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Beginner or Advanced Diving Course in Okinawa - Learn to Dive

Earn your diving license or improve your skills in these 3-day open water diving courses in Okinawa.


These days one can go scuba diving on tropical islands all around the world. In order to experience the best and most spectacular dives, you will need to earn a diving certification. This license will allow you to dive more challenging, more isolated, more incredible spots. You will become a part of the international diving community.

The diving classes run over three days and are held in small groups, with no more than 4 students per instructor. The diving gear is all well maintained and only world-renowned brands are used, well up to industry standard.

We offer two courses – the Open Water Diving Course and the Advanced Open Water Diving Course.

Which one should I do?

If you have no diving experience, take the open water diving course and you will earn your certification.
If you have some experience, take the advanced course. You will improve your skills and take on more challenging dives.


The Open Water Diving Course
This beginner course consists of two parts - the theory and the practical. We will provide the materials for the theory in advance, so you can study them before your holiday, so as not to waste time studying on holiday! Then the practical lessons will be spread out over three days (schedule flexible). Here is a morning schedule example:

1st day - 9:00-12:00 - Pool Training
2nd day - 9:30-14:00 - 2 Open Water dives in the ocean from boat
3rd day - 9:30-15:00 - 2 Open Water dives in the ocean from boat and written exam

Please tell us what time you would like to begin. Starting in the afternoon is also possible.

Generally this course is conducted at Maeda Point/Blue Cave due to its suitability for beginners and stunning ethereal blue waters. If the wind is too strong for the boats, then you will visit Gorilla Chop in Motobu, but you can also upgrade your dives to the Kerama or Minna Islands for an additional fee (please inform us in advance).


The Advanced Open Water Diving Course
Going deeper in the ocean, exploring the reef longer and being able to take sharp underwater pictures makes a good diver, an even better one. So your next step on the learning ladder, after receiving your Open Water certification, is the Padi Advanced Open Water Diver course. This course is designed to focus on the individual needs as no two divers are the same. Some might need to polish up their buoyancy and kicking skills, while others have to work on their breathing rate or knowledge of scuba diving gear.

To complete the course you will need 5 dives in total, which can be spread out over 2, or even 3 days. Here is an example schedule:

1st day - 9:30-14:00 - 2 boat dives in the ocean.
2nd day - 8:00-15:00 - 3 boat dives in the ocean.

Please tell us what time you would like to begin. Starting in the afternoon is also possible.

The first two dives will take place at Maeda Point or the Sunabe Seawall. If the wind is too strong, you will instead visit Gorilla Chop in Motobu. You can also upgrade your dives to the Kerama or Minna Islands for an additional fee.
On the second day, you will visit a deeper dive site like Cape Manza, where you can experience diving in deeper blue waters, around 30-35 meters.


• Receive your PADI diving certification which will enable you to dive all over the world
• Improve your diving skills in the advanced course and try deeper, more challenging dives
• Swim amongst the tropical fish in Okinawa's crystal clear waters
• Take lessons from a qualified, English speaking instructor


• This is open to ages 15+ only.
• Please bring everything you need for the beach - water, sunscreen, towel, swimsuit, etc.
• If you get seasick, please take seasickness medication.
• You can request to rent a GoPro camera, please tell us in advance.
• The beginner course is for anyone but the advanced course requires an open water diving certification - please bring it with you.
• You must be able to swim.
• You will need to fill out a PADI medical statement in advance confirming that you don't have any illness which may endanger you while undertaking this course. We will provide the medical statement to you when you place a booking.
• Failing to fulfill the course requirements will not grant you a refund. We don’t sell the certification cards, you have to earn it.

Cancellation Policy
We accept cancellations up to 1 week before the scheduled activity. Within 1 week, cancellations are only accepted in extreme conditions.
If we have to cancel your activity, a full refund will be given.

  Price ¥50,000 / person

Beginner course: ¥50,000
Advanced course: ¥45,000
Ages 15+ only.
This price covers everything you need including equipment. If you pay by credit card, an additional fee of 2.8% of the total payment will be charged.

  Duration 2-3 days
  Hours of availability

Flexible, please inquire.


• PADI materials
• Diving gear
• Boat usage
• Instructor


• Food and drink
• Hotel pick-up or drop-off (please contact us if you need this)

  Participants 1-4 per instructor

Meeting Point

Maekaneku Fishing Port, Onna

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