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Discover the World of Authentic Kimono with a Kimono Concierge at a Historic Kimono Store

Get to know the charm of traditional Japanese culture through kimono! See them, touch them, try one on!


This 3-hour tour takes you to a long-established kimono store in Tokyo with a guide, where you can deepen your knowledge of kimonos, experience selecting kimono fabrics, and try on a kimono with the professional guidance of a kimono expert. While renting a kimono and strolling around tourist spots in Japan has become popular, the rented kimono is often made similar to Western clothing in terms of fabric, patterns, and colors, and many of them are just imitations of real kimonos, with poor quality fabric. Finding high-quality, authentic kimonos and knowing where to find them and how to choose the right one for you can be a mystery not only for foreign tourists but also for Japanese people.

This tour lets you solve the following mysteries with the help of a kimono concierge by actually seeing and touching many kimono fabrics:

・Why do Japanese kimonos fascinate so many people?
・What is the true beauty of kimono?
・What are the characteristics of an authentic kimono?
・What are the three features of an authentic kimono?

After the explanation, you can enjoy the feeling of wearing a high quality kimono by selecting your favorite fabric and trying it on.

Kimono Concierge Profile: Meiko Matsumaru
As the representative of the Japanese cultural kimono club called "Mei," Meiko has been teaching kimono dressing, dressing for celebratory events, dressing for foreigners and international students, and dressing for local university students abroad, including for montsuki hakama (formal wear for men with family crests) for over 20 years. She also hosts events such as a "Tea Party with Foreigners in Kimono," "Dinner Party," and "Cruising in a Yukata." She is currently working on preserving and passing down kimono as a form of Japanese culture by communicating the value of kimono through her original title 'Kimono Sorting Notebook' and conducting online seminars to introduce the features, value, and history of kimono.


The schedule:
・Lecture on kimonos
・Choosing a kimono while asking questions - We will explain the kimono pattern and obi to each person individually. (10-15 minutes per person (may vary depending on the number of participants on the day))
・Get dressed into the kimono that you choose, with help adjusting and fitting it to your body shape

<The explanation by the instructor will include>
・Kimono and obi for different occasions and coordination
・Dyed kimono (post-dyed), soft/ woven kimono (pre-dyed), and Tsumugi (a type of kimono)
・Origin of kimono
・Kimono and Japanese ceremonial customs (celebrations)
・Anecdotes about kimono
・Manners (etiquette) when wearing a kimono
・We will also answer any other questions or concerns.


・Immersing yourself in the elegant world of kimono that has been passed down from ancient times
・Touching and seeing real kimonos at a kimono store
・Explanation by a kimono concierge about the types, purposes, attractions, and features of kimonos and obis
・Selecting kimono fabric and an obi based on advice from the kimono expert
・Taking photos while wearing the kimono


・The purpose of this tour is to provide knowledge about high-quality kimonos, to help people develop a greater appreciation for kimonos and to enjoy the experience, so there is no need to purchase the kimono material after trying it on. Please purchase it only if you like it.
・Payment for purchases can be made in cash or by credit card.
・The experience location is on the second floor. Please note that it is not wheelchair or stroller accessible.
・Additional postage fees (actual cost) will be incurred after purchase if you need the kimono shipped.
・Souvenir: We will provide a small souvenir as a memento when you leave.

  Price ¥22,000~

1 person:¥40,000 / person
2 or more people:¥22,000 / person

  Duration 3 hours
  Hours of availability



・Lecture by a kimono concierge
・Selecting kimono fabric based on advice from a kimono concierge
・Experience of wearing kimono fabric and trying it on
・Interpreter guide
・Hotel transfer by public transportation


・Expenses other than the experience mentioned above

  Participants 1-4

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