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Kochi Highlights Private Day Tour with local guide

Come experience the wonders of Japan’s South on a full day Kochi tour!


Located on the Pacific coast of central Kochi in Shikoku, this 7-hour tour takes in Kochi City with local guides and public transport. Kochi is a historic city that has prospered as a center of economic prosperity and culture since the 17th and again the 19th centuries, and made great contributions to the Meiji Restoration, including Ryoma Sakamoto and Mitsubishi Seika of the three largest Japanese corporate powerhouses. It is a town full of enterprising spirits, and this tradition continues today.

① Kochi Castle (10:15 to 11:15)
This tour first visits Kochi Castle after leaving the hotel. Kochi Castle, also known as "the best castle on the Nankaido (road)," is a symbol of Kochi City. Currently, there are only 12 castles from the pre-Edo period in Japan, but Kochi Castle is one of the most precious castles. The current main tower was rebuilt in August 1747. The greatest feature of Kochi Castle is that the cohesive entirely of the main building group, with the Tenshu, Goten, and Corridor Bridge, all being completely present along with the stone wall and so on. The gazebo on the top floor of the castle tower overlooks Kochi city.

② Hirome Market (11:30 to 12:30)
Next to Kochi Castle we find lunch time at Hirome Market. "Hirome Market" is a large hall with food stalls from around 40 various restaurants, plus souvenir shops and other shops. Perhaps you will enjoy some of the famous “Katsuo no Tataki,” which is seared bonito fish. It is recommended that you put salt and sliced ​​garlic on it before tasting. Do enjoy the local foods unique to Kochi.
<Boarding time of bus>
12:48 (Harimaya Bridge) → 13:07 (Makino Botanical Garden)

③ Makino Botanical Gardens (13:10 to 14:40)
After lunch, take a tour bus and visit the Makino Botanical Garden. The Makino Botanical Garden, located at the summit of Godaiyama, Kochi, was opened in 1958 to honor the achievements of Dr. Tomitaro Makino, the "father of Japanese plant taxonomy" from Kochi Prefecture. About 3,000 hectares, including wild plants related to the doctor, color the four seasons in the approximately 6 hectares of the garden, making it one of Japan's leading integrated botanical gardens where you can feel the joy of meeting plants in nature.

④ Chikurinji Temple (14:40-15:20)
After being healed by plants, we will visit the famous temple of Tosa, Chikurinji. Chikurinji Temple, adjacent to the Makino Botanical Garden, prospered greatly due to the devotion of the Tosa lord, and monk disciples gathered, becoming the center of Tosa culture as a study temple. Many works of great importance have come out of this place, and there is a “secret” Buddha that is only shown to the public once every 50 years. Further, the five-storied pagoda built in the precinct is the only one in Kochi Prefecture, and the tower contains stupas solicited from Bodh Gaya, India.

⑤ Godaisan Observation Decks (15:30-16:20)
At the end of the tour, enjoy the panoramic views of Kochi City, Urado Bay and Kochi Port from below, from the “Godaisan Observatory,” a No.1 scenic spot in Kochi City near the mountain top. The excellently located "Café Panorama" has a great location at the observation deck. As you enjoy coffee and snacks while savoring the view, it is a perfect time for a break. After enjoying the observation deck thoroughly, you’ll get on the tour bus again and the tour will finish at the hotel.
<Boarding time of bus>
16:28 (Godaisan Observatory) → 16:51 (Harimaya Bridge)


・Architectural collection at Kochi Castle, one of the few existing installations in Japan of this grandeur and scale.
・Lunch time at Hirome Market, where fresh seafood and local foods are available.
・A walk about the Makino Botanical Garden, where you can enjoy about 3,000 kinds of colorful flowers and trees.
・The five-story pagoda of beautiful Chikurinji.
・A view of Kochi city, Urado Bay and Kochi Port seen from Godaisan Observatory.


・Please join us wearing shoes that are easy to walk in because you will walk the mountain paths.
・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of 3,000 yen per group, per hour, payable in cash.

  Price ¥12,000

¥12,000 for 2 persons or more
¥20,000 for solo tourist
¥8,000 for children(Age 7 -12)
Free of charge for children(Age under 6)

  Duration 7 hours
  Hours of availability

Start Time: 10:00
Ending Time: 17:00


English Guide / Hotel pick up & drop off / One-day bus ticket / Entrance Fee / Tax


Food & drinks

  Participants 1〜8 people

Reviews (5)


Highly Recommend

I had an amazing time on this tour. I have actually been living in Kochi for a little while but taking a tour to really get to learn about the area seemed like a good idea. The guides were really friendly and spoke excellent English. They were able to answer all of my questions and could translate information that was provided in Japanese. I never felt rushed during the tour and I was able to see everything I wanted to, take pictures, eat snacks herr and therr and if I had wanted to get ice cream, and explore some on my own. They even gave us fans since the temperature was so hot. If there is a place nearby that you are interested in the guides will take you to it as well if time allows them to. When we went to the botanical gardens the guide was very knowledgable on the plant names and what they could be used for. They had a super friendly attitude so we laughed and talked the whole time making the experience that much better. As I said in the title I highly recommend. I don't think you could find nicer people to show you around.


Like being shown around by a friend! 100% worth it

Me and my two friends went on this tour with Madoka and Ryo and had an excellent time! Unlike other tours which are often really rushed, this one gave us the perfect amount of time in each location. The locations themselves were also a good diverse range of things involving Kochi culture, nature, and food.
Our tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and good at English and answered any of our questions about the places we visited and Kochi itself. They were also very flexible and showed us a cafe and souvenir market for when it started to rain. It felt more like friends showing us around than a tour!
Having a local show you around and give you insight on sightseeing spots is 100% worth it! I highly recommend this tour for sightseeing in Kochi.


An excellent tour full of interesting information!

This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! The guides knew the area well, and I was able to learn a lot about its history. The pace was very relaxed, allowing plenty of time to ask questions and take pictures. I never felt rushed through anything, which was a nice change, and there was also never really a time where I just sat around waiting, either. The guides had many interesting stories and bits of information they disseminated along the way, and I really enjoyed learning about the architecture of Kochi Castle. The Makino Botanical Garden was especially impressive, and I was able to learn of many things I'd never think to ask about. The hospitality of the guides was great and kept our spirits high, despite the inclement weather. They were very friendly and open to conversation. If you'd like to know more about Kochi, I definitely recommend this tour.

Donna Danish(USA)★★★★★

What a wonderful day!

We were welcomed in Kochi by a great group of drummers. We were so lucky to have had a Madoka as our tour guide!!! What a wonderful day! Thank you. Madoka!!



We met Madoka at the bus station where we were dropped off by our cruise ship shuttle bus. We had a fantastic walking tour with her and she is just a wealth of information about Kochi. We enjoyed the castle, market, gardens, observation deck and especially the Chikurinji Temple. Communications prior to the tour were excellent! I would highly recommend using this company if you plan to visit Kochi. This was a much more pleasant and personalized tour than you would get if booking with a cruise ship!! Request Madoka, if you can. She is an absolutely lovely person to spend your day with!!

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