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Premium Sake Tasting & Pairing Experience in a Historical Brewery

Discover Japan's sake and fermented food culture through an exclusive tour to a former red brick brewery in the heart of Tokyo


Enjoy an exclusive private tour of the former Red Brick Brewery, a national cultural property, and learn about the history of modernizing sake production. Taste specially made new type of sake with explanation from a master brewer and relish a sake pairing dinner with a focus on healthy fermented food.

The Red Brick Brewery in Oji, Tokyo, was built in 1904 as part of the newly established National Research Institute of Brewing, a facility where cutting-edge technologies were used to support the modernization and evolution of sake production. The Institute later relocated out of Tokyo, but the symbolic Red Brick Brewery remained and acquired the status of a national cultural property in 2014. Not usually open to the public, it remains as one of Tokyo's undiscovered gems.

On this exclusive premium tour you will explore the Red Brick Brewery from inside and discover its many secrets. Among them is the Centennial Brewery Project, which aims to age sake for many decades. A qualified master brewer and kikizake expert will introduce you to the newly developed sake using local yeast from nearby Asukayama Park. After that, you will have a sake tasting workshop and learn about the different sake types and the stories behind their production. All of this will take part in the atmospheric former koji making room inside the Red Brick Brewery. Finally, you will go to a classy restaurant where special dinner based on healthy Japanese fermented food will be served paired with a variety of sake. This will be an unusual trip through the historical mecca of Japanese sake research and development in the heart of Tokyo.

The schedule:

1) 15:30 - Meet your guide at JR Oji Station and walk through the scenic Otonashi Shinsui Park, known for its splendid cherry blossoms

9a1077fc278a5ea2b0e427e071d3210372178356.jpg2) 15:45 - Arrive at the Red Brick Brewery and begin the guided tour of the building

54a4a5bda839f69e89506a6c37ce0b5ce4b0d6ce.jpg3) 15:50 - A historical overview of the Red Brick Brewery and its significance for Japan's sake production

d5f22a965b8a96806431899a0c662e649723d2e9.jpg4) 15:55 - Take a guided tour around the brewery, the cellar and admire the unique architecture of the building

4a2f2e623031a7db9a94350894b088f54bd5e0c6.jpg5) 16:15 - Taste the newly created sake with local yeast and enjoy a special sake tasting workshop with an expert


6) 17:05 - Enjoy a sake pairing dinner with a focus on fermented food and local ingredients

7) 19:05 - End of tour at JR Oji Station

<Available dates for the tour in 2024>
January: 21st, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 30th, 31st
February: 1st


Enter the former red brick factory of the National Research Institute of Brewing for an exclusive guided tour
Learn in details about the cutting-edge technologies from the early 20th century for modernizing the production of sake in Japan
Taste specially made new sake with local yeast from Asukayama Park
A master brewer and sake experts will offer a sake tasting experience inside the former koji making room
Enjoy a creative dinner based on healthy fermented food together with sake pairing in a classy restaurant


• The tour is not wheelchair accessible (there are stairs inside the Red Brick Brewery)
• All participants must be over 20 years
• It might not be possible to change the dinner course due to allergies or food restrictions

  Price ¥25,000

• This tour is for participants aged 20+ only

  Duration 3.5 hours
  Hours of availability

15:30 - 19:00


• English speaking guide
• Sake tasting
• Dinner
• Entry to the red brick brewery


• Extra drinks during the dinner

  Participants 2 - 10

Meeting Point

JR Oji Station (North Exit)

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