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Takamatsu Art 6-hour Tour including the World-famous Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

Visit sacred art sites and sample local udon noodles in this one day Takamatsu art tour!


Take the Kotoden (a local train in Kagawa) to "Waraya," an udon shop that has long been loved by the locals. You can taste the reputable Sanuki udon noodles while taking in the traditional thatched farmhouse setting around you. After satisfying your tastebuds you will then continue on tour of the sacred art sites. Why did world-famous artists gather in Kagawa? To find out the reason, you will first visit Sakura Seisakusho, a furniture company recognized by Japanese American furniture designer George Nakashima, and tour his memorial hall. You can also experience sitting on a chair designed by Nakashima in the cafe on the first floor. Next, you will visit the Garden Museum of world-renowned sculptor Isamu Noguchi, located near the Aji Stone Quarry. His production partner, the late Mr Izumi, and many other collaborators and locals have lovingly preserved his studio and garden. The view of Yashima (Table Mountain) and Gokenzan (Jagged Mountain) from the atelier, which Isamu Noguchi loved, is also a must-see.

55a4dc79500ae25832ce759f309ee27e89804adc.jpg① Waraya (12:10-12:45)

Sanuki udon is a kind of udon noodle originating in Kagawa Prefecture and is one of Japan's most popular udon styles. In this 200 year old thatched roof farmhouse you can try the famous Sanuki udon for yourself. The restaurant will serve a dish known as Kama-age udon, with which thick udon noodles are served together in the bowl with the steaming cooking water (kama-yu), with a dipping sauce on the side. There are only a few restaurants in Kagawa that offer kama-age udon as their main menu item. The secret soup stock is made from Ibukijima iriko from Kagawa and kombu (kelp) from Hokkaido, and it has a wonderful aroma.

74715397fcf4efa28d72b4ac6e66e707966db936.jpg② GEORGE NAKASHIMA MEMORIAL GALLERY (inside Sakura Seisakusho) (13:30-14:30)

The GEORGE NAKASHIMA MEMORIAL GALLERY was established in 2008 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Sakura Seisakusho, the only furniture manufacturer that Japanese American furniture designer George Nakashima has recognized the skills and worked with in furniture manufacturing since 1964. It was born out of a desire to let as many people as possible know about George Nakashima's way of life, his approach to manufacturing, and his artistic philosophy. You can view about 60 of George Nakashima's works, including his most famous piece, the Conoid Chair. In the café on the first floor, you can sit on Nakashima's furniture and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. George Nakashima's furniture continues to be made in only two locations in the world: his studio in New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA, and Sakura Seisakusho in Takamatsu, Kagawa.

Isamu Noguchi Museum-4.jpg③ The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum Japan (14:50-16:00)

Isamu Noguchi, one of the most famous sculptors of the 20th century, is an extremely unique artist whose activities ranged from environmental design of monuments, gardens and parks, and the interior design of furniture and lighting, to stage design.

In 1956, Noguchi first visited the town of Mure in Kagawa, the birthplace of Aji stone. For more than 20 years after establishing his studio and residence in this area in-between Mount Gokenzan and the flat-topped Mount Yashima in 1969, he traveled back and forth from New York and worked with stone artist Masatoshi Izumi, who was his production partner.

The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum is the realization of Noguchi's wish that the site become a source of inspiration for future artists, scholars, and art lovers at large. The entire exhibition, including more than 150 sculptures, as well as the storehouse he selected and relocated, the Isamu house where he lived, and the gardens, is one large earth sculpture or environmental sculpture. The environment itself is open to the public in its original atmosphere as much as possible and serves as an archive (material research space) for professional research and study. We hope that you will enjoy Noguchi's genre-defying, cosmic, cosmopolitan, and open vision of the world to your hearts' content. (Taken from the website of the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum)


Local food in a thatched farmhouse
Immerse yourself in spirit of craftsmanship and the artist's deep appreciation of nature and art in Kagawa
View beautiful scenery created by the peculiar geology of Kagawa (Yashima and Gokenzan) from the art space.
We can help you with drop-off and dinner restaurant reservations in the shopping arcade, not at the hotel if you wish.
Personalized tours with a maximum of 7 participants.


・Please let us know in advance if you have special dietary or mobility requests.
・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of 6,000 yen per group, per hour.
・During the peak travel seasons of March, April, and October, please be aware that there will be an additional charge of 2,000 yen per person for the tour.

  Price ¥16,000~

1 person:¥30,000 / person
2 people:¥18,000 / person
3 people:¥16,000 / person

  Duration 6 hours
  Hours of availability

※Tour is available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


English guide
Hotel pick up & drop off (Only near JR Takamatsu Station or Kotoden Kawaramachi Station)
・Entrance fees
Transportation costs (train, taxi, bus)
Local Tax


・Food & drinks

  Participants 1-3

Pick up: Hotels within 10 minutes walk from JR Takamatsu Station or Kotoden Kawaramachi Station (Kotoden Kataharamachi Station is also acceptable). If your hotel is further away, you can request a pick-up at extra cost or you can meet at JR Takamatsu Station.

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