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Small Group Kyoto Food & Culture Dive

Dive deeper into Kyoto culture and cuisine on this night walking tour guided by a bi-lingual, truly English-fluent local.


There is so much to see and do in Kyoto, but you cannot leave the city without truly experiencing the Gion district. We meet at Gion Shijo Station at 18:30 and start our Kyoto night tour with an “edutaining” walk through the justifiably famous Gion district, located on the east side of the Kamogawa River.
Learn about the geiko (and why we don’t call them “geisha” in Kyoto), as well as the places that make this district so special. You’ll also be regaled with insight and information about how the art of evening entertainment has evolved into the hostess clubs of today. (Rest assured this tour is suitable for teenagers and higher.)


Putting the “Food” in the Kyoto Foodie Tour

After about an hour or so of anthropological adventure, you’ll be ready for some food and drink! And we know just the places. You’ll get to try a few different regionally-representative dishes and a beer — or perhaps you’d like a whiskey soda “hi-ball”, shochu, or some sake (Japanese rice wine) instead?

For the vittles, the selection varies by season but, between this stop and our second restaurant, there will be at least ten varieties, so you’re sure to find things that suit your taste. Being a Kyoto food tour, we’re also sure to include regional specialties. We let the other guys trot out the generic dishes.

The restaurants we go to are known as “tachinomi”, which can be loosely translated as “standing bar” in English. These are not, however, bars in just the drinking alcohol sense. While they do serve alcohol, it’s really more about the food, with full kitchens preparing made-to-order dishes.


Less so than the format, what tachinomi are about is small plates (think: tapas) and a convivial, Happy Hour-type atmosphere. You’ll notice some customers coming as co-workers, others with friends, and some just stopping by alone, which is quite comfortable due to the inherently social vibe.
Incidentally, the restaurants we frequent often have tables to sit at, but sometimes we stand, just like the locals. Also, just like the locals, we generally only spend around half an hour or so at a given restaurant. Time will fly during this truly local experience.

Continuing on our Kyoto Night Walking Tour

Between restaurant visits, we take a short stroll through what are both youthful and classic restaurant and entertainment districts on the west side of the Kamogawa River, including Ponto-cho, Kiyamachi, and the Kawaramachi area. The old narrow streets along Ponto-cho embrace the traditional Kyoto style, while the younger areas just a street or two away show you how eager Kyoto people are to also firmly live in the present.


Learn More About Kyoto Food History

For those looking to delve even deeper into Kyoto’s foodie background, we offer an optional 1.5-hour pre-tour deep dive into the markets of Kyoto. We’ll walk you through a local supermarket and explain the basics of a Japanese home kitchen and, in turn, the basics of Japanese food. Then, we do a detailed dissection across an abundance of Japanese delicacies as we stroll down the famous Nishiki Market’s main promenade.


・Explore the famous Gion district, where you just might see a geisha!
・Take in the majesty and grandeur of Yasaka Jinja in the less crowded evening hours.
Enjoy a full dinner and two drinks across two Kyoto style restaurants.
・Learn what's special about Kyoto food and tread where only locals tend to go.
・Our 6 guest maximum ensures a real connection with your guide.
・Local guides with native or near-native abilities both inform and entertain.


・The extension is priced at ¥6,000/person with a minimum of two persons.
・Note that we welcome solo travelers on the main tour.
The tour will conclude at Kyoto Kawaramachi Station.
We accept reservations up to 72 hours before your desired experience start time. Please understand that we cannot accommodate reservations made after this period. Additionally, please be aware that reservations about experiences taking place on the following Monday, which falls after the weekend, may also be challenging to arrange.
・During the peak travel seasons of March, April, and October, please be aware that there will be an additional charge of ¥2,000 per person for the tour.

  Price ¥16,000~

1 person:¥19,000 / person
2 or more people:¥16,000 / person

① Hotel pick up / drop off:Additional ¥6,000 per group per one way including train or bus tickets
② Private tour:Additional ¥15,000 per group

  Duration 3 hours
  Hours of availability

Start time: 18:30


・English guide
・Dinner and 2 drinks


・Hotel pick up & drop off

  Participants 1-6 people

Meeting Point

Exit 5 street level of Gion Shijo Station

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Louise Young(New Zealand)★★★★★

Interesting and enjoyable!

We had an awesome time in Kyoto with Ferdinand. Our small group enjoyed great food and drinks while listening to some good stories and exploring the local alley ways. Interesting and enjoyable!

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