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Enjoy "Digitized Kochi Castle" with a local guide

Kochi Castle Limited Time Light Up! Kochi night with digital art and local food!


Kochi Castle's symbol “Kochi Castle” becomes an interactive art museum available only 2 months of the year. This is a three-hour night tour where you can enjoy “Team Lab Kochi Castle Light Festival” and the local “Hirome Market” with local guides.
In "Team Lab Kochi Castle Hikari no Matsuri", team lab uses Kogyo Castle to create digital mapping technology, project mapping to stone walls, art on the bran of the castle's crossing corridor, and various light arts. Color the castle into an extraordinary space.After enjoying the festival, enjoy the local food recommended by the guide at the “Hirome Market”. The tour price includes a drink and a snack. Please enjoy a night in Kochi where extraordinary art space and locals mix together.

①Team Lab’s Kochi Castle Festival of Light(17:45-19:15)
Kochi Castle, the symbol of Kochi, is used as part of the art project “Digitized City” created by Team Lab, and is only available for about 2 months from November 8, 2019 to January 13, 2020. The castle grounds are covered in immersive light and video as an interactive art space. “Digitized City” is a project that uses non-material digital technology to “change the city into art as it is” without physically changing the city. This was the second time following last year where 112,174 people visited in 46 days last year.

②Hirome Market(19:30〜20:15)
After enjoying the festival of light at Kochi Castle, it is dinner time at Hirome Market. "Hirome Market" is a space like a food village where about 40 Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants and about 20 souvenir shops and souvenir vendors gather. You can pick and choose what interests you. We recommend tasting Kochi’s famous seared skipjack tuna rare and sprinkled with salt and garlic slices. Definitely don’t miss this chance to try the local food unique to Kochi.

<About Team Lab>
Team Lab is an interdisciplinary group consisting of specialists from various fields such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, etc. Through collective creation, art, science, technology, design, and nature intersect. TeamLab's Tokyo / Odaiba museum’s “TeamLab Borderless” was featured in TIME Magazine as one of the “World's Greatest Places 2019” in September 2019.


・Beautiful view of the illuminations seen from the top floor of the castle tower.
・Interactive egg shaped lights that change when people approach.
・Colorful projection mapping colors on the stone walls and trees of Kochi Castle.
・Walk around the lively night of Kochi's entertainment district.
・Dinner time at Hirome Market, where fresh seafood and local food are available.


・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of 3,000 yen per group, per hour, payable in cash.
・ Customers may be asked to leave if their behavior causes major inconvenience to other visitors, such as drunkenness, or causing harm or trouble to the installed artwork.
・ The tour may be canceled in case of bad weather.

  Price ¥6,000

Adult:¥6,000 /
Children(Age 6 -12):¥3,000

  Duration 3 hours
  Hours of availability

Start Time: 17:30
End Time: 20:30


・English Guide
・Entrance Fee
・1 drink and 1 snack


・Hotel pick up & drop off

  Participants 2 〜 6 people

Meeting Point

Kochi Castle, Otemon Gate

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