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Real Life Geisha Experience in Hakone

Take a trip back in time indulging in classic Japanese culture and entertainment with Geishas!


This experience lets you attend a traditional geisha party event. You'll get to see them perform, play interactive traditional games and talk to them and ask any questions you have about geishas.

What are geishas?
Geisha provide the finest entertainment and hospitality to guests. They are also known to wear stunningly beautiful Kimonos and have impeccable hairstyles and makeup. They will be the facilitators throughout the night, making sure the party runs smoothly and the guests have a delightful time.

What is special about this experience?
Only a 5 minute walk from Hakone Yumoto station. It is very difficult to find a Geisha theatre in such a convenient location anywhere else in Japan.
• The experience is held in a very established and historical Geisha theatre.
The Geisha actually practice and perform in the theatre daily- you will be guaranteed to have a authentic, intimate experience.
Have private conversation with the Geishas! You will also have time to take pictures with them as well.

7a62c3700536f90a94c7af82af4740fb023370ee.JPGWhat you will be doing in the show
Watch the performance of traditional Japanese Dances. Get the most out of the performance with a detailed explanation about each of the dances and music.
Playing traditional games with Geisha. Get up on the stage and play games with the Geisha!
Chatting & Picture time with Geisha. Clear up any myths and rumors about Geisha you probably have from your friends by asking them questions and chatting with them!


• See real life authentic geishas
• Hear about their history and how they have evolved in modern Japan
• Play fun traditional games with the geisha
• Ask any questions you may have
• Take pictures with the geisha


• Please don't be late or you may miss out
• Kids are welcome

  Price ¥1,500 per person
  Duration 1 hour (approx.)
  Hours of availability



• Ticket to geisha experience


• Transportation to Hakone

  Participants 1-10

Arrival Point

Yumoto Kenban near Hakone Yumato Station

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