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Traditional culture

  Starting from ¥12,000

Experience making ethical tableware at a 300-year-old foundry in Kanazawa

Immerse yourself in the traditional craft of sand casting at a rare, retro factory in Kanazawa.


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Hidden Temples Tour in Tokyo

Visit a little-known temple alley on this walking tour in Tokyo's "Little Kyoto".


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Samurai Sword Training: become a Samurai for a day

Learn how to use a real Katana in a historic swordsmanship school founded in 1693.


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  ¥45,000〜 / person

Japanese Knife Making Experience in Kyoto

Experience forging a knife in a traditional Japanese style with an expert knife maker.


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Uncover Kurashiki: Walking Tour in the Bikan Historical Quarter

A must-see place for history buffs (the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, Okayama). A deep guided tour of the real Kurashiki known via a famous family that has been in the area for 400 years. Includes a coffee break and souvenirs at Cafe Ueda.


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Yuzen World: Deep Dive into Traditional Kimono Dyeing Techniques with Expert Kimono Craftsman

Immerse yourself in the traditional Japanese Kimono making world. You will learn the Yuzen methods for Kimono making from craftspeople who worked also on the Olympic Ceremony garments and then you can make your own handkerchief using these methods.


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Kappabashi Walking Tour: Explore Tokyo's Kitchenware Capital

Uncover Kappabashi, Tokyo's Kitchenware Capital, a real treasure trove of kitchenware, plastic food samples, crockery and Japanese knives.

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  ¥120,000 / group

Nagoya Discovery Day Tour (with private car and local guide)

Uncover Nagoya's historic and cultural treasures on our private tour, chauffeured in a chartered car and guided by an expert. Experience the essence of Nagoya with us!


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Discover the World of Authentic Kimono with a Kimono Concierge at a Historic Kimono Store

Get to know the charm of traditional Japanese culture through kimono! See them, touch them, try one on!


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Private Ikebana Experience at your Hotel

Try your hand at creating your own unique ikebana work with a professional female flower arranger in your room at the hotel!


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Takamatsu Art 6-hour Tour including the World-famous Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

Visit sacred art sites and sample local udon noodles in this one day Takamatsu art tour!


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