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Feel real local Japanese flavor in Adachi Market & Old Town Shibamata!

Escape from Tokyo’s commercial and touristy places and get in touch with old-time, nostalgic Tokyo!


Join us for a walking tour around Kita-Senju and Shibamata, in the northeastern area of ​​Tokyo, where the atmosphere of old-town Tokyo is still going strong!

image.jpg After meeting at Senjuohashi Station, this tour will visit Adachi Market(8:00)

329930064_754172003027707_3726291954911072522_n.jpg② Adachi Market(8:05-9:00)
Adachi Fish Market, the only specialized marine products market in Tokyo, will not be crowded with tourists, and you can enjoy fresh seafood and the atmosphere of a vibrant market. And unlike the somewhat jaded and overburdened feeling at Tsukiji, the wholesalers who work at Senju market are very friendly. Please do not hesitate to talk to them! After building up an appetite at the market, we’ll head to the on-site cafeteria and enjoy some fresh and tasty local seafood.

original-e81dc9af68800a0685777375fb071ab08dbcae57.jpg③ Shibamata station(9:25〜9:35)
Shibamata, our next destination, is a quick fifteen-minute train ride from Senjuohashi Station. Shibamata is a beautiful old-style town located on the banks of the Edogawa River in this northeastern part of Tokyo. Here you can immerse yourself in the pleasurable vibes of old Tokyo.
For Japanese people, Shibamata is also the fictional home of “Mr. Tora” from the fictional "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo” movie series. We’ll walk by Mr. Tora's bronze statue just outside Shibamata Station, then head towards Shibamata Taishakuten, a grand temple that is the local home of a famous Hindu deity.

DSC_0117.JPG④ Shibamata Taishakuten(9:40-10:40)
Amazing wood carved sculptures, covering the Lotus Sutra story, are tightly installed all around the main hall, and there is a stunning garden of ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arranging). The intricate, precise, and lively sculptures are wonderful works of art that are time immemorial.

972f4d5a3296313912c683eebc44ef7c688a9513.jpg⑤ Yamamoto-tei(10:30-11:00)
A two-story building in a combined style of Japanese and Western architecture, incorporating Western architectural elements into a tasteful shrine. The “Nagayamon” has an especially unique Western shape and style, and it is well worth seeking out. In the Japanese garden, there is the typical "Shogun Garden" design that uses a waterfall near the edge of the fence, with a dense green planting and a hill to make the waterfall look even more impressive and lush. The United States based Japanese garden specialty magazine "Sukiya Living" ranked this garden third best in Japan in its 2016 survey. This speaks to the very high reputation overseas as well.

a34003deca287200a2e4d5b8a700021bdbb02537.jpg⑥ Edogawa Riverbed(11:05〜11:20)
At the end of the tour, you climb the bank of the Edogawa that flows behind Yamamoto-tei, and from there you will see the distant Tokyo Sky Tree and the contrast of the new and old Tokyo, like a time warm linking the modern day to the 17th century style Edo style you have been walking around. Enjoy a real old town Tokyo experience that you simply cannot get a true taste of in the busier, central parts of Tokyo!

⑦ Taishakuten-Sando(11:30〜12:00)
Along the approximately 200 meters from Shibamata Station to Shibamata Taishakuten, we’ll get to explore a remarkably old-fashioned main street, with Japanese sweets shops, buckwheat noodle shops, all crammed together in a bustle like no other. There are also river fish restaurants with specialties such as eel and carp, and so much more. To say it is a lively street would not do it justice, but it is not so in the Asakusa or Shinjuku sense. Here you can enjoy the bustle at a more human scale and still feel calm.


· Strolling through Adachi Market where fresh seafood and fruits are in glorious bounty
· Get to know the people working in Adachi market
· Feel the good old Japan vibe around Shibamata Taishakuten
· Gaze at the sculptures and gardens of Shibamata Taishakuten
· Enjoy the architecturally impressive Yamamoto-tei and their Japanese garden
· Behold Tokyo Sky Tree and the Edogawa River views


・Some changes can be made to the itinerary based on your wishes.
・Yamamoto-tei is closed on the third Tuesday of the month (except when that day is a public holiday, in which cases it is closed the next non-holiday weekday) and also the third Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of December.
・During the peak travel seasons of March, April, and October, please be aware that there will be an additional charge of 2,000 yen per person for the tour.

  Price From ¥13,000 / person

¥13,000 for 2 adults or more 
¥25,000 for 1 adult
¥8,000 for c
hildren (age 6-12)

  Duration 4 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability

8:00 am-12:00 pm
Break up at Shibamata station
Operate Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


・Professional Guide (English, French, Chinese)
・Entrance fees at Yamamoto House & Shibamata Taishakuten
・Transportation fee (from Senjuohashi Station to Shibamata Station)


・Hotel pick up & drop off
・Food & drinks

  Participants 1-6 people

Meeting Point

Senjuohashi station, ticket gate

Reviews (10)


Beyond the tourist trail

This is a great tour to soak in some local flavours, but not share it with 7 million other tourists - the people at the fishmarket are very friendly and you will join Japanese visitors on their pilgrimage to Tora-san territory. Tour guide Sumiko was great too!

