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Japanese cooking class for international visitors, a fun activity in Tokyo!

Experience the enjoyment of Japanese food culture and treat yourself to tasty Japanese dishes.


In order to let tourists from all over the world enjoy Japanese food culture with all five senses, we provide a hands on cooking class in Tokyo. In a homey atmosphere sprinkled with Japanese elements, you will experience an enjoyable and informative cooking activity. It will be a fun time for you to enjoy using Japanese unique cookware and treating yourself to authentic Japanese dishes made yourself! We always welcome vegetarian, vegan and Muslim guests. All our recipes are flexibly developed to fit your needs. Please make yourself comfortable in the class and enjoy this Japanese cooking experience in a relaxed atmosphere.


・Experience the enjoyment of Japanese culture through cooking.
・Enjoy using Japanese unique cookware.
・Taste authentic Japanese flavors from fresh ingredients.
・Get a printed recipe in English so that you can re-create what you make at the class in your kitchen.
・Have a chance to wear traditional Japanese style aprons.


・If you have any dietary restrictions, food allergies or religious restrictions, please let us know in advance.
・In order to provide ingredient arrangements, reservations must be finalized 3 days prior to the experience date.

  Price ¥6,500 〜 ¥10,000 (tax included)

Adult : ¥6,500 〜 ¥10,000
Children (age 6-12) : ¥5,200 〜 ¥8,000 (20% discounted from a full price)

  Duration 2.5 〜 3 hours(approx)
  Hours of availability

※ The activity time is flexible. Please feel free to ask.


Choose your favorite choice from one of the following classes. Please note that all members will cook the same course.
1) SUSHI class:¥10,000(Adult), ¥8,000(Children)
(4 pieces of nigiri, 1 piece of inari and a whole roll of sushi roll, Miso soup, Drinks and Seasonal fruits)
2) OYAKODON class:¥9,300(Adult), ¥7,500(Children)
(Oyakodon (chicken and egg on rice, Miso soup, 2 side dishes, Drinks and Seasonal fruits)
3) OKONOMIYAKI class:¥9,300(Adult), ¥7,500(Children)
(Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake), Miso soup, 2 side dishes, Drinks and Seasonal fruits)
4) TAKOYAKI class:¥9,300(Adult), ¥7,500(Children)
(Takoyaki (octopus balls), Miso soup, 2 side dishes, Drinks and Seasonal fruits)
5) ONIGIRI class:¥8,850(Adult), ¥7,100(Children)
(3 pieces of Onigiri (rice ball), Miso soup, Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omlette), Karaage (Japanese fried chicken), Drinks and Seasonal fruits)
6) DORAYAKI class:¥6,500(Adult), ¥5,200(Children)
(4 pieces of Dorayaki(Japanese pancakes with sweet red bean filling), Drink and Seasonal fruits)
・Printed recipes and aprons are provided.


・Transportation expenses.
・Hotel pick up and drop off.

  Participants 1〜6 people

Meeting Point

1-14-9 Midori, Sumidaku, Tokyo 130-0021
(〒130-0021 東京都墨田区緑1-14-9)
・5 minute walk from exit A5 of Toei Oedo line Ryogoku station
・10 minute walk from East exit of JR Ryogoku station
※ We are located on 2nd floor. You will find a coffee shop ‘Matsuzaki Coffee’ on GF in the building.
We’ll come down and meet you in front of the coffee shop 10 minutes before starting time.

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