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Stand-up Paddleboarding on the Jungle Island of Iriomote

Explore the mangroves of the Iriomote jungle on this SUP tour and see virtually untouched places one cannot reach on foot.


Iriomote Island, which is said to be the "last unexplored region of Japan," is full of stunning and unique nature. Paddle boarding (SUP) is a way to enjoy this nature while having some light exercise and plenty of fun. Stand, or sit on the board, and row your way into a hidden jungle paradise. Aim for the lucky waterfall and explore the powerful nature that makes you feel like you're lost in another world! You will surely understand why it is called the "last unexplored region"!


Itinerary: (can vary depending on weather conditions)

9: 30/13: 30: We will pick you up at Uehara Port or the hotel (Uehara area only).

9: 50/13: 50: Arrive at the SUP site! We will prepare and provide instructions on how to SUP.

10: 00/14: 00: Start paddling! Go through the mangrove forest!

10: 30/14: 30: Get off the SUP and trek to the waterfall.

10: 45/14: 45: Arrive at Coola Falls and spend about 30 minutes playing in the refreshing, cool water.

11: 15/15: 15: Return by trekking and SUP.

11: 30/15: 30: Activity ends.

12: 00/16: 00: We will send you to Uehara Port / designated pick-up destination! (Limited to Uehara area)



The wild flora of Iriomote will be at your fingertips - The experience of paddling through a mangrove forest surrounded by dense jungle will leave you feeling like an explorer
Visit a spectacular waterfall deep in the jungle
Free photo data! Memories of the trip will remain. During the tour, the guide will take pictures of you with a waterproof camera and give you the data for free!


・ Meeting / dissolution time may change depending on the season and field conditions on the day. The day before the tour, we will contact you regarding the meeting place and meeting time. If you do not hear from us by the evening of the previous day, please call or send an email.
・ The tour is held in the rain. However, if we determine that the water is not safe, we may cancel the tour.
・ Please change your clothes so that you can get wet in advance.
・ Please use the toilet in advance before participating (there is no restroom near the site).
・ Inebriated participants will not be allowed
・ If you are late, please contact us in advance.
・For SUP, the minimum age is 12 years old; if you have a child between 3 and 11 years old, please choose a canoe.

Cancellation Policy
・2 days before: 50% of the tour price
・Day before: 100% of the tour price
・On the day: 100% of the tour price
・Cancellation without notice: 100% of the tour price

  Price ¥7,900 (ages 12-65)

If you pay by credit card, an additional fee of 2.8% of the total payment will be charged.

  Duration Approximately 2-3 hours (including pick-up time) * May vary depending on the sea conditions and climate of the day.
  Hours of availability

9:30am-12:00pm or 1:30pm-4:00pm


• Experience fee
• SUP set
• Life jacket
• Insurance fee
• Special shoes, wet suit (* optional)


• Food & drinks

  Participants 1-50 people

Meeting Point

① Iriomote Island Uehara Port (553-1 Uehara, Taketomi Town, Yaeyama District, Okinawa Prefecture)

② Hotels in the Uehara area of ​​Iriomote Island
We will pick you up at the front door of the hotel. Please change your clothes so that you can get wet in advance.

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