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Kawagoe Walking Tour

The best tour for the people who cannot be satisfied with only Tokyo! To feel the atmosphere of Edo in "Coedo" Kawagoe.


Kawagoe is an old town which flourished as a castle town in the Edo Still to this day you can see elaborately designed buildings, ringing bells, elegant side streets and back streets and rickshaws passing. The design of the stores and houses on the street mix the features of three different eras - Edo, Meiji, and Taisho. Kawagoe has a Japanese culture and history which we cannot see in the other cities. In addition, the access from the center of Tokyo is good (30 minutes). It was selected to host the golf competitions in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

This tour starts from Taisho Dream Street filled with the atmosphere of Taisho era after meeting at Hon-Kawagoe Station, and offers you a walk around the “Kura-zukuri” stores and houses which are a must-see in Kawagoe, and visiting the 350 year old Time Bell Tower. After that you’ll walk around Snack Street where many shops have been around since the beginning of the Meiji era. There you can buy traditional Japanese sweets. After buying your fill of sweets, the tour takes you to Hikawa Shrine, which has the tallest wooden tori (a shrine gate of 15m) in Japan, and to the amazing Kitain Temple which houses the only remaining palace buildings of the former Edo Castle.


・Walk around Taisho Romantic Dream Street
・Walk, eat, and shop around the town of Kura-ZUKURI. You can enjoy Kawagoe local beer ‘Coedo’or very delicious sweets made of Kawagoe special food, sweet potatoes.
・Walk around Snack Street
・Visit Hikawa Shrine
・Visit Kita-in


・We will customized the tour plan to best fit our customer's desires.
・Tour duration can be extended at a rate of 1,000 yen per person, per half hour, payable in cash.

A timetable of the bus from Haneda airport to Hon-Kawagoe Station is bellow,
*A timetable of the bus from Hon-Kawagoe Station to Haneda airport is bellow,
*Movies to introduce Kawagoe City:

> Chinese Subtitles: simplified characters
> Chinese Subtitles: traditional characters
> Korean Subtitles
> Thai Subtitles
> French Subtitles

  Price ¥9,500(tax included)

Adult: ¥9,500(tax included)
Children(Age7-12): ¥4,500
Children(Under 6): Free of charge
※tax included

  Duration 4 hour (approx.)
  Hours of availability

Start Time 12:00


・English Guide
・Admission Fee


・Food & Drinks
・Transportaion Fee
・Hotel pick up and drop off

  Participants 2-12

Meeting Point

Honkawagoe Station (Seibu Shinjuku Line)

Reviews (3)

グセ ジルビン(USA)★★★★★

A refreshing walking tour of Japan

Thank you very much to Omakase Tour and Takeshi-san for a wonderful time at Kawagoe! I had fun walking around and seeing the old warehouses that was well preserved. Takeshi-san introduced me to the local delicacies like the famous long sweet potato bread, traditional Japanese confectionery, delicious long sausages, COEDO craft beer, and seasonal Sakura ice cream at a local cafe. Takeshi-san was also informative with his historical and cultural knowledge of Kawagoe and Japan. I would gladly recommend Omakase Tours for what I experienced. I recommend visiting during Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season. Contact them for a private walking tour of Kawagoe and you will experience the part of Japan you won't see around Tokyo area and you will learn about the deeper cultural background of Japan.


Die Shopping Meile wahr super interessant

Es wahr ein interessanter Rundgang, Erina Wataya ist auf fragen eingegangen und hat einen sympathischen Eindruck hinterlassen, immer wieder gerne.


Very informative and interesting!

It was very informative and interesting and the guide was super nice and helpful. It’s a great tour to do if you want to do something different and learn a lot about shrines, temples and history. We enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to everyone. Super convenient from Tokyo too.

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