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  ¥6,000(tax included)

Half-day Muslim-Friendly Kawaii Tour in Harajuku

Find your Harajuku with a local expert!


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  ¥13,000(tax included)

One-day Muslim Friendly Tour of Kanazawa

Explore Kanazawa like a local!

1 review


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  ¥6,500 〜 ¥10,000 (tax included)

Japanese cooking class for international visitors, a fun activity in Tokyo!

Experience the enjoyment of Japanese food culture and treat yourself to tasty Japanese dishes.


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  ¥12,000(tax included)

One day Muslim-Friendly Kyoto Tour including Nishiki Market, Gion, Kiyomizudera

Enjoy a carefree, Muslim-friendly day of Kyoto touring! See Kizomizudera, the Gion, Nishiki Market, and more!

4 review


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Ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement)experience in Kyoto

Let's learn the most popular & authentic way of Japanese flower arrangement.


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Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience with a Urasenke Master

Feel the spirit of Japanese culture by seeing the way of tea and having powdered green tea in a calm Japanese tea room.


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  ¥13,000(tax included)

One day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Sapporo

A private tour for Muslim travelers covering Hokkaido’s top city, "Sapporo".

10 review


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Kimono Wearing Experience in Kyoto, Osaka, Asakusa, Kamakura

Enjoy high-quality Kimono and Yutaka in Kyoto, Osaka, Asakusa, Kamakura with low price.


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  ¥ 13,000(tax included)

One day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Osaka

This tour introduces the best of busy, boisterous, historical, and delicious Osaka to our Muslim friends!

6 review


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  ¥10,000(tax included)

Half-Day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Kamakura

Kamakura is a popular tourist city in Japan for Muslim travelers around the world.

3 review


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  ¥10,800 (tax included)

Makeup at Muslimah Friendly salon in Tokyo

Japanese beauty professionals provide you a comfortable moment at our Muslimah friendly salon.


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  ¥7,020(tax included)

Head Massage Spa at Muslimah Friendly salon in Tokyo

Would you like to try Carbonated Head Massage Spa ?


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