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Ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement)experience in Kyoto

Discover the spirit of flower arrangement in Japan!


We have Ikebana lesson here in addition to tea ceremony and Kimono wearing. What’s the difference between western flower arrangement and Japanese Ikebana? What kind of utensils we use for Misho-ryu Ikebana school in Japan?
The distinctive difference is the space between flowers. When Japanese Ikebana need the space to create its beauty, western flower arrangement put the flowers in the container without spaces. This difference is similar to the paintings of Japanese and western style.
As the athletes of Karate or Judo trains the same forms again and again, as the tea master practice “the way of tea” for years, we also practice 3 types of fundamental ways many times as a beginner. For example, I have learned the fundamental ways of arranging for 3 years at first, then my master allowed me to try another freeway.
In this 45-60 min Ikebana lesson, an instructor will give you the explanation about history or how to cut them at first, then you can learn the most popular & authentic way of Japanese flower arrangement.


・Introduction about the history, spirit of Ka-do (Japanese flower arrangement).
・The instructor will show you how to cut or make lines by flowers.
・Let’s try making your Ikebana!


・If you are late for the time, you might not be able to enter after the way of tea have started.
・A prayer room is available for Muslim tourists.

  Price ¥4,500

【Option】 Kimono wearing 3000yen/person
※ Please come 30 minutes before the start time of the tea ceremony.

  Duration 45〜60 min
  Hours of availability



・Introduction about history and how to arrange Ikebana


・Food & drink (If you would like, you can join tea ceremony from 11:45. Please reserve 1 day in advance)
・Transportation costs

  Participants 1〜 5 people

Meeting Point

"Tea Ceremony Koto"
37 Nishi-Goshonouchi-cho Kinugasa Kita-ku Kyoto city

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