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Hirosaki Walking Tour with a Local Guide

Enjoy Local charm in Hirosaki with local guide.


Including the Yoshino cherry tree, which is said to be Japan's oldest, about 80 species totaling 2,600 cherry trees fill Hirosaki Park. One of Japan's leading cherry blossom viewing sites, visitors are especially encouraged to celebrate the scene around the end of April. In this tour, led by a local guide, the most beautiful cherry blossoms in the park will be introduced. We will also explore other Hirosaki attractions scattered around the park.
After leaving the designated hotel lobby gathering place, the tour will start with the south side of Hirosaki Park. Once a castle town of the Tsugaru clan, Hirosaki later changed during the Meiji era.
Aside from the natural sites, we will also tour site where foreign teachers could be found long ago, and learn about their teachings. It is from here that early Christianity was promoted. Western culture can be further seen in the European building styles on display. The unique style was riding the then wave of foreign cultural enlightenment.
After exploring the mansions and other structures, we will enjoy the main event of the tour, the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park. The blossoms are scattered across various places in Hirosaki Park and visited by two million people each cherry blossom season. Your guide will take you through the trees, stopping at breathtaking vantage points.
After the cherry-blossom viewing, we will visit the merchant and samurai houses of the Edo era that remain in the northern part of the Hirosaki park. The attractions in this area are said to have been built 250 years or more ago by a wealthy merchant. We can still go in this building, known as "Ishiba's Residence," and see a merchant home and shop from days ago. The store has a high society appearance, but with a dirt floor, emoting feelings of bygone days with thick beams and columns, etc.
Towards the end of the tour, we will visit the Tsugaru Neputa village. Here, at the Hirosaki Neputa exhibition, we’ll see demonstrations and get to experience the Tsugaru people’s crafts, live music, and more, including the Tsugaru shamisen. An all-around enjoyable experience of traditional culture with the Tsugaru.
Finally, we’ll have a light snack and discuss all the things we’ve been able to enjoy during our charming day at Hirosaki.

<Tour Schedule>
① Retro town stroll
② Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Hirosaki park
③ Iwata House and Ishiba House    
④ Tsugaru Neputa Village            

※Souvenirs available for purchase at Tsugaru Neputa Village


・Local guiding to Hirosaki, including recommended photo spots
・Guided architectural tour with local commentary
・Tsugaru Neputa Village points of interest


・Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
・We accept pick up at Aomori port with additional JPY2000 per person.
・We will hold this tour during April 20 to May 8.

  Price From ¥15,000 / person

¥15,000 for 2 persons or more
¥30,000 for 1 adult
¥8,000 for children (age 5-12)
Free of charge for children (under 4)

  Duration 6 hours(approx.)
  Hours of availability

Start time: 9:00am


・Professional guide (English)
・Entrance fee
・Hotel pick up(Only in Hirosaki City)


・Food & drinks
・Transportation expenses

  Participants 1-8 people

Meeting Point

Your hotel in Hirosaki or Hirosaki station

Reviews (6)

Arlene K(USA)★★★★★

Great Tour of Hirosaki Park

My husband and I, along with two of our closest friends, were fortunate enough to go on tour of Hirosaki Park with our guide, Atushi Nagasawa. We were personally greated at the port by Atushi and was escorted through the busy train station enroute to Hirosaki Park. He made sure we saw all the major points of interest, and gave us a quick history of the castle and the other statues in the park. We were also very lucky enough to see the final blossoms of the cherry trees. What a beautiful sight to behold. Atushi suggested a few perfect spots for photo ops. He even took group pictures for us. It was obvious that he wanted to assure we enjoyed our visit to Hirosaki. We most certainly did enjoy our tour and time spent with Atushi. Our thanks to Atushi for leaving us with fond memories of Japan. David & Arlene K.


Hirosaki Park Tour

Mr. Atsushi Nagasawa met us at the arrival of the bullet train from Tokyo and quickly whisked us on our tour:
- we had a great lunch at a local hidden gem of a restaurant with good atmosphere and excellent value for money.
- we then proceeded with a tour of Hirosaki park to see the Cherry Blossoms and the castle tower.
Despite the unusual cold and rain, Atsushi-san made our tour most enjoyable, not only because of the beautiful sights but also because of thr most interesting conversations we had.
Mr. Nagasawa is well travelled himself and speaks very good english.
We are grateful for his kind and most attentive help and guidance to show us his home region / town.


Wonderful day tour with Atushi - Cruise ship excursion -

My partner were on a cruise circumnavigating Japan and unfortunately were only in Hirosaki for one day. Thanks to our great guide Atushi-sun, we made the best of the day. Atushi was very friendly, spoke English well and really took pleasure in showing us the amazing Cheery blossoms. 
Since our tour was in the Golden Week when all of Japan was on holidays there were many tourists around and the lines were long. Atushi planned the whole day really well, we arrived at the station to catch the very full train really early on both train journeys and we were really glad that we could all have seats because otherwise we would have had to stand for a good hour after walking around the whole day.
The Japanese restaurant the Atushi took us to was just delightful and the thoroughly enjoyed lunch. 
The whole day was wonderful from start the finish. Thank you very much to Atushi and Omakase. We hope to come back and have another tour. CnB

David Callister (USA)★★★★★

Our guide Atshushi was fantastic.

Our guide Atshushi was fantastic. He knew all the history and allowed for us to customize the tour. He was patient with our children and was happy the entire day.

Indira Maisnam(India)★★★★★

Ethereal and Enchanting Hirosaki

Ethereal and enchanting are the words I would use to describe our experience in Hirosaki. We were lucky to see the Sakura in full bloom on a beautiful bright day, Though we had only booked for a day trip we requested our guide Mizu to guide us through the night lighting also. She graciously agreed.
Hirosaki has more than 2600 Sakura. Mizu and I could count the 2605th tree. It was a beautiful blend of natural beauty of the Sakura, the Mt Iwaki (Tsugaru Fuji) in the background, the lovely water bodies (moats), and of history the majestic Hirosaki Castle, the imposing gates.

The view at night is never never never to be missed. The moon shone in all its beauty as if admiring the beautiful beautiful Sakura with all the sea of humans admiring them from below
We saw a lot, The oldest Sakura planted in 1882, the Sakura tunnel, the hidden heart (no longer hidden : )) among the trees, the castle, the mountains. We did a lot of things like boating (not to be missed). Admiring the park from the waters below is another amazing experience.

It was an out of the world experience to see the beautiful Sakura tree swaying in the wind, the petals falling from the trees as if in a dance, falling on the ground, on the water, on our hair, face and body. When the petals fell on me I felt as if I was lovingly kissed by nature. Gave me so much comfort.
Having spent only a day in the huge park of more than 4 hectares, it was not possible to see all the beautiful spots by oneself. And a professional guide is very much needed.

Without Mizu, our experience would have been incomplete. Thank you so much Mizu. You were so kind, so sweet and so knowledgeable! With a lot and lots more of love!

Mariebeth Knott(USA)★★★★★

Wonderful Cherry Blossom Experience

Atshushi was a wonderful and knowledgeable guide!
We learned a lot about the history of Hirosaki. We also go to see the last trees bloom with cherry blossoms and that was truly a special experience. We did a full day tour and we feel like we got a lot out of this excursion! Atshushi made this experience unforgettable and we were very lucky to have him as our guide. Thank you again Atshushi!

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