Jürgen (Germany)★★★★★

Die beste Tour in Tokyo

Suniko als Führerin war einfach klasse. Der Adachi Fischmarkt ist super, da die Fischhändler anders als auf dem Tsujiki Markt sehr freundlich und jederzeit zu einer Unterhaltung bereit sind.Auch hier werden große Tunfische gehandelt und zersägt.Angeschlossen ist ein Obst und Gemüsemarkt. Keine ausländischen Touristen. Mit Sumiko waren wir im Cafe für die Marktarbeiter Rühreier frühstücken. Sehr autentisch. Der Besuch im Tempel mit den Holzschnitzereien war überwältigend. Unverständlich dass er in kaum einem Reiseführer erwähnt wird,dda auch der Landschaftsgarten beeindruckend ist genauso wie das ehemalige Privathaus in japabnischem und europäischen Stil aus den 20 er Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts.Vor der Tour Foto der Führerin, Besuchsprogramm und Foto des Treffpunkts an der JR station per Mail erhalten.

Jürgen Schminke(Germany)★★★★★

Lokaler Fischmarkt in Addachi Up and Close

Das war meine interessanteste und beste Tour in Tokyo mit Sumiko als Führerin.Auf dem Adachi Ffischmarkt sind die Händler und Verkäufer sehr freundlich und jederzeit zu einem Gespräch bereit (anders als auf dem Tsukiji Fischmarkt). Auch hier werden große Tunfische zersägt .Das Frühstück mit Rühreiern im Restaurant für die Marktarbeiter war klasse. Der Besuch des Tempels mit den Holzschnitzereien herausragend. Völlig unverständlich dass er in kaum einem Reiseführer erwähnt wird. Auch der Landschaftsgarten und das ehemalige Privarthaus in japanischem und westlichem Stil aus den 20er Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts äußerst sehenswert.Sumiko war sehr nett und freundlich und hat alle meine Fragen kompetent beantwortet.


Wonderful Walking Tour in Shibamata, Tokyo

Yoshi lead us on an amazing tour to several historic and interesting places in Shibamata Tokyo. The Adachi Fish markets were an eye opener with the array of different sea creatures and especially the tuna! We then went for morning tea in a traditional cafe with great tea and toast. Lovely and warm in the cool weather. Yoshi then explained the temple nearby and how everything in nature is so important. We then visited a historic temple with beautiful carvings and interesting history - Shibamata Taishakuten and a lovely garden. We then saw the streets of Taishakuten - Sando. Then we visited Yamamoto-tei, an original house for the well off Japanese family and now in the form of a museum. Our family of 6 very much enjoyed Yoshi's tour and explanations relating to all we saw.

Wilma Nanninga(Netherlands)★★★★★

Geweldige toer

Gids mana wachtte ons op bij het treinstation dichtbij Adachi-Ku vismarkt. Genoten tussen de vers aangevoerde vis. Japanse groothandelsmarkt zonder toeristen. Super sfeervol. Mooie foto’s gemaakt. Daarna naar Shibamata tempel bezocht (boeddhistisch) en woonhuis rijke cameraonderdelen industrieel uit twintiger jaren vorige eeuw. Rivier gezien die door Tokio stroomt en zoetige rijstballen gegeten in theehuisme met gids. Gids goed geïnformeerd en voorkomend. Tour was geboekt via tripadvisor viator.

Griffith Sharon(Australia)★★★★

Great Fish Market Experience

A great walking tour covering not only the fish markets but also many varied & interesting sights including the old style Tokyo town. Our guide Tashiro Sumiko was very helpful, informative & good fun to spend the morning with. This walking tour is a great way to see many parts of the city & culture.

Peter Williamson(Australia)★★★★★

Wonderful experience

Despite a grey and cool day we had a wonderful time with the lovely Mari who took us on a walking tour of parts of Tokyo we would not otherwise have seen or enjoyed. She was punctual, charming, friendly, very knowledgeable and willing to accommodate any of our requests. If she did not know the answer to something she would go to the trouble of looking for it. She also had excellent English - a great advantage for us with very little Japanese!! Very very enjoyable!!


Really we enjoyed

Really I recommend to visit Adachi market.
There is still remain local market and you can find fresh fish, vegetable and other.
When you visit there, the worker in market they welcome you with smile.
Enjoy for your eating blue fin tuna!!
After that, we went Shibamata town, there are the Temple, Shibamata taishakuten.
Thats detail was so beautiful.

Nobu H()★★★★★

Excellent Tour to discover Tokyo

I was born and grew up in Tokyo but I had never visited both Adachi-Fish market and Shibamata. And, I felt these places are worth visiting not only for tourists from overseas but also for Japanese. I have visited TSUKIJI & TOYOSU new fish market before, but people working at Adachi market are much more friendly and I could feel local atmosphere more than other big markets. Also, Shibamata is the place almost all the Japanese people know because of super famous film "OTOKO wa TSURAIYO". But many of us have never visited there due to a little long distance from center of Tokyo. This is very important for tourists,too. Because I see no any foreigners except our tour members from Germany and much less Japanese people comparing to ASAKUSA and other popular temple & Shrine even though Sibamata temple is also historically worth visiting place. I highly recommend any tourists who are interested in local atmosphere and culture in Japan. -Special Thanks, Our guide Mana Nakano & Beautiful couple from Germany who I experienced this tour together :)


Fantastic, authentic tour!

This was one of the best experiences we had on our trip to Tokyo. We felt like we got to to experience authentic culture. Fumiko was very knowledgeable. The best part was the fish market. Highly recommend!

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