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Narita Walking Tour including Local Sake Tasting

Good information for Narita Layover ! Experience Japanese traditional culture at Narita-san the best sightseeing spot which is the shortest distance from Narita airport.


Narita-san Shinsho Temple is the best sightseeing spot, where over 10 million people visit in a year.
This tour starts from Omotesando where the distance between JR Narita station or Keisei Line Narita station and the main gate of Narita-san Shinsho Temple is 800 meters. Along Omotesando, there are around 170 spots such as eel restaurants which have welcomed tourists since Edo era, wooden inns which has an atmosphere of the town in Edo era, the shops to sell hand-made Narita Special rice crackers, Teppo-zuke of Uri, Yo-kan, local sake, and the other Japanese sweets. Every spot is familiar and you can enjoy choose the souvenirs and walk to eat at ease.
And also, in the extended space of the temple, there are a 15 meters ‘main gate’ made of all Japanese zelkova which is called Keyaki in Japanese, ‘Nioh gate’ which was built in 1830 and was designated as a national important cultural property, ‘Misshakukongoh and Naraenkongoh’, which are Narita-san’s God, standing on the right side and left side of the gate, and the stateliest ‘main hall’ of the temple. All of them are must-see. Furthermore, both of a vivid ‘Three-Storied pagoda (that is a Buddhist tower)’ and a large pagoda for peace (called ‘Heiwa no Daito’) are also must-see national cultural properties which were built in Edo era. In addition, you can find a large pagoda for peace whose symbol is gold shining nine rings (called ‘Kurin’). This large pagoda for peace is filled with overwhelming force. And there is Mandara (Buddhist visual schema of the enlightened mind) which is drawn in brilliant color on the walls and ceilings in the pagoda. Especially, you must be surprised at a fascinating coloration of them, indeed. If you go down to Narita-san park at a foot of the large pagoda for peace, you can enjoy a well-kept beautiful Japanese garden and seasonal nature.
And at the end of the tour, we will try Sake tasting at Takizawa Honten Sake Brewery. The most famous brand in this brewery is “Chomeisen” (Spring of Longevity), a winner of several prestigious competitions. The water used in brewing is top-quality water that is said to heal the illnesses of the pilgrims. At the brewery, we can taste "Chomeisen" and some seasonal Sake made at here.
When you join this tour to walk around Narita-san where Japanese history and traditional culture are filled with, you are definitely able to leave Japan without any regrets.


・Walk around Omotesando, Narita-san
・Walk around Narita-san Shinsho Temple
・Walk around Narita-san park and enjoy the beauty of the park
・Introduce the guide-recommended lunch spots and souvenir shops around Narita-san.


If you would like to check your luggage at Narita airport, please refer to this link.

  Price ¥8,000(tax included)

¥8,000 for 2 adults or more
¥10,000 for 1 adult(Solo tourist)
¥4,000 for Children (Age7-12)
Free of charge for Children(Under 6)

  Duration 4 hour (approx.)
  Hours of availability

Start Time 10:00 or 14:00


・Professional Guide (Available in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, Chinese)


Food & Drinks

  Participants 2-8

Meeting Point

Keisei Narita Station, ticket gate

Reviews (2)

The Rev. Prof. G. Johnson(USA)★★★★

Narita Lay-Over

TAKESHI is terrific. Taylors tour to your specific interests. Forwards pictures of tour to you. Very punctual. Looking forward to another tour with Takeshi in the future.

Donna Setzer(USA)★★★★★

The people of Narita were very kind!

We had the best tour guide, Hideaki Murayama. He met us as the airport and helped us navigate the rail system. We walked through the town of Narita and visited the temple. The people of Narita were very kind. We felt so welcomed. Thank you!

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