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Half-Day Kokura Walking Tour including TOTO Museum

Immerse yourself in the best of Kokura's local food and flavor!


Enjoy a half-day tour with a local guide in Kokura, the central city of Fukuoka. When speaking of Fukuoka, Hakata is more famous, but did you know Kokura has Japan's only TOTO toilet museum, spots rich with samurai and traditions, and fresh local produce and regional cuisine? In this tour, a local guide will show you all of Kokura’s highlights.

bb8c141bc55de959c63fc58e692352655de21508.jpg① TOTO Museum(10:00〜11:00)
This museum commemorates the 100th anniversary of TOTO. You can enjoy learning about TOTO's founding spirit, the history of Japanese toilets, and the history of inventive toilet development. There are plenty of hands-on exhibits comparing many types of toilets - from Japanese style toilets to Western style toilets, to those designed for sumo wrestlers (yes, they have special toilets!) The museum shop has unique items made in collaboration with local companies.

ab808394899784dff04fd3e056abbb4a46d16278.jpg② Kokura Castle(11:20〜12:00)
Kokura Castle is a symbol of Kokura built from the end of the 16th century to the early 17th century. The castle tower is called a "kara-zukuri castle tower" because the 5th floor is larger than the 4th floor, quite a rare design. In addition, the stone walls of the castle are made of uncut natural stones stacked upon each other. You can experience its unique and exciting atmosphere. You can experience its unique architecture, especially beautiful in autumn and spring seasons, as well as impressive views of Kokura city from the top floor.

72a2f97363c9d5a4ddb56ccc95b0803cf740a2d2.jpg③ Kokura Castle Garden(12:05〜12:25)
This pond style garden sits on the site of the old mansion of Ogasawara, on the east side of Kokura Castle. In the House of Manner and Etiquette, enjoy matcha (sencha) and seasonal sweets served in the tatami room. In the garden, you can enjoy the scenery while walking around the "Nozoki Pond" beside the mansion.

IMG-3803.jpg④ Tanga Market(12:35〜13:20)
Tanga Market is known as "Kitakyushu's kitchen". Most of the buildings were built around 1955, and you can feel the retro atmosphere of the Showa period. There are approximately 120 shops and many sell fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, meat, and ready made side dishes. There are also shops selling local cuisine called "Jinda-ni" and whale meat. Local university students run a small restaurant called “Daigaku-Do”where you can eat the ingredients you bought at the Tanga market as a rice bowl dish. Enjoy a lunch made from delicious local ingredients you just bought.


・ Get with the flow at TOTO's toilet museum
・ View Kokura from Kokura Castle tower
・ Tour a traditional garden and keen architecture style at Kokura Castle Garden
・ Enjoy local food at the nostalgic Tanga market
・ Personalized tour with a maximum of 8 participants

  Price ¥12,000

¥12,000 each for 2 persons or more
¥24,000 for a solo tourist
¥6,000 for children(Age 6 -12)
Free of charge for children(Age under 5)

  Duration 4 hours
  Hours of availability

Start Time: 9:30
Ending Time: 13:30


・English guide
・Hotel pick up(Only in Kokura Kita Area)
・Entrance fees
・Monorail ticket
・Local tax


・Hotel drop off

  Participants 1〜8 people

Meeting Point

Kokura station or your hotel in Kokura city

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