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Tokyo Ramen Tasting Tour

Learn about the history and preparation of ramen while sampling six tasty dishes!


At three award-winning ramen shops you'll sample 6 completely different, MINI BOWLS of delicious ramen. These tour-exclusive mini bowls are about 1/4 to 1/3 the size of full ramen bowls. In other words, you'll be able to eat a great variety of ramen and not get too full!

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You'll even get to choose your 6 ramen (from 12 choices) .You'll also learn all about ramen throughout the tour-from its history to its preparation.We'll cover a different ramen topic at each of the shops, via colorful handouts and visuals.

both route 1 and route 2, you should meet 10 minutes prior to the tour start time.

ROUTE 1: Naka-Meguro-Ebisu-Shinjuku
Regular tour times are as follows:
Tuesday 2-5pm

Tuesday 7-10pm
Thursday 2-5pm
Thursday 7-10pm
Friday 2-5pm
Saturday 2-5pm

SHOP 1: Unique Fish Ramen / Topic: Ramen Origins, Types
SHOP 2: Savory Curry Ramen / Topic: Definition of Ramen
SHOP 3: Fusion Pork Ramen / Topic: Ramen Trends, Future

60b0040affa50a0411db6c5907fa5b22bb233de1.jpgROUTE 2: Shibuya-Shinjuku-Shinjuku
Regular tour times are as follows:
Monday 2-5pm

Monday 6-9pm
Friday 6-9pm
Saturday 6-9pm

SHOP 1: Classic Hokkaido Ramen / Topic: Hokkaido's Ramen Role
SHOP 2: Modern, Spicy Tatanmen / Topic: Tantanmen Evolution
SHOP 3: Rich Chicken Ramen / Topic: Ramen in Shinjuku

NOTE: The meeting place for route 2 is at Shibuya station (JR Hachiko exit), in front of the Green train across from the Hachiko statue.


• Taste six mini bowls of unique and delicious ramen
• Choose from 12 different flavors
• Learn about the history and trends that shaped the ramen we enjoy today
• Discover how the best ramen is prepared
• Eat at the best, most authentic restaurants rather than those aimed at tourists


This tour is not vegan / vegetarian friendly as the broth contains meat.If you want a vegan, gluten free or any custom tour please enquire.

  Price ¥12,000 〜 per person

Afternoon tours: ¥ 12,000
Evening tours: ¥ 13,000
Saturdays: ¥ 14,000

  Duration 3 hours
  Hours of availability

Set tour times (see description) or available on request


6 Mini Bowls of Ramen (can remove any meat toppings but broth is blended with meat)
• English speaking guide


• Transport fee to get there
• Extra purchases

  Participants 1-10

Meeting Point

Naka-Meguro Station, South Gate.Look for the guide in front of Aoyama Flower Market.

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