasha Fathi(UAE)★★★★★

Amazing day with Ayako!

It was so amazing day with Ayako she is friendly and helpful and she got to show me around Osaka highly recommended

Kristian Litonjua Soliman(USA)★★★★★

Miyo is the best guide!

Miyo is the best of the best of the best of the best of tour guides, she made our day so relaxing and fun and adventurous.

MOHAN ALAGAPPAR(Malaysia)★★★★★

Ayako san was very helpful!

Ayako san was very helpful, kind n caring.
We has a great time. one of the best tour guide we have had in 30 years.
Well done to ayako san.

Lanie Rae Seeto(Philippines)★★★★★

Osaka tour was amazing!

Osaka tour was amazing, we had a great time learning the history, strolling around the dotonburi street, the food was delicious and the amazing architecture of umeda building. our guide etsuko is nice and very informative.

Andrew Price(New Zealand)★★★★★

Had a really fun day!

Had a really fun day with this tour our guide was excellent and very helpful in showing us around

Ritu Mehra(India)★★★★★

We are really grateful to our guide Mie!

We are really grateful to our guide Mie.
She made us feel so comfortable and gave us such valuable tips for this first trip to Japan. Was extremely considerate about our wellbeing keeping in mind our age.Lovely companion in our first ever trip.


The best of Osaka and Kyoto!

We did two tours with a lovely guide Sach.
One in Osaka and another in Kyoto we had a great time and certainly saw some of the best highlights in both cities.
You can relax and take in the best highlights and not worry about using transport and navigating your way around.
She was very knowledgeable and I would definately recommend doing a tour with her.

AMANDA JANE BOYKO(Australia)★★★★★

Walking tour

Throughly enjoyed our walking tour! Our guide Aki was knowledgeable,professional,considerate, flexible and good company! I would very highly recommend !

Nabil Elhady(USA)★★★★★

Miyo and our day in Osaka will be always remembered.

Miyo is wonderful. Miyo is Awesome. Miyo and our day in Osaka will be always remembered. We love you Miyo. You have open invitation to see you in America or in Cairo.

DEPIERREUX Alain Paul (Luxembourg)★★★★★

Our friendly guide made us appreciate Osaka.

A very beautiful city to visit with a guide: a magnificent medieval castle that is pleasant to discover and a huge, very lively shopping center.

Sean Ford(USA)★★★★★

Wonderful way to experience Osaka!

What a wonderful way to experience Osaka on our first day. Our guide Miyo was exceptional. She picked us up early as we had requested (jet lag). Miyo spoke great English and was knowledgeable and super friendly. She made sure we were comfortable, happy and always asked what we wanted and needed. We didn’t have to stand in long lines because she has a tour guide pass which was excellent. Miyo catered to our family (especially our boys) which was paramount to our experience. We did not feel rushed or pressured at any point. we saw the beautiful spots to see in Osaka and we have photos by Miyo to remember. Miyo was honest and kind, and very considerate. We highly recommend this private tour and give it 5-stars all the way!

ROSINA WATKINS(Australia)★★★★★

Visit to Osaka and Kyoto May 2024 With Sachy Guide

After our Japan cruise we decided to go to Osaka and Kyoto. We were escorted by Sachiyo Oguchi as our guide, interpretor and advisor. She was amazing as she was able to negotiate lifts to avoid stairs for our tired legs etc. We saved am immense amount of time by having Sachy take us on the various trains which would have taken a lot of time and stress for me to do so otherwise. I can say thank you, Sachy, for your excellent guidance and understanding of my wife's requirements. You are highly recommended by me as the days touring Osaka and Kyoto were stress free owing to having your guidance. Sachy also took many photos of us at various locations and that was a nice and unexpected touch. A great experience of Osaka and Kyoto.

Cherrie Kham(Singapore)★★★★★

Highly recommended if you need a private tour for first time in Osaka!

We are so grateful to have Miyo as our tour guide! She is considerate, responsible, friendly and well-knowledgable. She reached out to us earlier to understand our preference, situation and concern. She is flexible also, able to adapt if we wish to change plan. Highly recommended if you need a private tour for first time in Osaka!

Jose Mari Gutierrez(Philippines)★★★★★

This was a great tour!

This was a great tour; the itinerary was just right considering the number of highlights available in Osaka. Our guide Ms Ayako was very friendly, cordial, and accommodating. Recommended!

Margarita Talisman(USA)★★★★★

It was a great experience.

It was a great experience. Ayako is a gracious and knowledgeable guide and went out of her way to accommodate all our needs and requests. Thank you, Ayako!

Mark Wiggins(USA)★★★★★

We had such an amazing day with Miyo.

We had such an amazing day with Miyo. She was thoughtful, kind, and organized everything. We never felt rushed and enjoyed all the places on the tour. She helped us order food at the market and try new things as well do some on the spot shopping. She was especially kind to our children and even stopped at a store to buy a band aid for our daughter who had a blister on her foot. Truly a memorable experience. Thank you Miyo for everything.

Avinash Bharti(Indonesia)★★★

Thank you Nao for such a wonderful tour.

Our Tour guide Nao was very friendly and she really do her best to let us understand about osaka castle and other activities. honestly, we don't like activities other than osaka castle. there are many more things are available in osaka that people can consider. Thank you Nao for such a wonderful tour.

Raied Abudawood(Saudi Arabia)★★★★★

We thoroughly enjoyed the Osaka tour.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Osaka tour. The weather was indeed perfect, and our guide Miyo made our first day in Osaka unforgettable. We were all impressed by how smoothly Miyo managed the tour. She made everything look effortless and enjoyable. Her expertise and personable approach truly enhanced our experience in Osaka. The tour itinerary was well-organized, allowing us to maximize our time and see the key sights. Miyo's deep knowledge of the city's history and culture provided valuable context that enriched our understanding and appreciation of what we witnessed. Overall, Miyo's exceptional guiding skills and dedication to ensuring we had a memorable time in Osaka made this a wonderful introduction to the city. We highly recommend this tour and Miyo's services to anyone visiting Osaka.

Sandy Yong(Singapore)★★★★★

Going on a tour with Akari felt like it was a friend who brought us around!

Going on a tour with Akari felt like it was a friend who brought us around. She is flexible with the itinerary. No sense of rush which really made us felt relaxed as we had in toll a very curious little one who has little sense of time

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