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Is this really Tokyo? : One Day Tour of Tokyo's Plentiful Nature in Hinohara Village

Visit Tokyo’s oldest folk houses by thrilling monorail!


Explore Hinohara Village, the only remaining village in Tokyo on a leisurely 7 hour tour. Take a stroll with your guide through the rich nature and popular spots in this rustic mountain village located on the western edge of Tokyo. Hinohara Village is a peaceful village located about two hours away from the heart of Tokyo. It is both rich in nature along the Akigawa River that flows through the center, and traditional arts and architecture. It’s full of cultural attractions. On this tour, you will visit Kobayashi's house, Hossawa Falls and Seoto-no-Yu Spa with your personal guide using public transit. Enjoy traditional living in the mountainous area and the four seasons in Tokyo, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

① Kobayashi Residence(11:15〜12:05) 
At 9:30 am, join the guide at Musashi Itsukaichi Station before heading to Kobayashi family residence via public bus and monorail. The monorail was originally used for forestry and has a maximum slope of 43 °, so beware if you are afraid of heights.
Built in the first half of the 18th century, it is the oldest old house in Hinohara Village, and is registered as a nationally designated important cultural property.
You can go back to the time of thatched roofs and hearths, and remember the lives of people who lived in harmony with nature in the mountains of Tokyo. The Kobayashi family's house is built on an open slope of Jinma Ridge at an altitude of 700 meters, so you can enjoy a spectacular view. After the tour, walk down the mountain for about 20 minutes and head to the bus stop.

② Hossawa Waterfall (13:15〜13:30)
Hossawa Waterfall consists of 4 levels and a height of 62 meters, making it one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan. There is a legend that a large serpent once lived in the waterfall, and it is surrounded by a very mysterious atmosphere. Brilliant light in summer, beautiful foliage in autumn, and frozen in winter, you can enjoy the waterfall’s four seasons. Please enjoy the fantastic scenery while enjoying the rich nature and clear air.

③ Hinohara Tofu Chitoseya(13:45〜13:55)
This is a traditional tofu shop at the entrance of Hossawa Falls. Handmade tofu using source water from Hinohara and high-quality soybeans from Hokkaido is exquisite, and freshly made soy milk donuts are particularly popular. After walking around the waterfall, stop by Chitoseya and wait for the next bus to arrive while eating a delicious snack.

③ Lunch Time at Kawagiri(14:15〜15:00)
This restaurant is surrounded by large open windows attached to Senon no Yu. You can enjoy lunch local ingredients such as soba while enjoying the natural scenery of Akigawa spreading out in front of you, such as summer deep greens and autumn leaves.

⑤ Senon-no-Yu(15:00〜15:25)※ Foot Bath
Senon-no-Yu is a famous hot spring facility located in Chichibu Tama Kai National Park with a beautiful view of the mountains and deep valleys. You can also shop for souvenirs selling local specialties and stroll around the surrounding mountain village. In the outdoor foot bath, you can immerse your weary feet in soothing, warm, high alkalinity water that springs from 1,500 meters underground and smooths your skin. Take some time to relax while soaking in the memories of your trip.


・ Exciting monorail experience with a 43 ° incline
・ Traditional Tokyo living in the Kobayashi family home
・ Scenery of Hinohara Village seen from the Kobayashi house
・ Embed yourself in nature at Hossawa Falls
・ Chitoseya handmade sweets
・ Relax your feet in the warm water at Senon-no-Yu
・ Personalized tour with maximum of 4 participants


・Please come to the meeting point on time(9:30 am). There aren't many buses in this area. So, if you late, we can't organize the tour without using taxis. In that case, please cover the cost with your own pocket.

  Price ¥11,000

¥11,000 for 2 persons or more
¥20,000 for solo tourist
¥6,000 for children(Age 6 -12)

  Duration 6.5 hours
  Hours of availability

Meeting Time: 9:30
Ending Time: 16:00


・English Guide
・Bus Ticket
・Green Tea
・Foot Spa
・Local Tax


・Hotel pick up & drop off

  Participants 1〜4 people

Meeting Point

Musashi Itsukaichi station

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