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One day tour of Oirase and Towada: A taste of the area's superb views and great outdoors

A full day of natural splendor on both water and land in Oirase and Towada!


Trekking in Oirase with a mountain stream and beautiful nature of the four seasons is the great power of Lake Towada. With a jet boat comes this private tour where you can enjoy the wilderness of Oirase and Towada.
Under the guidance of the local residents who guide this tour, you will experience the beautiful flows of the streams scattered about the Oirase mountain streams, and then on to Ashura stream, Kujukushima, the Kumoi waterfall, and waters of Samusawa stream, and also marvel at superb viewpoints such as Choshiotaki. These sights will be seen on foot, with some transportation by bus between the areas. This will allow you to get up close and personal with not only the flow of beautiful mountain stream, but also verdant foliage and flora, along with rocks, moss, ferns, and beech. Such beauty as this is best observed leisurely and attentively while in the midst of this wild, natural theatre. Here you will feel familiarity and intimacy with the nature around you.
After lunch at Towada Lake, you will be treated to a jet boat tour on Lake Towada as provided by Guriland Boat Adventures. You will experience the rush of speeding through nature on a high speed, high grade rubber boat adapted for tourism use from the original military design. This is the first time a boat like this has been used for tourism in Japan. On the boat, it will just be you, bears and antelope on the shore, giant fish in the water, and the giant sky above. It is here that you’ll be able to observe up close wild animals such as eagles and so much more, all in the midst of glittering, gushing water.
Also from the boat, you will see famous and mysterious sights, such as the likeness of Christ, magical creeks, and intensely glistening waters. Sights like this on a boat ride like this make for a not-stop, invigorating experience for both adults and children alike.
Please allow us to share with you the magic of Oirase and Towada both on land and from the lake, with a thrilling boat ride to heighten this all-encompassing experience even more.

<Tour flow>
① Oirase Stream
Yakeyama JR Bus Stop ⇒ Ishigedo resting place (break) → Ashura stream → Kujukushima → Kumoi Falls ⇒ Samusawa stream → Choshiotaki

② Towada
Lunch (Towada dining hall) ⇒ Guriland (jet boat experience: 15:00 to 15:50) → Transit back to bus for return to Aomori (contact us for other connections).
※ → Walk ⇒ Bus
※ JR bus for Aomori train station departure time: 16:05


・Scenic Oirase Streams and the astoundingly beautiful nature of the nearby forest.
・Majestic Lake Towada’s landscape
・Jet boat experience, with powerful runs at speeds of up to 40 knots.
・Mysterious Christ image and more as viewed from the boat.


・3 years old and younger are not able to join us for the boat tour.
In cases where the customer arrives late, the tour itinerary may need to be modified to accommodate the reduced time available.
・Tour operates from August through October.
・The tour involves a combination of walking and bus transfers
・Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
・Please ensure that your transit arrangements to the tour and after the tour ends are in place. Ask us if you need assistance.
・Lunch is scheduled to be at "Towada dining hall" close to the bus stop at Yasumiya.

  Price ¥15,120(tax included)

7-year-old to 12-year-old children: ¥ 7,560

  Duration 6.5 hours(approx)
  Hours of availability

Tour time: 9:30 to 16:00
※ From August to October


・Professional guide
・Jet boat experience


・Transportation expenses to and from the tour

  Participants 2 〜 10 people

Meeting Point

Yakeyama bus stop

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