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Scuba diving at the Blue Cave in Okinawa

Experience scuba diving in Okinawa’s “Blue Cave”, known as such for its brilliantly blue ethereal waters.


Have you ever gazed down at the beautiful turquoise-colored waters of a tropical beach, just longing to see what lies below the water? Or have you longed to swim with the fish, exploring shipwrecks and seeing whalesharks up close?

If you're heading to Okinawa for a well-deserved tropical getaway, consider trying your hand at scuba diving. One of the most highly recommended places is the Blue Cave, or Maeda Point, off Onna Village on Mainland Okinawa. The Cave is famous for its startling blue water, copious schools of tropical fish, octopuses and turtles as well as its suitability for all levels of diver.

Diving in the Blue Cave is suitable for beginner divers and advanced divers. The cave is open on top, meaning you will always have access to the surface. You will undertake two dives on this excursion - both will be boat dives.

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During the dive, you will visit the cave as well as the deeper outer reefs nearby, together with a few crevasses lining the cliffside. You will also have the chance to visit Yamada Point, which is a mixed natural reef and artificial coral farm, where marine biologists are working to grow coral and giant clams.

The courses we offer have experiended PADI instructors who are fluent in English. All the BCDs provided are DiveRite back-inflate, wing design BCs, which have proved their high quality at the hands of many technical and cave divers. The regulators are also from DiveRite and provide you with the best breathing quality at all times. On the site, only flex hoses are used, balanced first and second stages and stainless clips for securing everything safely on your D-rings. The wetsuits are warm and comfortable 5mm long wetsuits from the Proline series of ISTSports, masks and fins are from the well-known scuba diving gear maker Tusa and the dive computers are from Scubapro.

This Blue Cave dive is suitable for all levels, but if you are after something more challenging, tell us about your experience level and what kind of dive are you looking for and we promise that we will find the most suitable dive site for you. If you have no diving certification, please inform us in advance because we need to arrange special small group sizes (max 2 people) for you!


• Swim amongst the tropical fish in Okinawa's famous "Blue Cave"
• See a sea turtle up close
• Improve your scuba diving skills with experienced, qualified English speaking instructors
• Swim freely amongst the coral and see what marine animals you can find


You can use a rental water-proof camera upon request and you can keep the memory card.
If you get seasick, please bring seasickness medication for the boat.
Bring everything you usually bring to the beach – swimsuit, water, sunscreen, a towel and so on.
Please bring your diving certification.
• Please inform us in advance if you have a large group, need pick-up and drop-off or have any other special requests.
Minimum age of participants is 12 years old.

Cancellation Policy
We accept cancellations up to 1 week before the scheduled activity. Within 1 week, cancellations are only accepted in extreme conditions.
If we have to cancel your activity, a full refund will be given.

  Price ¥14,000 / person

This price is per person, ages 12+ only. There is an extra cost for rental gear of ¥5000 (Regulator, BCD, Wetsuit, Mask, Fin, Boots, Dive Computer). If you pay by credit card, an additional fee of 2.8% of the total payment will be charged.

  Duration 5 hours (approx.)
  Hours of availability

The schedule is flexible - you can start as early as 7:30am or as late as 1:30pm.


• English speaking instructor
• Diving at two different spots (if you prefer three dives, please inform us in advance)
• Underwater camera to use
• Boat usage


• Rental gear (the full set is an extra ¥5000)
• Food and drinks
• Hotel pick-up/drop-off (please request in advance if hotel or airport pickup is needed)

  Participants 1-8 (contact us if your group is bigger)

Meeting Point

Maekaneko Fishing Port, Onna

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