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Japanese Style Ikebana (Flower Design) Lesson in Tokyo

Lesson at an old fashioned Japanese private house in Ueno's old town (Inaricho)


Learn about the history and tradition behind “ikebana”, Japanese flower arrangement. You will delve into the origins of ikebana, from it's natural roots to the intricate modern art style we often see today. You will then learn some techniques from the host, a flower arrangement expert who has studied under a tutor for many years. Then comes the funnest part, making your own creation. Ikebana utilises the nature of each season, so the flower arrangement will differ completely depending on the time of year. You'll have complete freedom to make whatever creation comes to you, while the host will give you some tips and ideas. After you're finished, drink some tea and enjoy some traditional Japanese sweets while hearing interesting stories from your host. You can even explore his "shitamachi area" old style house - be careful not to fall down the "ninja stairs"!

1. Introduction of Japanese style flower arrangement (10 min.)
Learn about the history of ikebana and how it evolved into many different styles.

2.Designing your work (50 min.)
Unleash your inner creative!

3.Tea break and house tour (20-30min.)
See how people used to live (and many still do) in this old fashioned house.


・A lesson at a private Japanese style house
・ Learn the difference between Japanese arrangement and western style.
・Make your own seasonal flower arrangement
・The house is located in the Shitamachi area of Ueno (an old town where traditionally the working class lived).
・Drink green tea and enjoy traditional sweets while hearing from the charasmatic host


・Lesson for children is available (same price)
・If more than 5 people attend, a separate venue fee of 10,000 yen will be added to the total fee.
・Cancellation policy
1 day before the lesson : 50% of the lesson fee
Cancellation on the lesson day : 100% of the lesson fee

  Price ¥7,000 per person
  Duration 1.5 hours
  Hours of availability

10:00 am 〜 17:00 pm
※ Flexible


・Introduction of Japanese style flower arrangement.
・Will prepare scissors, kenzan (needle to stub flowers), vase
・Tea break
・House tour


・Transportation costs
・Hotel pick up and drop off

  Participants 1〜10

Meeting Point

The master's house in Ueno.
*In case of lost, please call +81-90-4548-4538

Reviews (3)


Ikebana Lesson

I’ve always wanted to try Ikebana. I’m glad I could find a class! Everything you need to make a beautiful arrangement is included. There’s an overview of the history of Ikebana as well. It’s fun to take a group to see how each person uses the flowers differently! A must do if you visit Tokyo!

Akane (日本)★★★★★

Fantastic! 最高!

Highly recommended. It's fun! You should try!!!
どのツアーも面白そうで選ぶのにだいぶ迷ったあげく、アメリカ人の友人に日本の文化に触れてもらおうという理由で、生け花体験を選びました! が....参加して初めて日本人の私が体験したことのない貴重な文化に触れることになりました。とにかく最初から最後まで楽しかったです!!お花好きな人は特に、そうでない方も是非とも一度体験してみて下さい。ハマります。

Marie(New Zealand)★★★★★

Fun ikebana!

I had never done ikebana before so I didn't know what to expect, but it was surprisingly interesting! As someone who really likes nature, I enjoyed hearing about how ikebana originated as a way to connect with the forest and mountains. I learned all about how it evolved to the ikebana we know today, and then Masashi taught me how to make my own flower arrangement, using spring flowers. He allowed me the freedom to make any design that came into my head, then gave me some tips on how to make it better. Afterwards we had tea and Japanese sweets and a tour of the house, which was also really interesting!
Thank you for the nice time!

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