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Learn the Japanese traditional martial art of "Karate" with a female master

Refresh the mind and body in Japan with this unique martial arts experience!


Why not experience the most representative martial art of Japan, Karate?
This Karate experience features a sparring technique that originated in Okinawa during the Ryukyu Kingdom Era. The origin of karate can be attributed to several theories, but generally it is said that the Chinese martial arts in Okinawa had a great influence. Specifically, Okinawa’s traditional self-defense arts were further impacted by the hand-to-hand (the “te” of Karate) combat aspects of Japanese martial arts. Currently, it is a popular martial arts sport all over the world.

In this experience, a Karate instructor with the certified rank of fifth-stage of the Japan Karate Federation will train you. Under the guidance of blacksmith master instructor Tomoko, you will practice shaping, shoots, receiving, kicks, mitt kicks, and other aspects such as kumite (beltwork), giving you a great introduction to the basics of karate.

When you hear “Karate,” it might be a scary or painful image, because you use techniques to fight with an enemy by yourself, but there is no need to worry. Even women and small children can join this experience with confidence. Slowly, you move the muscles of the whole body, forming positions and shapes, stimulating muscles that you do not usually use. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the "beauty" and "health" of the woman. Your instructor runs many workshops, events, and more. Her success broad success and popularity are a reflection of her kind guidance and friendly, charming character. Come join and move your muscles in a way learned through this dynamic Karate, concentrating the spirit and the importance of balance from the static. This instructor and dojo has great ambition to tell many people about the experiences that will help them grow as a person. Please enjoy this martial arts experience of Japan, uniquely with a lovely lady of an instructor!


· Lecture in Karate form and practical guidance.
· Standing method, picking, receiving, and practical guidance in kicking, plus mitt kicking experience
· Practical guidance in kumite (beltwork)


・Please bring a towel to clean off with after the experience
・There is no shower facilities in the dojo
・Experience available for 2 to 6 people

Meeting place: Tokyo Metro Ginza/Hanzomon Line "Mitsukoshimae" station, A1 exit.

  Price ¥8,000(tax included)

Adult:¥ 8,000
Children (Age 6-12) : ¥ 4,000

  Duration 2 hours
  Hours of availability

10:00 - 19:00


・Karate instruction
・Use of the Karate wear set (sizes may not accommodate very large guests)


・Snacks and drinks
・Transportation expenses
・Hotel pick-up and drop-off

  Participants 2 〜 6

Meeting Point

Manabiya Hyotan
1-9-9, Nihonbashi-muromachi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo

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