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Japanese Knife Making Experience in Kyoto

Experience forging a knife in a traditional Japanese style with an expert blacksmith.


Discover the ancient craft of knife making in the heart of Kyoto. In this experience, you will have the opportunity to learn the traditional techniques for heating iron until it is scalding hot, and then shaping it with a hammer until it resembles a knife.

Your English speaking guide will pick you up from your hotel and escort you to the knife-making facility.

You can choose between three knife making workshops:

single cut.jpeg① Cutout single-edged knife (beginner level)
This is a workshop to make a single-edged knife, suitable for beginners.
The steel used will be Aogami No. 2 steel, and the base metal will be forged and welded from ultra soft iron. You will experience forging, design the knife, sharpen it with a belt grinder, and make it into a shape. If you would like to engrave your name on the knife, please let the instructor know.
Duration: 1 hour

double edged.jpeg② Double-edged knife (beginner level)
In this workshop, you will make a camping knife or other double-edged knife using Aogami No. 2 steel for the steel and ultra-soft iron for the base metal. It is possible to add a wood handle or change the steel to Damascus (please request this upfront), but an additional fee will be charged.
After experiencing the forging process and designing the knife into a shape of your choice, a belt grinder will be used to grind it into shape.
Duration: 1 hour

knife 3.jpg③ Cutting and forging knife (advanced level)
In this workshop, you can make a cutout or single-edged knife by forging and welding your own steel (Shiragami No. 2 steel) and base metal (ultra-soft iron). After experiencing the forging process and designing the knife's shape into your desired shape, the knife will be sharpened and shaped using a belt grinder.
Duration : 2 hours

The steps in this knife making experience are:

① Start with a blank sheet of steel.
② Heat the metal until it glows a burning bright orange.
③ Hammer the iron into shape.
④ Use a belt grinder to further shape the metal.
⑤ Use fire chopsticks to twist the metal into the shape of a knife.
⑥ Polish and sharpen the knife until it is a finished product! Let the teacher know if you want to engrave your name on the knife, or if you want to attach a timber handle to the knife.

International shipping charges:

Please see the image below for shipping charges.


Optional charges for special knife handle:

thumbnail_IMG_4181.jpgWe have various types of knife handles, each one unique. You can choose one from our stock at that time. The cost of materials is approximately 15,000 yen per handle. The processing fee of about 3,500 yen will be added to the price.

thumbnail_IMG_4182.jpgWe also have natural woods such as ebony pattern, cherry, zelkova, ziricote, and walnut. Prices range from 2,500 yen to 6,000 yen. Plus a processing fee of about 3,500 yen.


• Experience forging a knife in a traditional Japanese style with an expert
• Personalise your knife with your name
• Learn about the ancient art of knife making from one of Japan's renowned blacksmiths


• The knife will be shipped to your home country address after the experience.
• Wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
• Wear closed-in shoes.
• Guests must be able to behave safely in a risky environment, so do not bring small children unless you can guarantee their safety.

  Price ¥45,000〜 / person

① Cutout single-edged knife (beginner level) : ¥45,000 / person
② Double-edged knife (beginner level) : ¥45,000 / person
③ Cutting and Forging knife : ¥60,000 / person

Shipping charges: ¥2,800 - ¥6,400
Knife handle (optional): ¥2,500 - ¥15,000 + ¥3,500 processing fee

  Duration 1 - 2 hours
  Hours of availability

Time varies and will be arranged upon booking. Please contact us with your preferred time.


• English speaking guide
• Hotel pick-up and drop-off
• Public transportation costs
• All knife making materials


• Food and drink
• Shipping fee to your home country

  Participants 1-10

Meeting Point

Hotel pick-up.

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