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Private Ikebana Experience at your Hotel

Try your hand at creating your own unique ikebana work with a professional female flower arranger in your room at the hotel!


In this private experience in your hotel room, first learn about ikebana, a traditional Japanese cultural art, by a female flower arranger from the Misho-Ryu school. Following that, you will have the opportunity to make your own ikebana creation.

All ikebana tools and materials are provided by the instructor. The course not only explains the key points of how to arrange flowers beautifully, but also the history of ikebana, allowing you to enjoy the challenge of creating your own unique and free ikebana work, respecting your own style.

The flower arrangement is placed in a special container with floral foam for you to take home and display in your room for the duration of your stay. In this experience, you will use the tables provided in your hotel room. The table must be at least 60 cm wide and 45 cm deep per person. A coffee table on the sofa or a desk on the wall for writing is also acceptable. If you do not have a table of the appropriate size in your room, please let us know and the instructor will bring a portable table. A maximum of two people can make their creation at the same time on the table the instructor will bring.

IMG_0476.JPG未生流中山文甫会 -Misho-ryu Nakayama bunpo-kai-
Misho-ryu traces back its roots to the Edo Era in 1807 in Osaka. The school was founded by Mishosai Ippo, a samurai warrior. Ikebana arrangements were originally placed in a tokonoma alcove to welcome house guests. The school offers various styles of Ikebana such as Classic style, Modern style Tossed-in style and Moribana style.

a7244f4c84dff74624f39af5065d05cfad3cc2fb.JPG<About the Instructor / Asako Tsunoda>
Asako Tsunoda is a member of the Misho-ryu Nakayama-bunpo-kai. She teaches both traditional Kakubana and Shinka (Moribana). She lives in Yokohama with her three children and Danish husband and focuses on activities that make ikebana accessible to local Japanese and foreigners. She has extensive experience teaching and demonstrating ikebana overseas, and places importance not only on beautifully arranging flowers, but also on enabling those who experience ikebana to create their own unique and enjoyable ikebana style.


・The lectures are easy to understand and enjoyable, given by an experienced instructor with 18 years' experience teaching foreigners.
・The instructor will teach you the key points of beautiful flower arrangement and you can create a unique work of art that reflects your own creativity and ingenuity.
・You can enjoy the ikebana experience in the comfort of your own hotel room, without having to prepare anything.
・You can also use the flowers as a surprise present for your loved ones.
・If you wish, we will ask you in advance what flowers you would like to arrange and what colors you would like to use, and we will prepare the flowers to suit your request to the extent possible.
・The lecture on the history of ikebana will deepen your knowledge of Japanese culture and history.


・The age range of the participants is primary schools students and above who are able to use scissors safely.
・If the hotel does not have a parking validation, if it costs extra, or if the teacher must park in a car park outside the hotel, you will be charged extra for parking

  Price ¥9,000~

1 person:¥24,000 / person
2 people:¥18,000 / person
3 people:¥12,000 / person
4 people:¥9,000 / person

  Duration 1 hour
  Hours of availability

Available between 9:00-19:00
Changing of arrangement (only for those who wish to view): 10 mins


・English language instructor
・Flower materials
・Flower arrangement rental and teaching fees
・Instructor's travel expenses
・Flower arranging equipment
・Re-arranging costs


*If the hotel does not have a parking validation, if it costs extra, or the teacher must park in a car park outside the hotel, you will be charged extra for parking.

  Participants 1-4

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